Excellence, Ingenuity & Affordability Equals Aloha Construction

Zurich, Illinois, is home to one of the very best contractor companies in the Midwest region of the U.S. This specific company has only been around for nine years, but it has grown dramatically in size. It has an estimated 200 employees, it’s family-owned, and it has a secondary location in Bloomington, Illinois. Aloha Construction just so happens to be the topic of discussion as it has modernized the game. Aloha Construction is on another level of success, especially when being compared to its competitors. The company provides an extremely wide array of benefits that can’t be matched by other similar companies.

Why is Aloha Construction so special? This may be the million dollar question, but all you have to do is to look at its track record. In under a decade, this extraordinary company has completed more than 18,000 projects that range in various descriptions. This includes stucco installation, waterproofing, window repair, window installation, fascia repair, cedar siding, vinyl siding repair, soffit installation and many more. On top of that, this company even serves areas in Southern Wisconsin. Can you name another home repair contractor that is thrilled about leaving its jurisdiction? The benefits are nearly endless as well as the repair services.

Maintaining your home’s structure is vital, especially if you plan on living there for a long period of time. Did you know that consistent maintenance actions can drastically extend your home’s foundation and structural life? One of the best ways of achieving this is by re-routing the flow of water. Improper drainage is detrimental because it will eat-away at your home’s foundation via erosion. Have you noticed any cracks in the foundation? If so, then water damage has already commenced. One way of slowing down the degradation process is to use gutters and downspout systems. The water’s direction will now flow away from your home, which will save you a ton of money in the long-run. To know about Aloha Construction click here.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, or if you want professional guidance, Aloha Construction will come and inspect your property free of charge and that speaks volumes.

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Trust Life Line Screening For The Sake Of Your Health

These days, you definitely want to be pro-active about your health.

And a big part of staying healthy is knowing what your risk factors for certain diseases are and knowing if you potentially have a developing problem. After all, catching a disorder at the beginning may lead to a higher rate of success when you go to treat it. Results of tests may also allow you to take preventative measures to keep diseases in your DNA from developing.

Millions of people at risk for osteoporosis don’t know it.

Some people with developed osteoporosis even go undiagnosed. If you have never had a bone density test or you have a history of osteoporosis in your family, it may be time to get the facts. Fortunately, Life Line Screening is here to help with an all-new bone density screening tool. For this, they have partnered with Europe’s Bone Index, Ltd., a top medical device manufacturer.

Life Line Screening calls it ‘Bindex’.

With Bindex, you can take the guesswork out of knowing what your bone density is. This cutting-edge device produces accurate results which can help empower you when it comes to your health. Bindex has patents pending in numerous countries across the glove and it making big waves in the medical device community. It is simple to use with a sleek design and accurate results. This device is being called a ‘game changer’ and is already being praised worldwide for its creation and success.

Bindex has a specific method in which it is used.

Bindex, by Life Line Screening, is used at the tibia and hip to measure bone density levels. With Bindex, the people at Life Line Screening and Bone Index are hoping to improve the lives of individuals with osteoporosis while reducing the number of injuries associated with the disease.

Life Line Screening provides various types of health-related screenings.

Besides bone density screenings with Bindex, some of the other screenings that Life Line Screening provides include ultrasounds for vascular-related diseases and more. Life Line Screening has provided health services at thousands of locations across the United States and has no plans for slowing down anytime soon.

Learn More: www.lifelinescreeningblog.com/

The City Of Rio Gets Child-Friendly In New Joint Project

The current mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo Crivella, is on a drive to make the city the most child-friendly in the country. He has a rich history of commitment to the education sector. The plan was part of an elaborate campaign manifesto that he looks geared up to start delivering on. He is leveraging a public-private partnership to help him build twenty thousand daycare centers and double that number of new preschools in the city.

The project involves the construction of the facilities and their maintenance as well as related services such as educational programs. Infrastructure experts such as Felipe Montoro Jens have praised the deal, which is already in the feasibility stage. The project follows a similar one launched in 2012 in the southeastern city of Belo Horizonte in the country. The private sector is poised to undertake the construction and maintenance of the facilities while city hall provides educational services.

The International Finance Corporation is providing consulting services on the deal. Felipe Montoro Jens points out that the firm is the biggest financial services institution with a strong focus on developing countries. The organization is at the forefront of strengthening the private sector by addressing barriers in finance, management, and politics.

The company is also expected to oversee a similar joint project in the city of Rio that is expected to expand public lighting. The concept of public-private partnerships was popularized in 2004 in the country. The government enacted reforms that created the framework that guides bidding and the awarding of contracts.

The strategy enables the government to tap into key resources in the private sector to strengthen public service delivery and administration. Through these partnerships, the government extends the reach of essential services to a broader citizenry as well as improves the quality of service delivery in public offices. The partnership is effected through a negotiated concession contract between the relevant state representatives and private firms.

Lime Crime Offers New Ways To Shine

It was a mystery when Lime Crime announced a new sparkly product on November 5th without much explanation, leaving the eager fans to wonder just what kind of makeup it could be.

The name Diamond Dew caught some people’s attention and some speculated if it was a liquid highlighter as they only had a dry powder version, that Lime Crime calls Hi-Lite which is available in four shades for $38 each.

Other fans were instead hoping it could be a liquid eyeliner or some kind of eye glitter.

Some had guess it was nail polish by the dropper-like design of the product container. Others quested if it was hair glitter, setting spray or even another lip gloss.

But since Diamond Dew has been released by Lime Crime, it has been revealed to be revealed at last to be a liquid eyeshadow which was inspired by one of their other fabulous products Diamond Crusher Lip Topper which become so popular which has 15 colors to choose from for $18 each.

This can be placed over other eyeshadow or put on directly over the skin of your eyelids. Like many Lime Crime products. There are no restrictions as to how you can put it on so feel free to apply it to your checks, body, or anywhere you wish and who doesn’t want to shine like glitter?

Diamond Dew comes in 10 colors so those who love variety can enjoy a mixture of different combinations for the regular cost of $20 for each or if you are planning on buying them all anyway, you can save $30 by getting the whole bundle for just $170.

The colors include, Tearful, Pixie, Paris, Aurora, Rose Goals, Chocolate Diamond, Dragon, Vision, Starlight, and Chameleon and because they don’t dry, crease, smudge or mess up your makeup, you can enjoy their sparkling effects for hours.

All Lime Crime Products are vegan and cruelty-free, which means that they do not contain ingredients derived from animals, so you can enjoy your new look with zero guilt.

To add even more glitter and glow, you can even coronadite your Diamond Dew colors with other Lime Crime cosmetics.

Sahm Adrangi Uses Investment Knowledge

While it is common practice for a hedge fund to raise money to investigate a particular investiing these, Kerrisdale Capital Management, led by its president, Sahm Adrangi has taken that practice to a new level. So far, Kerrisdale Capital Management has raised over 100 million dollars towards currently unknown company expected to take its shares public in mid-May. According to an email written by Sahm Adrangi, their strategy is clearly striking a chord within the alternative investment community, as the money was raised in a very short period of time. Currently, Kerrisdale is buying stocks to establish their position within the company and be ready for the mid-May unveiling.

Sahm Adrangi has laid out the case against the company in a series of videos and papers, and plans to do more. He is known as an activist investor, and has often worked to bet against certain companies including drug makers such as Sage Therapeutics and Zafgen.

This is one of the first times that the company has used this particular strategy.

Sahm Adrangi is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of the Kerrisdale Capital Management hedge fund, a fund that manages over 150 million dollars as of July 2017. When he launched the company back in 2009, it has 1 million dollars in assets. He became famous for shorting and exposing fraudulent Chinese companies, many of which later became formal targets of Security and Exchange Commission investigations.

In addition to time spent researching and uncovering the truth behind stocks about to go public, Sahm Adrangi also writes and posts his findings about new and upcoming stocks on Twitter, third-party investing sites, and the Kerrisdale Capital Management blog. Sahm Adrangi will often use those social media platforms to share his views on overhyped or underfollowed companies so that others may benefit from his knowledge and experience.

Previous to founding Kerrisdale Capital Management, Adrangi began his career at Deutsche Bank, then worked for the distressed debt management company Longview. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Yale University.

A Reputable Local Bank Supports Dallas Women’s Foundation

Nexbank SSB has donated $100,000 to Dallas Women’s Foundation for its 32nd Annual Luncheon celebration this year. Dallas Women’s Foundation is the world’s largest regional non-profit organization advancing positive economic security and social change for women and girls. This event takes place on October 20th every year at Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas.

This year’s luncheon features a very important talk from Dr. Hope Jahren who is one of TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Influential People, best-selling author and award winning celebrity. Twenty schools and over 10,000 students across North Texas get the talk through live-streaming. Over 1,300 business, civic and community leaders attend the Dallas Women’s Foundation luncheon event annually.

About Nexbank

Nexbank is a customized financial and banking services company that provides mortgage, banking and institutional services to financial institutions, institutional clients, individuals and corporations worldwide. It was established in 1934 with its headquarters in Dallas. NexBank is rated the 12th largest bank in Texas and 179th largest bank nationally.

The company focuses on delivering unique value at every opportunity through business leadership and dedication to clients. Qualified personnel with verified successful track records provide clients with first class access to personalized and sophisticated solutions. The company has 3 branches.

The divisions of services comprise:

Commercial Banking services; correspondent banking, commercial lending, credit services, commercial real estate lending, agency services and Treasury management.

Mortgage Banking; wholesale and Correspondent lending and warehouse lending

Institutional services; financial institutions, investment banking, real estate advisory, public funds and treasury management.

Under the excellent leadership of renowned individuals such as Matt Siekielski who is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and John Holt who is the chairman, Nexbank has reportedly managed to attain $7.6 billion assets as of September 30, 2017. Besides running NexBank, Matt Siekielski also takes part in community based organization. He is currently a board member of a charitable organization called Impact Dallas.

Impact Dallas aims to promote investment in southern Dallas while producing positive, sustainable social, environmental and economic benefits for local residents. Mr. Siekielski graduated from the University of Texas with an MBA Accounting and MS in Real Estate and from Southwestern University in Georgetown with a BA in Business Administration. The duo continues to drive Nexbank to greater heights.

Talkspace: Therapy With Heart

One of the things that many people have noticed in the therapy community is a lack of care and a lack of heart. It has become a money business and that is all it is to them at the end of the day. They want their money, and they do not care how they get it or if someone has to suffer along the way. Talkspace is for the people and by the people. It consists of over 1,000 professionals that know how to help people. The great news is that people can actually pay for it and not go into the poor house in doing so.

Talkspace is looking to revolutionize the way that therapy is done as someone can either text a therapist, talk to one on the phone, or have a video session. They like to let the clients have the control in the situation. After all, no one knows their situation better than them. Because of this, they want to make sure the client feels like they are in control of their mental health. They have the help they need, which is great, but it is even better when they decide when they need it and how they need it.

Too often, they have been told what to do and it just doesn’t seem right and it doesn’t work for them. Those days are long gone, as now they can communicate with the therapist and come up with a plan that works best for them and puts their mind at ease. In-person therapy works for some people, but for other people, they prefer the app and the telephone route. Talkspace saw a void that was out there, and they decided to swoop in and do something about it. They are truly heroes in that regard.

The Success of Clay Siegall as President and C.E.O of Seattle Genetics

Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., is the president, C.E.O and Chairman of the Board of Seattle Genetics. The company was co-founded by Clay in 1998. He is a scientist by training with main emphasis focused on cancer therapies. After rigorous research, scientific innovation, development of drugs and passion to help patients, Dr. Siegall started Seattle genetics on these foundations.

He has played a pivotal role in guiding Seattle genetics in developing Antibody-drug Conjugates (ADC) that are used in treatment of cancer. Through his stewardship, he has also built on other antibodies including ADCENTRIES (brentuximab Vedotin). This was approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the year 2011.

From the news article in “Seattle Business Magazine”, it highly rates Seattle genetics to be the region’s dominant company. This immense success is thus a major concern of whether Seattle genetics may be a target of acquisition in the local industry.

One of the contributing factors of this success is its ability to connect therapy to the antibodies. These antibodies in turn provide a poisonous load inside the cancer cell and destroy it completely from inside. This strategy is in a position to catapult Seattle genetics to high heights.

Another contribution of this success is the company’s perseverance during the ups and downs that they face in this sector. Also, they decided not to decamp from Seattle genetics just like what Immunex did when it was acquired by Amgen. Seattle genetics is thus ranked to be one of the largest biotech in Washington. It has an estimated value of $10 billion and with over 900 employees.

The main strategy of Seattle is investing in research and marketing. It thus expects to acquire 200 extra employees every year. Clay Siegall’s ambition also lies in his desire to change his focus on drug development and embark in handling complexities involved in marketing newer drugs internationally. This desire is ignited when Siegall learns global marketing in Taxeda. To facilitate the company’s international marketing, Siegall opened an office in Switzerland.

Clay .B. Siegall, apart from being the C.E.O of Seattle’s Genetics, his professional career also centers in holding various positions. In year 2014, Clay Siegall together with Matthew Fust was appointed in the position of Board of Directors in Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. This followed after the resignation of Mr.Ben Auspitz. Their experience and expertise in this field is what led to these appointments.

Mike Baur- Lighting the way for young entrepreneurs in Switzerland

Mike Baur is an executive member of the Swiss Startup Factory, he is in charge of funds at the form. Swiss Startup Factory is a firm that deals with the mentorship of young entrepreneurs who have innovative business ideas. The aim of Mike Baur through this firm is to ensure that these young entrepreneurs are able to grow their ideas into full running business. According to Mike Baur, what ails many startup business ids like of know-how on business management. Many entrepreneurs misconstrue a good business idea with an automatic success. According to Mike Baur, a business idea may be good but poor implementation of the idea will regard the ideas useless.


Mike Baur started Swiss Startup Factory so that he could use his experience in the financial industry to help young digital entrepreneurs learn about the most basic and essential parts of a business. Mike Baur through the Swiss Startup Factory runs a three months program that mentors and trains young entrepreneurs. The accelerator program runs twice every year. Mike Baur started Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 after he quit the banking sector. He had worked in the banking sector for over two decades. Finally, he wanted to run his own private investments.


Mike Baur joined the banking sector at a tender age. He first worked at UBS in 1992. Then, he was an intern. He managed to prove to the management that he was knowledgeable than many professional working in the industry. The management decided to give him a contract that would see him end his career at the bank. Before he could attain the age of 30, he was serving as a financial advisor for the bank in his role, he was able to give financial advice to the wealthiest personalities in Switzerland. Mike Baur did not finish his banking career at UBS. In 2008, he left Union Bank of Switzerland for another bank known as Clariden Leu. At Clariden Leu, he worked for 6 years. He left the bank in 2014.


Immediately Mike Baur left the banking industry, he started his private form known as Swiss Startup Factory. Through the firm, he has been training young entrepreneurs how to grow their startup businesses. Swiss Startup Factory has a number of services that it provides to the participants of the accelerator program. On top of training young entrepreneurs, they ensure that they give them a chance to learn how marketing on a global level works.



George Soros’s contribution to Society

George Soros, the title rings many bells. Businessman, George Soros is a lot of things in the wonderful United States of America.

George Soros has put additional cash into the market and contributed more to numerous charities and philanthropies than lots of people may claim to have done in their lifetime. He’s put several resources toward boosting the democratic ideals our country stands for. His contribution to the world is miraculous. He’s gone the excess mile to indulge and increase the necessary assets of equality freedom.

George Soros has a most important foundation that he uses to create these wonderful gifts. He hunts for communities that he can help globally. The base is focused on locating those communities that most need his aid and he links with other associations who share his assignment in this world. When he finds a company he joins with, George Soros will collaborate and go about furthering his mission. Together, they explore ways to uplift people. He works toward this mission every single day. He searches every society one community at a time.

His start was gloomy and humble. His parents had been held captive by Nazis, but his family was fortunate enough to escape the horrible conditions torturous treatment. They survived. They had the drive to live and flourish. Back in 1947, he moved to England and started anew. He worked hard to be all he could be. George took work as a server and a porter to place himself through business school. In his drive to be successful, he sent letters to each investment bank in London till he received a response. His break came in the shape of an entry position with a significant merchant bank in London.

It was a challenging time for everybody. George Soros took it on himself to aid in the relief effort and also contributed exorbitant sums of money to help those in need. To be precise, he donated hundreds of millions of dollars into the rebuilding campaign. He did so humanitarian deed both during and following the war. He was commended for his outstanding efforts. Recently, George Soros has started contributing money to social causes and encouraging rights for a variety of groups of underrepresented and underprivileged men and women. He’s also helped with disability rights and encouraged research for remedies to significant ailments and afflictions. Hospitals and physicians are extremely thankful for his gifts. Muslims in Europe, global justice and counterterrorism are important points of donation for Open Society. The foundation has donated billions of dollars to the effort of squashing terrorism and provoking equal rights. He considers that all classes are equal and all individuals should be permitted fundamental freedoms of life, freedom, and happiness.

Certainly, The entire world wouldn’t as good a place without George Soros. He’s contributed a lot of his lifetime and a lot of his resources. Countless individuals have benefitted from his philanthropy. Even more have benefitted from his contributions made directly through Open Society. George Soros is the epitome of a great human being and follow him Twitter.com.