Whitney Wolfe, The Founder Of Bumble Is Officially Taken

Whitney Wolfe has been all about ensuring that individuals get their matches and it was only right that she finds her match too. The tech entrepreneur who played a significant role in the creation of dating app Tinder tied a knot with the love of her life recently. It was all pomp and color at the high-profile wedding which was held in Italy. Whitney Wolfe has been in the business of creating dating apps for a long time. After she moved from Tinder, she created Bumble, an app which is giving Tinder a run for its money. Whitney’s wedding is a demonstration of her strong belief in strong relationships and marriage.

Whitney Wolfe married her longtime lover, Michael Herd who is also an entrepreneur in the oil industry. The wedding was held at luxurious Villa Tre Ville in Positano, Italy. The resort was a perfect destination for the ceremony given its ambiance and view of the ocean. In attendance were fellow Bumble executives Sophia Amoruso and Amber Venz Box.

Whitney has spent all her career life ensuring that others find their soul mates. With her wedding, she has demonstrated the need for individuals to create their own love stories. The coastal view of Villa Tre Ville is breathtaking and provides the perfect destination for a wedding photo shoot.

Whitney Wolfe’s dating app Bumble has gained a lot of traction given its unique approach to dating. The application only allows women to make the first move when they spot a perfect match. Whitney believes that women should stand an equal chance as men on initiating a relationship. The society has always made it a man’s responsibility to make the first move whenever they identify a woman with the qualities they want. Whitney’s approach to dating provides a unique experience to the users of Bumble.

Recently, Whitney turned down an acquisition offer for Bumble that had valued the company at several hundred millions of dollars. Whitney Wolfe has played a very significant role in the growth of Bumble and its further expansion across the United States. As Whitney Wolfe ushers a new chapter of marriage in her life, we can only hope that she will get more experiences that she will use to improve the dating experience at Bumble.

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The Glittering Professional Life of Drew Madden

Drew Madden is an industrial engineer by profession, a career Healthcare IT executive, and an accomplished entrepreneur. The University of Lowa alumnus partly owns and co-manages Evergreen Healthcare Partners, an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) optimization firm based in Middleton, Wisconsin. Drew Madden has been at the company for the last three months and has professionally grown to become not only a leader but also a passionate contributor to EMR projects.

Early Leadership Roles

Madden’s leadership qualities started showing themselves way back in 1998 when as a first-year student at the University of Lowa, the institution made him the student advisor. He held that position until he graduated in 2002. Within the same year, Cerner Corporation hired him as its integration consultant. For four years, Madden was assigned to two hospital systems in Chicago and was mandated with the responsibility of implementing various clinical applications including, but not limited to, the eMAR application. It was also during this time that he got certification for PharmNet and CPOE.

Healthia Corporation

After leaving Cerner Corporation in 2006, Madden joined Healthia Corporation and remained there for the four years that followed. The company made him its senior epic consultant and put him in charge of systems in several hospitals in Midwest. Some of the applications that he was implementing during this time included Epic Inpatient apps. His contribution in the industry earned him certification in a handful of disciplines including Inpatient Medication Orders, Clinical Documentation, and Inpatient Procedure Orders.

Ingenix Consulting

A year before quitting Healthia Corporation, Ingenix Consulting Madden its regional sales manager for Midwest region. For thirteen months, he was involved in devising mechanisms through which the company’s sales would be scaled up and most importantly, how the company would develop. He was also given the duty of improving the sales of consulting practices such as GE, Epic, and Allscripts.

Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc.

In December 2010, Drew Madden relinquished his jobs at Healthia Corporation and Ingenix Consulting to take up another job offer at Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. The company made him its executive vice president, a position he held for less than a year before he was promoted to the company’s president position. He served in that position until April last year.

Dental Management Done Right

Do you run or are planning to run a dental office in your community? Are you worried about the backend work and messy paperwork that goes along with operating a dental office? Working with your patients to create beautiful smiles can be a joyous and uplifting experience but when it comes down to desk work, your patients can be left behind and time that can be spent with them is spent swimming in files.

MB2 Dental Solutions is your answer. From human resources to patient billing, MB2 will take care of all the dirty work, giving you that extra time for a more personable dental experience with your clients. Founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD (doctor of medicine), MB2 was created by dentists for dentists. Chris started out at the bottom, quickly realizing how stressful the backend of running a dentists office is. In no time, MB2 was lifting stress and building client relations in more than 80 affiliated dental offices in over 5 states. With a team of over one thousand employees, there will always be someone there with the expertise needed to keep your dental office running smoothly.

Here are a few things MB2 can do for you:

* Human Resources- From payroll to establishing ethical boundaries in the workplace,
HR is a well-rounded and necessary addition to any business.
* Billing & Collection- Let MB2 Dental Solutions take care of all your client billing and
collection opportunities.
* Marketing- Marketing can mean a booming business or a cricket symphony at
your doors. MB2 will create, implement and report on the success
of a marketing strategy tailored specifically for your dentist’s
* Compliance- Keeping your office compliant with constantly changing
regulations is a very important task in any business and MB2 is
there for you. Let them handle your auditing and compliance

MB2 Dental Solutions works for you so you can work to put more beautiful smiles on the faces around the world. They are established, efficient and ready to take on the hassle of your dental office’s management systems with well-rounded practices created by dentists who know the struggles, for dentists that want to avoid them.

Stay At Home Moms and People Looking for Alternative Income Gravitate Towards Traveling Vineyard

These days, it is the most savvy and creative individual that is going to succeed. Where many people seem to put all of their eggs in the basket of employment, there are others who are actually using their creativity to either make their own income or add to their income. Among these people are stay at home moms. After all, this economy makes it hard for people to live off of one source of income. The best thing to do in order to make ends meet is to find multiple sources of income. One source of income is Traveling Vineyard.

Many parents, especially mothers, can benefit from the advantages of being a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard. The demands of a 9 to 5 job not only take up all of the time, but also all of the energy. In many cases, when people get off of work, they are too tired to do anything else. Even working in the office can be tiring because of all of the stress that is involved with the activities. Fortunately, Traveling Vineyard offers a different atmosphere to the typical work environment. The best thing about it is that it is easy to get started in.

For stay at home moms, Traveling Vineyard has tons of advantages over the many different opportunities that offered to people. People who are looking for extra income will find themselves having to weed through all of the sites that promise money done through being a mystery shopper, writing, and surveys. The only problem is that while these opportunities are for the most part legitimate, they are not that likely to replace a regular job. Fortunately, it is possible with these opportunities for people who know how to manage their time. Fortunately, there is something available for others.

Traveling Vineyard is that company that can give people what they need in order to bring in the income. For one thing, all that is need is for the interested person to sign up for an account and get a kit. Then the person will get training in order to become a wine guide. This training comes in the form of inviting them to events so that they will get a look at how everything works. Once the wine guide is comfortable with the activity, then he will be able to host his own event and benefit from it as much as he chooses.

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Every Day is a Miracle for Tony Petrello

According to the article on Texas Children’s Hospital website, a philanthropic lead donation of 5 million dollars (with a total commitment amounting to 7 million dollars), plus an exceptional personal commitment to start fundraising efforts showed the dedication of Tony and Cynthia Petrello to bringing that first of its kind research initiative to life. Every day for Tony and Cynthia starts with a miracle when they watch Carena, their 8-year-old daughter, taking breakfast. Carena mastered how to chew food last Sep.

Cynthia said that it took countless repetitions, but her brain eventually got it and now is owning it. That’s a great miracle; they attribute most of their motivation for giving to Carena – to her purity of heart, determination, and strength. Carena is also working on other miracles, such as learning to talk and walk. At her age, they should not necessarily be miracles. However, Carena is suffering from a neurological condition; the condition has forced the kid to fight since she was born to get the normal developmental childhood milestones.

Born earlier at 24 weeks while weighing just 20 ounces (Oz), Carena was diagnosed with PVL (periventricular leukomalacia), a common neurological disease that affects premature infants. The disease is caused by lack of blood flow or oxygen to the brain of the infant. As a result of that, Carena developed chronically impaired motor skills or cerebral palsy, as well as other issues of developmental delay, issues that the Petrellos are committed to finding answers.

Tony, COO, and president of Nabors Industries, the world’s largest drilling contractor, as well as a member of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital, said that they investigated the PRI (pediatric research institutions) countrywide. That includes UCLA, Johns Hopkins, and Harvard, plus several in Europe, as well as other parts of the globe.

In the year 1991, Tony Petrello landed on the board of Nabors, the company is in the oil business, coming straight from the law firm called Baker & McKenzie, where he dealt with corporate taxes. He became Nabors’ CEO and president in Oct. 2011. In June 2012, he was made the chairman of the board of Nabors.

In the year 2013, Tony raked in 68.2 million dollars, up by a staggering 246 percent from what he raked in the year 2012. That made Tony number one on the Equilar and Associated Press’ list of the country’s 50 top-paid CEOs in the year 2013.


Lori Senecal Is a CEO on the Move – Success Results from Radical Collaboration

Lori Senecal is a CEO on the move. In 2015, she became the CEO of CP+B and raised its revenue by 21 percent. Her philosophy is that creativity is more than a talent. It is a behavior. Add to her consulting accomplishments companies like Kraft Mac & Cheese.


Lori Senecal’s company also built the Commercializer, which is a tool that enables Letgo users to create their own TV-style spots to sell their used items. The app is a success and topped 45 million downloads. The numbers are still climbing. Add NBA 2K to the mix as well. When 2K released its latest installment of its basketball video game, her company enabled Fitbit to transport the video game to its next level. As a result, Fitbit account holders can enhance their virtual players’ abilities.



Senecal’s company has won number significant contracts that include American Airlines, PayPal, and Hershey. According to Ad Week, the company has become famous for creating world-class results. They employ a creative process that utilizes the very best in design, manufacturing, and technology. For Senecal, a typical day begins with a brisk workout to the get the mental juices flowing. Then, she looks forward to the internal meetings with her team. She outlines the day’s priorities so that everyone can stay focused on the mission.


Communication is the key in her world. The better informed she is, the more she can strategize ways to keep innovating at the highest levels. She is all about building solutions and pushing her agency to the limit. She brings ideas to life through collaboration. On Blogwebpedia, she said that the best ideas rule, and not the biggest titles. Powerful teams that can offer unique points of view is the answer to her success. A great idea is only great if it actually comes to past. Execution is important, and some of the greatest ideas happen as a result of radical collaboration.


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End Citizen United And Its Reforms

End Citizen United is an organization that was set to shove reforms in the scene of the campaign finance system. The group through their pragmatic leaders have made a lot of contribution up to $4 million within the year of 2017. The organization has set its strategies and has collected $35 million to finance the projects of campaigns. The money was used to fund the campaign of Congress Party that was carried out in the year 2018. The amount contributed by the group is much more than the amount that had been raised by the Political Action Committee (PAC) in the past years.

In the year 2016, Political Action Committee (PAC) collected $25 million. This shows the commitment of the End Citizen United organization in the agenda of running its set objectives. There are required measures that have been integrated into the system of the End Citizen United that drive the organization to the expected niche. All these measures are dictated by the team of the expert to make the goals flow along the line of expectation. More than 100,000 people took part in the contribution of the money that was used in the run of the campaign for the year 2016 through Political Action Committee (PAC). After the set of the End Citizen United, a lot of people demonstrated much interest in becoming part of the group through their contribution. The team made an effort of contributing $ 500,000 fund that was channelled for the campaigns of the Democrat candidate that was based in the Georgia. The chief reason for raising the amount was to strengthen the efforts of the Jon Ossoff campaign team, and the group made an enormous contribution of $4 million.

End Citizen United came up after the decision by the Supreme Court that allowed the organization to push its agenda of collecting the money to fund campaigns of the various candidates. The key contributors that play a significant role in raising the fund are the institutions that run substantial businesses. End Citizen United is one of the groups that were established and allowed for urge citizens to contribute to the campaigns. Additionally, organization operates without any limits and has shown its dedication by being a member of the campaign-finance groups that are registered in the United States. The membership contribution within the organization is restricted to be within the range of $5,000. As a campaign-finance group member, the team dedicated its time in convincing the senators who benefited from the Devos’ fund to vote in Betsy Devos. James Bopp who is the resident of Indiana is the founder of the group.

End Citizen United through the ideal leadership and the team of experts have demonstrated a lot in financing various campaign candidates in the United States.

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Class Dojo is a Smart way for Students to Experience Education

Class Dojo is an educational tool created to enhance education for every child in an educational system. The goal is to connect students, teachers and families into a unified learning unit to bring about the optimum classroom. By working as a unit each and every day, the learning process is enhanced and will bring out the best in all students.

Education is not a one size fits all proposition – and Class Dojo works to create an individual learning system for each student. With the right equation in place, students will be able to take a simple, but effective system and return tremendous dividends.

Class Dojo is a communication app utilized to share information such as messages, videos and photographs with others. It allows users to work together as a team while bringing ideas to fruition in the classroom. The app also brings parents and guardians right into the classroom to share in the learning experience and be able to take a more hands on approach to learning.

The system allows teachers to build a unique classroom culture and choose the values and skills to be incorporated into the learning structure. The app allows everyone to share feedback and progress with each other and allows students to focus on areas where skills and knowledge need to be enhanced. The communication component allows contact without sharing personal contact information and also allows teachers to set “no contact hours” when they are not available to parents, guardians or students.

The app is used in approximately 90% of kindergarten to grade 8 classes in the United States in more than 180 countries around the world. The classroom aid has been translated into more than 135 languages. The team that worked to create the app has a teaching background and that complements the team members that have a technology background.

Eric Pulier: A True American Hero

When we think of heros, most people tend to speak of professional athletes or entertainers. These individuals can be good choices, but the majority doesn’t do anything to better mankind. On the other hand, the real heros are the people that produce products and services that people can benefit from. Unfortunately, these individuals seem to miss out on the recognition, and Eric Pulier is no exception. Eric Pulier is a technologist, an investor, an entrepreneur and a mentor. He’s done many great things for society via technology. This is the field of work where he excels, and he has built himself a nice legacy for other to aspire to be like.

Pulier has what it takes because he is very intelligent, and he takes risks. Life is a “crap shoot” in a sense and you’ll miss 100 percent of the shots you never take. Pulier has a hand in technology politics and government. In 1997, he was chosen to build the “Bridge To The 21st Century” platform for former President Bill Clinton. This exhibit was broadcasted in real time across numerous cable news networks, and it displayed how technology would be used in the future. He’s even worked along side of former Vice President Al Gore for healthcare purposes. This brilliant minded individual has founded and co-founded up to 15 companies. This includes:

• US Interactive
• DesktoneInc
• Digital Evolution
• Service Mesh Inc.
• vAtomic Systems
• Akana Software
• And many more

Having such a deep interest in anything tech related, he has also raised hundreds of millions of dollars for capital venture deals. Tech start-up companies have also benefited from the likes of this guy as he has invested in numerous seed level businesses. One of the first companies that he ever started was back in high school. It was a computer database company, but look at what his ideas have grown to become years later. Eric Pulier is definitely a pioneer of the industry as well as a true American hero and that’s a fact.

About Eric Pulier: http://ericpulier.com

Fabletics Dominating the Athleisure Market with Ease

The competition in just about every sector is high and same is the case with the fashion industry. Many companies are trying to find ways to dominate this multi-billion dollar industry, but it certainly is not an easy thing to do. Different companies have made their way to the top over a period, such as Amazon, which currently has over 20 percent market share. However, one of the companies that have been giving even giants like Amazon a tough run for the money is Fabletics. The company has made tremendous progress in the last few years, and its turnover has touched over $200 million annually. Fabletics is known for providing customers with high-quality designer athleisure products, which are not only durable and economical but also neatly designed and attractive as well.


One of the reasons why Fabletics was able to surpass the competition to dominate the niche of athleisure products is because of its focus on customers’ reviews and feedback. In a world of social media where consumers have more power than ever to change the fate of a company, it is important for the companies to ensure the customers have a pleasant experience with their products and services. The customers can voice their opinion about the products and services through the reviews, and it can prove to be fruitful or a disaster, depending upon the customer’s experience. A good review would help in adding more clients to the business, while a negative review of any company would ensure that it loses a portion of its activities. A bad review would also ensure that the firm’s market reputation is badly impacted.


Fabletics has focused on ensuring that the customers get what they want – quality products at economical prices. The company also offers its subscribers and clients a very efficient and responsive customer service. It is what has helped in ensuring that the company’s revenue continues to rise at a massive pace, year after year. Fabletics has ensured that its products are liked by the consumers year after year. It is also because the company has gone out of the way to provide only the best quality products at meager prices to the consumers. It helps in developing slowly but steady flow of positive reviews and feedback about the brand on the internet. It influences the purchasing decisions of other interested and potential buyers, which eventually helped in developing Fabletics a favored brand in the market.


It is a well-known fact that customers these days look at the reviews of other buyers before buying. The tons of positive reviews that Fabletics has received over the years has helped the company in gaining customers’ loyalty and also helped with their clients’ retention. Kate Hudson, co-owner of Fabletics say that it is important that the brand continues to develop itself and evolve to ensure that the consumers continue to get what they came looking for at Fabletics – quality, cost-efficiency, and style. Taking Lifestyle Quiz at company’s site is essential for the customers shopping at Fabletics for the first time to know which fashion gear is perfect for them.

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