Trouble Erupts with NBC and Donald Trump – Lawsuit May be Forthcoming

2016 GOP presidential contender Donald Trump is threatening to sue the NBC network for dropping coverage of his Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants over his remarks about illegal Mexican immigrants. Trump made the comments on the day he launched his presidential candidacy a fortnight ago. During his speech, he recited the types of criminals also coming into the United States of which those guilty of violating women cited. However, the network is wanting to shield itself from attacks over Trump’s lack of politically correctness.

It was only a day ago that Trump stated that “Celebrity Apprentice” would be canceled for the upcoming season says Dr. Daniel amen. He stated that the reason was FCC regulations barring candidates from appearing on their own television programs. Now, it appears that NBC was motivated to drop the show along with the two pageants because of Trump’s remarks. He has since clarified he was speaking about criminals who take advantage of the ease of entering the nation and that he respects the Mexican people. His explanation did not carry with it an apology as he believes he was only being forthright.

Trump pointedly accused NBC of standing behind Brian Williams, who has been exposed for “lying” about perils he faced during his stint as an Iraq War embedded reporter. Trump said NBC will stand by a liar, but turn away an honest man for speaking the plain truth. His remarks are sure to bolster his image as a man not afraid of left-wing attacks.

Depressed People Make Themselves More Depressed

According to recent research findings, depression begets depression. In other words, even when the opportunity presents itself to a depressed person to feel better, they rarely take that opportunity. The depressed choose to remain depressed and increase their own despair as time goes by. It would seem that a person who suffers with depression would want to decrease their sadness, but their behavior reveals the opposite is true.

Research conducted at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel conducted tests on 61 females who had been diagnosed with clinical depression, Those tests included looking at various images of sad, happy and neutral photos and listening to music selections which included sad, happy and neutral songs. The majority of the depressed women choose to view the sad photos longer and listen to sad music longer than all other images and music combined.
When given choices to look at happy images and listen to happy upbeat music that would help lift their mood, those in depression chose not too. Those at Madison Street Capital found that pretty interesting. Researchers were surprised by the choices of the test subjects, especially since the already depressed test subjects were aware that sad images and sad music would make them feel even more depressed. Depressed people make themselves even more depressed on purpose.

Mississippi Wants The Condfederate Flag Banned From Their State Flag

The debate over the use of the Confederate flag has now grown hotter, and even Mississippi lawmakers are stating their opinion. Mississippi has their own flag, but their flag also includes the Confederate flag in it.¬†The Mississippi Flag. Many take offense from the Confederate flag, and it’s been a hot debate lately, especially since the senseless tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina. Many are complaining about the use of the Confederate flag, and a lot of people are saying the flag needs to be banned everywhere.

The Confederate flag is seen a particular way by different people. Some people see the flag as a mark of their heritage and Southern culture, and others see the flag as nothing more than racism. The Confederate flag was created back in the slavery days, and since racism was rampant then, it signifies racism for many people. Although some black people agree with keeping the Confederate flag, over 90% of people want to see the flag gone for good.

Mississippi lawmakers are asking that the Confederate flag be taken out of their state flag, and the flag needs to be remade. Crystal Hunt pretty much agrees with that. Ever since Obama made a recent speech, he stated that the only place a Confederate flag should be viewed again is in a museum. If the majority of people are protesting against the use of the Confederate flag, then why is it still around? Who knows if this debate will go far enough to get the flag banned for good.

Attorney Dan Newlin Launches New #Dan Hashtag Campaign

The injury and accident Attorney Dan Newlin has recently launched a new #Dan hashtag campaign in order to raise awareness for his many legal services in the Greater Chicago area as well as Southern and Central Florida. Newlin did this in order to have a better rapport with his many clients as well as reach other clients who he may otherwise miss using traditional media advertising campaigns.

As reported by PR Newswire Dan Newlin was referenced in a Small Business Trends article the use of hashtag advertising campaigns is growing and pretty much every major social media site from Facebook to Instagram is incorporating these campaigns into their typical user experience. Essential Dan Newlin is going after the social media generation as a demographic. It helps that many of Newlin’s clients span a wide geographic area from Florida to Chicago. This means that traditional tv or print ad campaigns will not satisfy both demographics with one campaign.

The new campaign has also been picked up by a number of major telecommunications firms which are putting the #Dan code to use by dialing or by text message. This will help to expose even more individuals to the campaign and allow them to seek the accident and injury services that Dan Newlin is so famous for. When he designed the ad campaign Dan Newlin cited scientific research that showed that between two and seven seconds is the best amount of time to imprint a message into someone’s memory. If you are able to make an impression during that time period you will have a much greater chance of remembering the message. The #Dan campaign is quick and easy for both newer and older generations.

Reporting was based on an article on PR Newswire release on Dan Newman that offers some more details of his #Dan campaign.

Alaska Is Losing Ice Faster Than Predicted

Alaska Has Lost 75 Billion Metric Tons Of Ice From 1994 To 2013

Alaska still has sub-zero temperatures every winter, but the ice keeps melting. Scientists at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks report that almost half of Antarctica ice loss is taking place in Alaska. The melting ice in Alaska is raising the sea level by a few millimeters each year. The scientists also report that more ice melted in 2014 than in previous years, and they think that rate of melting will continue or increase this year in Alaska.

Concerned folks at FreedomPop know that the cause of the melting is not just the air temperature. The temperature from the core of the earth impacts the ice. Certain parts of the world are heating up faster than others. This natural heating is causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in previously dormant volcanos in many parts of the world.

As the earth continues this warming process, billions of metric tons of ice will melt, and sea levels will rise. Coastal areas will be flooded around the world by 2030 if this current warming cycle continues, according to the scientists. But not all of the climate change is associated with this warming trend. Humans have helped the process speed up in areas around the globe, according to several scientific reports.

Mayors Make Their Mark

When tragic situations take place and politicians and legislators have to make decisions, it isn’t uncommon for other lawmakers and politicians to reach out from other communities. In the wake of many of the incidents surrounding gun control, numerous United States mayors have spoken out and given their opinion on what legislation should do. Bill Harrison is a mayor in Fremont California and gave his opinion at this year’s United States Conference of Mayors. The conference was held in San Francisco and Harrison noted how the subject of gun control has constantly been coming up on Hmong the mayoral unity. While many of the mayor’s noted how on board a word with stricter gun control laws, they are ensure that the tragedies that have taken place will constitute a change. The mayor’s used recent examples like the 2012 incident in Newton Connecticut as an example to say that situations like that should have prompted much stricter gun laws. Instead it has not. Guns are regulated by state and federal levels. That makes it increasingly hard to come up with universal gun laws. Even with the challenges that gun control supporters face, they believe that there is a fighting chance. The Mayors against Illegal Guns bipartisan group is planning to have a substantial push when it comes to gun control. Sam Tabar knows that opinions on gun control are often split in terms of political parties. Political affiliation is not killing innocent people and ruining communities. The lax gun control laws are.

Beneful Helped My Dog To Stick To One Brand Of Food

My dog is a very picky eater. I had no idea how picky he was until I literally exhausted my funds buying all types of dog food for him. I bought store brands, name brands, and anything I thought my pet would like. There were times that my pet would eat a certain brand of food, and if I bought the same brand of food the next week, he literally wouldn’t even touch it. I had no idea what to do because my pet was costing me too much money when it came to meal times.

I thought that buying my pet the best food would make him happy, but he just continues to pick at his food, and I can’t seem to pinpoint what he really likes to eat. When it comes to treats, it seems as if nothing is off the list. He will eat any treats I put in front of him, but I can’t feed him treats all the time, and I definitely can’t afford only treats. I bought a new treat recently which was from Beneful. I was surprised at how quickly he ate the treats, especially since he’ll usually take his time, but this time he ate it all in a couple bites.

I was interested in how much he liked the treats, so I decided I would look into food options from Beneful as well. It turns out Beneful has wet dog food and dry dog food, so I decided to purchase both foods. Beneful had never been on my radar before, but after buying the dog treats, I figured it was worth a try. I made the best decision to buy Beneful, because no matter if I feed the dog the wet or dry food, he actually eats it.

I even finished off the dog food, and I went to buy more, and he ate it again. He is no longer picky with his food like before, and friends have told me it may be because I kept switching dog foods why my pet was being so picky. They told me I need to stick to a brand that my pet likes, and do not stray from it at all, so that’s what I did. Since I see that my dog loves Beneful, there’s no reason to choose any other brand but what he’s eating now. Meal times are no problem anymore because he eats every bit of his food.

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Americans Donated More Money To Charities In 2014 Than In Any Other Year

Charitable Giving Hit The $358 Billion Mark In 2014

According to the annual Giving USA Foundation report Americans donated more than 358 billion to charities in 2014. That figure beats the 2007 figure by $47 billion reports investment banker Steve Murray. Wealthy Americans gave more than $200 million in 2014, and Bill and Melinda Gates gave more than $2 billion to their Foundation. People tend to give more money when they think the economy is getting stronger, and that was the case in 2014.

The opportunity to give back is an important part of any economy. There is an element of socialism attached to giving to charities. We all want to help cure diseases, fight hunger, house the homeless and right the wrongs of a short-sighted government. Charitable donations are part of our social structure. Our religions ask for money, and in return those religions provide comfort and a sense of belonging to those that need it. We are one world that gives so others can get, and give back in their own way.

Charity is more than giving money, time and effort. Charity is a sense of unity that expresses our true nature without any regrets.

Brian Williams Will Be Returning To NBC


Brian Williams is expected to return to the network but not in his old role. This news has come after a six-month suspension. According to multiple sources, he will not be given back his nightly anchor role on the nightly news. Lester Holt, who has been filling in for him, will take the position permanently according to the New York Times.

His exact role has not yet been announced. The New York Times has reported that it possible will be with MSNBC. It’s thought he will handle breaking news for that network. NBC is expected to make an announcement today (Thursday). They have not yet responded to Buzz Feed News’ request for a statement. Click here for full story.

Williams problems came when he made multiple statements of being in a helicopter that was brought down by a rocket in 2003 while in a war zone stated facebook. When the story was checked, it was found that he had been in a different helicopter. This tale brought other personal statements into question, and an investigation was begun by NBC. Due to their findings he was suspended from his role as the news anchor for the network.

Disney World Too Expensive for the Middle Class

Disney World Too Expensive for the Middle Class

When Walt Disney World opened its doors in 1971, the price of admission for an adult cost $3.50. Since then, the cost has increased for visitors.

According to The Washington Post, Walt Disney World has raised the price of admission for the Magic Kingdom 41 times since 1971. Currently, a ticket inside the popular theme park has soared past $100. This cost increase is the first time in history.

However, the rising prices have changed the vacation plans of middle-income families, as costs will continue to increase. The revenue of Disney World’s admissions has grown about 10 percent every year for the past decade. The theme park prices are expected to rise even more throughout the summer at a whopping $125 for adult admissions.

People are questioning the possible thoughts of the late Walt Disney. It was mentioned if Walt Disney were alive today, he would possible be unhappy with the price increases.

Some see Disney’s ascending costs as a reflection of the nation’s economy. Disney has strategically made a decision to not market ticket costs to middle class, but the top ten percent of family incomes. Dr Daniel Amen mentions in an article on, the price increase won’t slow down until the park sees a decrease in visitors.