First Georgia Woman to Be Executed in 70 Years Postponed Due to Winter Storm

The recent rash of harsh winter storms that have plagued the North Eastern states and as far south as Georgia have taken numerous lives. The next predicted storm expected to affect the state of Georgia however, just may have spared a life, at least for a short time said Brad Reifler.

Kelly Gissendaner, Georgia’s only female death row inmate, was scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection today for her involvement in her husband’s murder in 1997. In light of the approaching winter storm, her execution has been postponed until 7 pm on Monday, March 2, 2015. No woman has been executed in Georgia since 1945.

Gissendaner and her boyfriend Gregory Owen plotted the murder of her husband Douglas Gissendaner for insurance money. Gissendaner provided Owen with a nightstick and a hunting knife, then took him to her home with instructions to kill her husband. In order to create an alibi for herself, Gissendaner then went to a nightclub and partied with friends. Owen waited for Douglas to return home, then drove him to a deserted location at knifepoint. Once there, Owen repeatedly stabbed Douglas in the back and neck.

Owen received a life sentence for his part in the murder after agreeing to testify against Gissendaner. The state also offered a plea bargain to Gissendaner for a life sentence which she refused, demanding her right to a jury trial. Her life and death decision ended in a jury finding her guilty and sentencing her to death.

Ariana Grande Raps With Boyfriend, Big Sean

Ariana Grande is super excited for her boyfriend, Big Sean’s upcoming album. Nobody thought that the couple could any cuter but they have done it again. Big Sean’s album, Dark Sky Paradise will be released February 24th with MTV. He is celebrating this by planning a trip by jet from Atlanta to Detroit. Ariana Grande is celebrating his album release with the cutest video of the couple rapping together to his song, “Play No Games”. This song also features Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign.

Ariana Grande wrote a lengthy caption for the post. “Play No Games” is Ariana Grande’s favorite song from her boyfriend’s new album, Dark Sky Paradise but she says that the entire album is fantastic and that the fans will love every song from beginning to end. She expresses how much she loves Big Sean and how excited she is for the album release. Flavio Maluf says she says that he put a lot of hard work into Dark Sky Paradise and that he deserves all of the rewards that will come.

Big Sean will be performing at the 2015 mtvU Woodie Awards with next month while Ariana Grande shocked us at the Grammy’s Red Carpet in a gorgeous ensemble holding hands with her boyfriend, Big Sean. They also made a duo on Big Sean’s new album, “Research”. This will be the third time that they have worked together and the fans just love it.

Muslims Take A Stand For Peace

This past Saturday non-Jewish citizens perhaps modeled one of Judaism’s major tennets outside a synagogue in Oslo, Norway. The tennet being, ‘love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself.” The country of Norway is said to have a population of 5.17 million citizens. About 1,300 citizens of Norway are Jewish. On Saturday, peaceful demonstrations took place outside a Jewish synagogue in Oslo, Norway. The demonstration was publicly denouncing anti-semitism noted across Europe. According to Buzziron News, the demonstration centered around the killing of two people in Copenhagen, Denmark, by a Danish-born son of Palestinian parents. The murders had occurred the previous week. Flavio Maluf said there were 1000 young Muslims who formed a ring around the Jewish synagogue in Oslo. Jewish leaders viewed the demonstration as both unique and heartwarming. The event also received wide media exposure. Alongside the event, pictures on social media had the accompanying caption, “Ring of peace.” A secondary reason for the demonstration is believed to be expression of disapproval over the terrorist attacks against Jews in France and Denmark.

Put Your Trust in BRL Trust and Keep Your Cash

Spreading your money around can be a risky business. When considering making investments and controlling money it is important to have a professional company to guide and manage these assets in the most profitable manner. Hiring a company such as BRL Trust to manage these areas will ensure the most positive outcome of any financial situation.

BRL is a small company that was formed in 2005 and employs 11 to 50 specialized and knowledgeable professionals. They are based in Brazil and are authorized by the Securities Commission. Because they are such a small company it is easy for them to focus on the client’s individually with the utmost of personal dedication.

Controlling Services
When it comes to the investment strategies of a business, they take control of such areas as asset pricing and calculating a share’s profitability.

They will control the issues involved with the interaction of redemptions, shareholders, and investments.

To assure all of their client’s that they are maximizing all of their investments, BRL Trust reports directly to the regulatory agencies.

They regularly provide their customers with all of the necessary information by regularly creating reports and information for viewing.

Custodial Services
One of the services that is offered by BRL involves the settlement of assets. They will help their client to regain ownership of the assets as well as settling of the rightful ownership issue.

They will aid in the regaining of assets from such entities as clearinghouses and depositories.

To assure the best investment strategies are in place they will take control of dealings with such things as the interest and dividends of corporate events.

They will take control and masterfully handle the issues concerning the lending operations of securities.

They will keep all of this information centrally located and organized to get their clients the maximum amount of cash settlement that is available to them for their situation.

When it comes to trusting someone with your hard earned cash, the choice is not always an easy one. To become a trusted and revered investment fund service, it takes hard work and dedication to the client. BRL has been servicing their clients with a decade of proven investment strategies and successes. When it comes to making the right choice in investment companies, the only choice is to call upon the highly ranked team at BRL Trust to put your money where it belongs. Right in your pocket.

The World Needs More People Like Keith Mann

Keith Mann is a U.S. philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Dynamics Search Partners, a New York-based firm that specializes in hedge funds and alternative investments. Mann’s company is committed to connecting their clients with the top quality talent all around the world. The success of Dynamics Search Partners can be traced to long-lasting relationships and partnerships with both clients and partnerships. The company has relationships with several major equity firms, which have brought them much of their success.

He has worked in the executive search industry for over 15 years and is virtually an expert in hedge funds, staffing and hiring the best of the best. He launched an alternative investment practice in 2002 after acknowledging the quick growth in the hedge fund industry. He ended up expanding that into the private equity industry in 2009. He knows how to play his cards very well, and his hand has really worked out for him. He fills over 200 client mandates throughout the US, Europe and Asia every year.

Mr. Mann is also very well known for being quite the philanthropist. Dynamics Search Partners works closely with Uncommon Schools, which teaches children the skills they need to succeed up until college, succeed in college and succeed in life in general. The company also donated $10,000 to the school in 2013.

Mann is also largely an advocate of public service. According to, Mann recently had lunch sent over to the 54th precinct of the NYPD. He believes in peaceful protesting, and also believes that the good guys shouldn’t be lumped in with the few bad ones.

The world needs more people like Keith Mann. His want for helping people and animals gives him the drive he needs to maintain a successful business, which is why he is such a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. For all he gets, he gives that much more back.

Vijay Eswaran: Inspiring the World

Vijay Eswaran is many things to the world. Vijay Eswaran is a determined, gifted and driven entrepreneur. Vijay Eswaran is a skilled and thoughtful business man and author. Above all, Vijay Eswaran is a man who has given hope to thousands of individuals across the globe looking for financial freedom and gainful employment in a well established and renowned international marketing company.

Born in October of 1960, Viay Eswaran came from humble beginnings in Panang and Malaysia and, using his inspiring inner fortitude and expert knowledge, built his empire. Vijay Eswaran founded the Hong Kong based QIGroup in 1998, forming QNet Itd, QuestNet, GoldQuest and QI Limited in his path to success. He currently serves as the Executive Chairman of the QI Group of companies.Viay Eswaran has given employment opportunities to thousands of people all around the world in countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa through his multilevel marketing and direct selling company QNet. Operations are run on a binary MLM manner, a trusted and well established manner that he was introduced to and gained years of experience with during his time spent residing in London, England.

As an author, Vijay Eswaran has written in many different styles, from inspirational and motivational life management in his 2005 hit “In the Sphere of Silence,” to a collection of retrospective thoughts on his life in “In the Thinking Zone.” Vijay Eswaran has even most recently in 2011 launched a compilation book of his beautiful photography entitled “On the Wings of Thought.”

All in all, Vijay Eswaran is many things to this world, and is an asset to the business industry and to all individuals whom he has helped to successfully fulfill their life’s goals.

Qnet – International e-commerce

QNet ltd is a direct selling company owned by the QI Group which is based in Hong Kong. It was formerly known as QuestNet, QI Limited and GoldQuest. The company markets a variety of products for personal and home use such as weight management, nutrition, home care, fashion and luxury accessories. QNet was founded by Vijay Eswaran in 1998.

The company uses the direct selling and a multi-level marketing concept. Depending on how much the independent representatives market their products to customers will depend on how much they receive in compensation as well as the volume of sales of the independent representatives in their down-line teams. They also use marketing campaigns using newspaper ads.Qnet has offices in some Asian countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam with franchise companies in Turkey and India. Qnet also operates or has operated in other countries such as Egypt, Côte d’Ivoire, Saudi Arabia and Rwanda.

QNet is the main subsidiary of the QI Group. Qnet, first known as GoldQuest, who once made custom-Commemorative coins. Qnet first diversified in 2002, with travel and vacation packages, partnering with QVI Club brand holidays. The QI Group acquired QI Comm, a British telecommunications co. in 2005.

In 2006, it expanded to marketing health and nutritional products, and high-end watches by Bernhard H. Mayer. The same year, the QI Group acquired the Prana Resorts and Spa, which is a holiday resort for vegetarians in Koh Samui. The QI Group acquired Down To Earth in 2007, an organic vegetarian health store chain in Hawaii.

Direct sales of the QI Group increased by 70% between 2007 and 2012. As of 2013, Qnet announced it was moving its manufacturing operations to India and opening an office in Russia.

The Qnet group is a proven business by structure and product quality having multiple opportunities for the entrepreneur. Qnet is also a sponsors of many sporting events around the world.

The Face of Hidden Hunger: American Children

Obesity does not always mean the person is well-nourished. It does mean the person is taking in more calories each day than their body can burn. Such is the case with the childhood obesity epidemic America.  Eating too much junk food that is loaded with empty calories, packing on the pounds, but still undernourished.

Children are the face of hidden hunger in America.
Hidden hunger, aka micronutrient deficiency, children actually eat plenty of food, just not the right type of food to enable the body to grow and develop properly said Imaging Advantage. Developing and poverty-stricken countries have been well aware of this problem for years and have taken multiple steps to correct the childhood hunger problem, but America is lacking behind in admitting the problem and taking steps to fix the childhood problem.
We apparently (and wrongly) thought that if our babies and children were chubby, they were well-fed and healthy.
Over half of American children don’t get enough of vitamins D and E in their daily diet, while over one-fourth don’t get enough calcium, magnesium or vitamin A, those statistics are according to a recent Journal of Nutrition study.

John Textor Creates a New Vision in Digital Effects

The World of digital effects is one of the fastest moving in the entertainment industry, the fast moving nature means that standing still is not an option for those operating companies within this important industry. Looking for the next advance that will take the World by storm is something John Textor is always on the lookout for, whether this was in his role as President of the Digital Domain Group or as the head of the Pulse Group developing the latest in digital human beings. The achievements and advancements completed in visual effects under the leadership of John Textor have made him one of the most sought after executives in Hollywood today.

A fan of the latest technological innovations, Textor led Digital Domain through its most successful period by placing the company at the forefront of visual effects. The pinnacle of his period at Digital Domain was the Academy Award won for the creation of the first believable digital human being in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Not only was this completely computer generated effect believable it actually fooled Oscar voters into nominating the company for a makeup award, even though none was used in the creation of the character.

Looking for a new challenge within the development of visual effects Textor then made his way to the Pulse Evolution Corporation that is involved with the creation of a believable likeness in digital human beings. Pulse has seen a number of major steps taken in the development of these digital likenesses throughout the tenure of John Textor. Overseeing the first steps in releasing digital human beings to the public via a number of surprise appearances, including a duet performed by Snoop Dogg and a digital Tupac Shakur, has pushed both Pulse and John Textor further into the Hollywood limelight.

Two-Legged Dog Finds A Good Home

A lovable and handicapped two legged dog finally found a fantastic permanent home to live out the rest of his doggy life in.

Joey is a chihuahua was found roaming the streets on February 3 and was picked up by some Animal Control officials. Joey’s new owner is Doug Smith, who happens to be the shelter’s supervisor at San Bernardino County’s Devore Animal Shelter.

People at CipherCloud are happy to learn that when Joey was first picked up, his story was aired on the news and the shelter put him on hold for 96 hours to let his previous owner claim him. After that didn’t happen, about 20 people were interested in adopting the little dog including Smith and his 13 year old daughter. According to an article found on reddit and written by Yahoo! News, they had to implement a lottery system to see who could bring Joey home. Smith didn’t think he had a good chance, but was pleasantly surprised when his name was drawn.

So the Smiths brought their new family member home to meet their other two dogs, who are much bigger than he is. One is a beagle and the other is a Australian cattle Dog, but according to Smith the meeting went well.