The Making of Ken Goodgame

From 1999 to 2001, Ken Goodgame served as the director of Proprietary Brands where he successfully initiated, negotiated and executed a one-of-a-king deal with John Deere for the nationwide manufacture and retail of consumer mowers and tractors. He then served as the senior global product merchant at the Home Depot in Atlanta, GA as from 2001 to 2002 where he designed and implemented functional rebates that increased gross margins after generating well over $18 million. Between 2002 and 2004, Ken Goodgame served as the president and general manager of Rubbermaid Cleaning, turning around the failing business in his very first year of service after securing a crucial contract with Wal-Mart 120 days upon taking charge. The deal amounted to $30 million yearly. He then went on to serve as the president and general manager of Bernzomatic from 2004 up to 2006 where in in less than two years, he helped the company to achieve a 94 percent growth in its consumer goods segment by developing and launching a number of new product lines. He served as the senior vice president of marketing, sales and channel at Newell Rubbermaid, Huntersville, NC as from 2006 to 2007 where he led a renewed strategy in product development, sales and marketing strategy that resulted in the company’s growth to $490 million in just 18 months.

Kenneth Goodgame served as the president of Baja Motorsports, a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries North America, Anderson, SC, from 2008 to 2010, where he initiated and launched a new retail division named Direct Tools Factory Outlets. In 2009, he successfully delivered the company’s first profitable year. He served as the general merchandising manager of Ace Hardware Corporation, Oak Brook, IL from 2010 to 2013 where he helped in the realization of a 400 basis point gross margin increment by 2012 by executing the game-changing Craftsman program and growing the company’s hand tool category sales from $9M to $180M. Ken Goodgame attained his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing at the University of Tennessee after which he began his career as a product merchant at Hardlines D28 in 1995 where he managed all the purchasing for indoor garden category and store-opening tasks in relation to department, leading its expansion into Puerto Rico. Today, Kenneth Goodgame serves as the principal executive and as an influential leader of operation management, he has specialized in the creation of million and billion-dollar OEM excellence by combining innovative marketing and merchandising with smart business approaches and streamlined financial oversight.

Raj Fernando’s Chopper Trading Employs Top Players

When markets open, the trading floor is usually busy. However, when they close, Chopper Trading becomes a different room. The company’s 150 employees lift weights and wind down by playing poker and table tennis at the 3,000-square-foot space. After work, the employees spend their time together by going out or using the company’s season tickets to attend Blackhawks, Sox, Cubs and Bulls games.

The CEO of Chopper Trading, Raj Fernando, asserts that the nature of the company’s business is stressful. To this end, he ensures that the working atmosphere is favorable in order to counter the effects of stress and enable employees to get along. Fernando’s hiring process is distinct from that of his competitors. Most of his competitors enroll 30 potential candidates in their training program, only to hire 3 employees and reject the 27. Raj’s hiring process is lengthy and more engrossing. His objective is to recruit employees that will someday retire from the company. When founding Chopper Trading in 2002, he came up with one rule for recruiting employees. Raj said that he would not focus on the money that one would help the company make. He continued to contend that if an employee makes everyone miserable, he or she would be rejected.
Raj enrolled at Beloit College where he pursued a degree in economics and history. He is also an alumnus of the University College London. Between 1991 and 2001, he worked for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange by starting as a volunteer. Raj worked his way up the corporate ladder at the company and later, at the Chicago Board of Trade. Under his leadership at the Chopper Trading, the company recruited more than 250 employees and started trading on the CME, Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed, LSE, Eurex, ICAP-Broketek and ICE.

At the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission (CFTC), Raj was the greatest supporter of its mission, which included enhancing and fostering competitive, financially sound, transparent and open markets. Over the years, he has addressed different audiences on various forums. In 2015, DRW Trading Group purchased Chopper Trading. DRW is a trading firm based in Chicago. This year, Fernando established a start-up internet company, Scoutahead. This corporation was designed to augment professional and corporate growth and productivity in the form of advanced and secure communication systems.

Eric Pulier and his Goals

As the world has entered the 21st century, technology has become the backbone for all innovation that not only runs businesses, but also helps to run households by making everyday more efficient as well as more productive. One individual in particular has proved himself to be a leader of the technological industry and has made several initiatives to help solve some of the world’s most complex issues through the use of technological innovation. This individual is Eric Pulier who is not only a businessman, but is also a philanthropist as well as a father who has dedicated his career to helping others. As a father, Mr. Pulier is not only looking to improve and grow the future for other individuals, but also for his children. With decades of experience, Pulier has become well renowned and even sought after in both the public and private industry.

Eric Pulier has had a passion for technology as well as for innovation even at a young age. By 1991, after graduating from Harvard University with a degree in English and American literature, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles where he began his official career as a businessman. Within the last several decades, Eric Pulier has built or has helped to build over 15 different successful companies that currently generate hundreds of millions of dollars. Though Pulier has found success, Mr. Pulier states that it is not money that defines success. Instead, it is what one does with failure that defines success. As a businessman in a risky industry, Mr. Pulier has had to endure much failure.

Eric Pulier is many things and has helped millions of individuals through not only innovation, but also by creating organizations that have helped others. Eric Pulier has been involved in both the private sector as well as the public sector and believes that information and education is the only thing that can help move and advance technological advancement. With several decades of experience within the technological industry, Eric Pulier is a well respected individual who has made a name for himself even from a young age in life.

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James Dondero’s Support for Non-Profit Organizations in North Texas

James Dondero is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Highland Capital management, a principal investment consultancy firm based in Dallas. Their experienced investment managers are uniquely positioned to provide unique investment and financial services to its clients.

James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia majoring in Accounting and Finance. He has worked for close to 30 years in the financial industry as a Certified Management Accountant and financial expert. Among the companies he has worked for and held top leadership positions include CCS Medical Corporation, Cornerstone Healthcare, and American Banknote.

Dondero founded Highland Capital Management to provide financial services on investment management, hedge funds, and structured investment. Due to the quality standards of services and critical leadership to its clients, the company has grown to become a major player in the industry.

Apart from being a successful business personality, Dondero is a passionate individual who is dedicated to raising the social status of other people in his community through charity donations. For this reason, he partnered with The Dallas Foundation to start up a charity organization known as Highlands Dallas Foundation.

Dondero chose to partner with The Dallas Foundation due to their long experience working with other not-for-profit agencies in the North Texas community. Such a partnership was necessary for Highland Dallas Foundation to be able to enhance sustainability in other nongovernmental organizations that were focused on improving the status of their communities.

Before starting Highland Dallas Foundation, Dondero has been supporting community initiatives that provide health and education services. Through his charity foundation, he expanded his support to include other organizations such as The Dallas Zoo, The Bush Presidential Library, and Perot Museum.

To further increase his philanthropic support, Dondero employed multi-year grants. Recently, Dondero and The Dallas Foundation appointed Linda Owen to link Highland Dallas Foundation to non-governmental organizations working in North Texas.

Linda Owen was employed due to her extensive experience having worked as the president and CEO of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. During her tenure, she developed solid relationships with various community organizations. Her extensive experience managing various community programs made her suitable for the position at Highland Dallas Foundation.

The Ongoing and Continued Success of Talk Fusion

In the fast paced world of technology that we living in today, it is important to make sure that you are communicating with your customers and employees in the most efficient way possible. Talk Fusion is a leader in the world of digital communications. Talk Fusion has recently created some of the most cutting-edge digital communication technologies in the industry. From video chatting to sign-up forms, Talk Fusion brings the best solutions to businesses who are looking to take their organization to the next level.

PR Newswire has announced that Talk Fusion also focuses on creating video marketing that is made to stand out from the rest. Engaging video marketing is very hard to come by in a world where everyone’s attention span is so short. Talk Fusion is committed to amazing their clients to the point where they will continue to return year after year.

Another great part of Talk Fusion is the amazing business opportunity that is available to independent distributors. Motivated individuals who are looking for a great opportunity to be their own boss can help to market the amazing products Talk Fusion has to offer. Talk Fusion is an international powerhouse in the world of video communications. Talk Fusion is a great opportunity for self-motivated individuals in 140 countries around the world. The future looks very bright for Talk Fusion as they continue to push forward in a rapidly growing industry. The great leadership that has been put in place for Talk Fusion has greatly allowed for this company to move forward and positively impact the lives of many.


Diversant LLC, leading in providing IT solutions

Diversant LLC is the largest and most thriving African-American organization providing IT solutions in the U S. the organization was founded by Gene C Waddy who is a successful and a visionary entrepreneur. Gene is a dedicated entrepreneur who is focused on helping other Minority-owned Business Enterprises companies. Diversant has a reputation for excellence due to its development even during downturn economic crisis. The team offers a broad range of diversity products including IT staffing and innovative diversity solutions.

Diversant operates under a code of principles that allows the team to implement the highest level of services. The prosperous Diversant is focused on attaining clients and associates services satisfaction worldwide. The team firmly believes in the value of diversity as a significant ingredient to successful operations. The organization conducts its business with the utmost integrity, ethical business practices and a set of core values.

The Diversant team strives to achieve business and professional development. The company focuses most on creative thinking and promotes foster innovation across diversity. Hence the company has strong bonds connecting with different markets and communities. Diversant then runs projects that encourage diversity in the supply of chain, talent acquisition, and workplace. This is essential to associates and clients who understand how to leverage their strengths. Diversant equally takes part in projects involving the local communities. The team adheres to corporate social responsibility by engaging in charity events and offering programs that promote diversity.

Diversant LLC leadership is constituted of an advisory board of business experts and leaders who are not involved in day to day operations. The importance of advisory board is to give recommendations on matters of strategic business planning and commercial development. The advisory team, therefore, meets regularly with Diversant leaders to deliberate on the performance of the company and market position.

Diversant is under the leadership of John Goullet who is the principal executive and the chairperson. John is a successful entrepreneur and has passion in IT industry. Before founding the Info Technologies Inc, John led some successful organizations in IT sector.

Gene and John then merged the two organizations in 2010 and formed Diversant LLC. John has served as a computer and IT consultant while starting his career. He later served as an IT staffing executive before founding Info Technologies Inc.

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How the Services of Town Residential Help Its Clients in Accessing the Best Real Estate Property.

New York is a commercial city that has very many activities. Due to this, getting a residential place that matches the needs of an individual can be a very had task since different real estates in the area have varying features. People have different tastes, and therefore, they look for unique aspects in a real estate. The individuals who are looking for houses that meet their requirements are advised to seek the assistance of a real estate specialist who has been in the sector and understands the needs of various people. The professional will make the property search easier.


Town Residential is a leading New York-based firm that gives outstanding real estate services to the people around the city. The operations of the company kicked off in 2010, and its founder was Andrew Heiberger. The main area of expertise of the business is residential houses and its primary solution is selling, buying, renting, advertising and improvement of properties. The company is successful in offering its services because it has an excellent management team as well as well-trained and experienced assistants that offer unparalleled service to property buyers.


The firm has excellent skills in providing professional guidelines to people who would like to buy property in New York. They inform the clients of the real estates that are available in the area and help them in getting a good view of the different types of properties in the large city. The assistance that the company gives to its customers helps them in buying property without being faced with many challenges. The advice that the clients get solves most of their issues.


Town Residential is also useful to the property sellers. They offer comprehensive advice on the different issues related to selling property such as the price of the asset. The company is also crucial in the marketing of residential houses, and it ensures that potential buyers of the property know about it and also maintains it in an excellent shape. Advertisements of the property should reach the largest number of people possible to ensure that the selling process is easy.


 Individuals who are interested in renting houses in New York can also visit Town Residential for the best guidance. The company’s website has many agents who can assist in accessing a decent home that matches the budget of the client. Town Residential has been offering outstanding solutions to the people of New York, and therefore, it is well known and trusted by the city residents.


Becoming a Model According to Brown Agency

Many people dream of becoming a model one day. However, often times it is a lot harder than many people imagine. Having a modeling career is a lot like owning your own business. You have to be willing to work hard every day in order to reach your success that you want to achieve. Brown Agency is a modeling company that has a track record of success in helping people get to the next level in this industry. Over time, the company has helped thousands of people get to the next level in the modeling world. If you want to start out a modeling career, this is a great company to work with. They will be able to give you great advice on taking the next step in your career.

Brown Agency

Started as a small company, Brown Agency is now one of the largest modeling agencies in the country. They have a lot of clients who have been satisfied with their service over the years. If you want to take things to the next level, they are a great company to work with. With all of their connections, it will be easier than ever before for you to understand what to do in order to succeed. They have the best interests of their clients in mind, and that is why so many people go to them when they have questions in this area.

Modeling as a Business

There are a lot of people who view modeling as a business. If you really want to take things to the next level in your career, it is important for you to develop a strong network of people who can help. There are many people who are willing to help you along your journey. The hard part is finding the people who really have your best interests in mind. In this industry, a lot of people are just looking out for themselves. This is why it is so important to work with an agency that cares about your life and career. When you find a company that meets your needs, you need to make sure you work closely with them going forward.

Final Thoughts

Overall, modeling is a tough career to break into. If you want to take things to the next level in your modeling career, working with an agency can be a great way to do so. There are a lot of people who struggle to get their careers to the next level. This is something that everyone should aspire to. If you want to change your life for the better, working with Brown Modeling Agency is one of the best career decisions that you could ever make for yourself.

Dr. Clay Siegall: Finding A Cure.

Seattle Genetics was co-founded in 1998 by Clay Siegall Ph.D. for cancer research.. Dr. Siegall is currently the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors for Settle Genetics with their headquarters in Bothell Washington and has partners with many biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies over the years. Seattle Genetics has been able to create antibody -based therapies for cancer patients who needs were otherwise not being met. These treatments help reduce the toxic damage of chemotherapy and improve antitumor activity. Dr. Siegall studied at the University of Maryland where he received a Bachelor in Science than attending George Washington University where he received his PhD in Genetics. He has worked for several companies before he started Seattle Genetics such as the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health and Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Not only does Dr. Siegall research cancers but he has written over 70 published works and holds 15 patents.
Dr. Siegall has since joined Mirna Therapeutics as an outside director to its Board of Directors. This is a company that focuses on MicroRNA-based therapeutics which is an area of cancer research. Through this particular type of research they are able to better study the human genome and how miRNAs can function as “master-switches” in cells. Dr. Siegall’s first commercial product was ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin) which was approved in August 2011.

This particular product has been used to help treat more than 15,000 lymphoma patients globally. They are working with the FDA to get a Biologics License Application (BLA) so they can help Hodgkin Lymphoma patients who are at high risk of relapse or progression. He has helped secure more than $675 million through public and private financings. This has led to Seattle Genetics ability to conduct such prominent research. Dr. Clay Siegall is an important part in the research and advancement of treatments in the cancer field. With plans for other treatments in the works for different types of cancers there is no telling how far he will be able to push the envelope. One day hopefully “finding a cure for cancer”.

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Adam Goldenberg: A Successful Entrepreneur Since His Teens

Adam Goldenberg was an entrepreneur while he was still in middle school, after he got his bat mitzvah money. He used it to start an online business. While his first enterprise was a bulletin, the website later became used to advertise gaming. He worked hard to make this new website successful, and it worked out great for him. He named his website Gamer’s Alliance, and it began to get a sizable volume of traffic, including very high profile visitors.

His Career With Intermix Media:

A highly successful corporation, called Intermix Media, noticed his website. They were so impressed by it that they began to consider hiring him, despite the fact that he was only seventeen years old at the time. It took a while for them to make this decision, but when the young Adam Goldenberg was only 19 years old, he became COO of the company. While he was at the company, Adam Goldenberg was an important part of Intermix. In fact, he founded a new branch of the company, called Alena Media. While he worked for Intermix, he also formed one of his most important business partnerships with Don Ressler.

Unfortunately, things with Intermix changed over the course of time in a way that caused it to be in both Goldenberg and Ressler’s better interests to leave the company, and look for other work. When they left the company, Goldenberg, Ressler, and other former employees of the company began working together to come up with ideas. Fairly quickly, they came up with the idea to start the corporation that later spawned JustFab on JustFab is still thriving, and the company continues to grow. There are currently four branches of this company. FabKids, ShoeDazzle, FL2, and Fabletics are all part of the company.

The Founding Of Fabletics:

Recently, Kate Hudson helped to found a new branch of JustFab, called Fabletics, and she worked closely with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler to do so. This new clothing company allows people to subscribe to a clothing of the month club for a low price. It’s $49.95 to become a member of her club, and they offer clothing for reasonable prices in their stores. Fabletics has been exceptionally profitable for Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. Source: