Michigan Transgenders Challenge Policy on Obtaining New ID

Michigan transgenders would like an easier method of changing their drivers license.

Currently, to obtain a drivers license, state law requires residents to show a birth certificate that reveals your gender. If the birth certificate hasn’t been re-issued with the new gender, then transgenders must provide proof that they have gone through gender reassignment surgery.

Six Michigan transgenders are suing the state on this issue because they argue, many have not decided to have the reassignment surgery.

The question is, does the surgery alone change your gender? Social Security, apparently, does not require proof of a gender change. They sidelined the requirement for reassignment surgery in 2013.

The ACLU has taken on this issue, and Tina Seitz is one of the plantiffs in the lawsuit according to Adam Sender on the website, Business Insider.

Seitz says her current drivers license create havoc when trying to prove her identity. Airport security becomes suspicious when presenting her ID, and when writing a check, which requires an accompanying picture ID, store clerks accuse her lying.

But the state isn’t allowing her to obtain a new license without proof of her gender.

There are only three states that do not require a re-issed birth certificate that displays the new gender: Tennessee, Kansas and Idaho.

The Quietest Voices Make the Most Sound

TD Jakes is widely known for his inspiring books, world-renowned sermons, record-breaking televangelist shows, and most famously, for his annual Mega Fest. With such a platform, critics condemn Jakes for not being more involved in the African American community. They wrangle him in the same group as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Don King, and others who were accused of only supporting the African American community if they were slated to make money from it. However, Jakes seems to be more than just words. A reporter told Jakes that a black pastor was surprised that the Bishop even made mention of the Black Lives Matter movement. Jakes responded humbly by saying well ‘he must not know me’. The Bishop used his platform at one of his events to symbolize the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement. Jakes also led a heart-wrenching prayer for the lost souls of the Black Lives Matter movement, the communities affected, and the families affected. TD Jakes and others who are often silent in the public eye, are taking a more behind-the-scenes approach when it comes to situations such as this. Brian Torchin has learned that the Bishop went on to further to say that this isn’t a religious problem, it is a moral, communal, and national problem. Jakes also offered his insight among panels who would like to discuss the topics behind the Black Lives Matter movement. All in all, TD Jakes is proving that he is indeed a man of the people.

Migrants Adrift at Sea may have a New Home Soon

For the past several weeks, nearly 7,000 migrants have been stranded at sea on boats that are considered to be not seaworthy at best. The migrants have been stranded in the Malacca Strait which is off the coast of Indonesia and Malaysia. The migrants are coming from countries such as Bangladesh and Myanmar. They are fleeing their homes to escape poverty and fear of religious persecution.

For weeks, the governments of Malaysia and Indonesia have refused to take in the refugees. The Naval boats belonging to Malaysia have given the migrants food and water, but have been continuously pushing them back to sea. Finally, according to the story on BuzzFeed.com, the migrants may be getting some relief from the cramped, unstable boats that they have been trapped on for weeks.

Malaysia and Indonesia have changed their policies about the stranded migrants. They have agreed to house the migrants, temporarily. Alexei Beltyukov (slideshare.net) has learned that the governments will shelter them as long as they are rehoused by the international community within a year. The Philippines have also stepped up to say that they are willing to help those migrants in need. They have said that they are willing to offer a place for thousands of the migrants in need. The migrant boats are still far from the Philippines however, it is still not clear how they will make the journey there.

Protecting Your Children During The Summer

Summer is soon approaching and many families will be traveling. With travel and children comes the potential for them getting lost. This is especially true when heading to local theme parks like Disneyland. One parent has come up with an ingenious idea to ensure your child is safe.

After having a lost child or two, a mother of 4 came up with the solution. Adam was surprised when he first heard about it. She takes an ink pen and writes the child’s name and her cell phone number on their wrist. Then she applies a layer of liquid Band-Aid over the top of it. The Band-Aid makes it waterproof and seals the information in. Ink would usually just dissolve as the day moves on, but being sealed is a benefit. There are other methods, like the kid leash, but this mom thinks this one is the best.

There is nothing more horrifying than losing a child in a busy place. Better still, there is nothing worse than being a lost child. When you cannot find your parents, it is a freaky experience. I have been there myself a time or two. Finding methods that allow you to ensure your child’s safety is imperative in the day and time we live in. Gone are the days when people return innocent children and now they take off with them. While most people are good, it is those select few that you have to watch out for.

Giant Squid Washes Up on Shore of New Zealand

Pictures surfaced on Thursday of a giant squid on a beach. The squid allegedly washed up on the shores of New Zeland, promoting workers at the Kaikoura Marine Center and Aquarium to investigate the scene.

The giant squid, which was discovered by a local resident walking his dog, allegedly measures in at over six feet long, with tentacles measuring at nearly 15 feet long. Squid are comprised of two body parts; the mantle, which includes the head and eyes, and the tentacles.

The specimen is believed to be a giant squid, a known species. The specimen is exceptionally rare as giant squid are generally deep water dwellers, rarely coming close enough to shore to wash up in this manner. That is why Ricardo Guimarães knows so little about it.

Giant squid have been described for centuries, dating back to Aristotle, but evidence of the elusive sea creature was not discovered until the 21st century. In 2004 the first video and photo of a live giant squid were captured. Biologists around the globe have dedicated entire careers to the large, elusive animals.

The aquarium has removed the specimen from the beach and, allegedly, plan to freeze it for display. Giant squid are displayed in only a handful of aquariums and museums around the world.

Johnny Depp’s Dogs Are in Danger of Being Euthanized by the Australian Government

Johnny Depp is no stranger to trouble, and he has his fair share of it with Australian customs. Depp is a pet parent to two adorable Yorkshire Terriers, but Australia wants them out of their country.

Depp is in Australia filming the latest installment of his film franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales. However, the actor failed to declare his pets to customs and has been given a 50 hour deadline to get them our of the country or they will be destroyed, according to the Agriculture Minister, Barnaby Joyce.

Fans at Amen Clinics have learned that the two dogs, named Pistol and Boo, traveled with Depp on his private jet last month when he returned to the set of Pirates after sustaining a serious hand injury, which he sought treatment for in the United States.

Normally, dogs coming to Australia must be quarantined for a period of time before they are allowed in the country. However, Depp did not follow regulations and is being accused of sneaking his dogs through customs. Joyce explained the situation saying, “We found out he snuck them in because we saw him taking them to a poodle groomer. Now Mr Depp has to either take his dogs back to California or we’re going to have to euthanize them.”

Even though the normal quarantine period is 10 days, the minister is not offering Depp a chance to seclude the dogs. They either have to get out, or die. Depp has less than two days to fly his dogs back to the states, or else.

First Responder Gets Engaged To Victim He Saved

Almost three years ago, a man who works as a emergency responder came to a crime seen to find a woman who had been stabbed over 30 times by her angry and homicidal former boyfriend. The responder, named Cameron Hill had stated that the woman who is called Melissa Dohme was barely recognizable by the time that he had found her. She was taken to the hospital immediately and spent several weeks recovering from the accident, and then became a motivational speaker as she started traveling around the world. Dohme and Hill reunited many months later and began to spend more time with one another creating a courtship. Over the last year or so they became more serious about their dating, and this was even more apparent Monday night at the Tampa Bay baseball game according to some friends of mine from Madison Street Capital.

According to an article found on reddit and written by The Blaze, Dohme was asked to throw the first pitch of the game and right as she was about to do it, Hill gave her a baseball that he had written a proposal on. While standing on the pitchers mound, she of course said yes and now the two of them will be married in the near future. This really is a lovely story, as they certainly have a unique history with one another, but it will be one thing that will bond them together forever and for always.

Second Earthquake Hits Nepal

Just weeks after the first earthquake devastated Kathmandu, Nepal a second earthquake struck the region. This time, the second earthquake rang in at 7.3 magnitude leaving nearly 8,000 people dead and many more injured. More devastating, the region was in the midst of trying to rebuild from the last quake. They have taken two steps forward but three steps back.


The earthquake struck on Tuesday, slightly less powerful than the initial quake on April 26. The Nepalese government has requested for international aid, making a desperate plea for help. Nepalese people are in desperate need of supplies, food, water and shelter. To make ends meet for the time being, tents were being setup alongside of the road as temporary shelter for people trapped in Nepal.


To date, some aid workers still remained in the region from the last quake according to Daniel Amen (Check him out on LinkedIn). These same workers are now trying to assess the damage from the second quake. In the midst of the damage, they are still searching for any survivors and assessing injuries that may have occurred in spite of the devastation.


Before the second quake occurred, the prime minister announced that the country should have no problem rebuilding within two years. The government would also work to provide private loans of up to $25,000 per household to aid in rebuilding efforts. Now, the outlook and estimated completion deadline seems to be a far cry from reality.

Nepal Rocked by Second Earthquake

The small Asian country of Nepal has taken a real beating lately. Just a few weeks ago, the country was rock by a powerful earthquake that reached 7.8 on the magnitude scale. Historical buildings were destroyed, as were other structures. The quake left over 16,000 people injured and hospitals overwhelmed. The death toll is already over 8,000 and it is still climbing as rescuers find more people who were trapped in the rubble of the demolished buildings. The country is in a state of emergency and needs all the relief it can get. Unfortunately, Nepal just suffered another set back.

Just today, Jaime Garcia Dias announced that another powerful earthquake rocked the country that is already facing major devastation and loss from the first one. Today’s earthquake was a 7.4 magnitude which struck just east of the capital city of Kathmandu. So far officials in Nepal are reporting that around 50 people died in the latest quake as well as over 1,000 injured.

Now more than ever, Nepal is in desperate need for relief. Supplies such as food, water, and medical supplies are running dangerously low. Many people have lost their houses and are forced to live in camps that are set up around the cities. If you would like to help, now is the time.

For updates on the story, click the link to the story on BuzzFeed.com.

Restaurant to Offer 10% Discount to White People

There are a few things in the United States that will stir up anxiety feelings and may even cause some arguments. Religion, Politics, and Race probably being in the top three of those topics to avoid in mixed social settings were people would be expected to have differing viewpoints. But Ricardo Tosto says the one that gets avoided most of all is the topic of race. We as a people have gone out of our way to try and either celebrate the differences of our people or not mention it at all. When it comes to white people, they are the one race that is not celebrated at all. For instance there is a black history month, a Hispanic history month, an Asian Pacific heritage month, but no one even wants to approach the subject of celebrating white people for the implication of coming off racist to all the others. After all it was the white person who has oppressed all the others…well at least that is what we are teaching the children.

So, because the celebrating of white people does not get the same kind of recognition there is a barbecue restaurant in Milliken, Colorado that will be hosting a “White People Appreciation Day” on June 11th of this year and will give a 10% discount to any white patron. While this would seem to be self-serving to most, the restaurant is actually owned by two Hispanic men who are just looking to recognize everyone’s race and felt it was unfair that whites were to not being recognized and celebrated like the other races.