Beyond Making Money as an Entrepreneur


Being and entrepreneur is often more about the process of the start up and the independence that comes with that, than the income generated. This doesn’t mean that income and profit isn’t necessary; it is to cover the costs of starting up and maintaining a business. It is just part of the satisfaction. If it was just about making money people would stick with working for someone else and the illusion of security that doing that provides. This is why entrepreneurs walk a fine line between business success and enjoying the experience of starting up their own companies. 

Not all new companies make it past the idea phase and of those that do, few ever know real success. According to an online article by Entrepreneur, there are 25 common characteristics of a successful entrepreneur ( In the article, number eight lists projecting a positive business image, as one of the traits. Entrepreneur Marc Sparks has become very successful at that while building a financially successful business, Timber Creek Capital.

marc sparks timber creek capital
Marc Sparks of Timber Creek Capital

On Marc Spark’s Wikipedia profile he has a quote from the Bible, “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.” Luke 12:48. Marc follows this scripture with actions and his company, Timber Creek Capital, reaps the benefits. The company is known to help other entrepreneurs with start up seed money and even management. Eric has become a very successful business owner that understands the responsibility to give back and the byproduct of that is a company that has a very positive image. 

The company’s image is elevated by the number of organizations Marc Sparks is active in and contributes to. Some of them include the following:

The Samaritan Inn
The North Texas Gateway Apartments
America Can! Academy
Sparky’s Kids 
Highland Park United Methodist Church
Carpenters for Christ
Habitat for Humanity

He didn’t stop with giving, he has written a book, “They Can’t Eat You” to help others learn from his entrepreneurial journey. It includes both the successes and the failures. He believes there is probably more to learn from the latter.

Eric realizes there is more to business and entrepreneurial success than just making money. Giving back has not only reflected positively on his company but has positively impacted the organizations that he donates to and supports.

Want To Understand Investments: Follow Sam Tabar

When it comes to commodities and investments, there are many people who claim they know what to do. There are many who are worthy of taking a closer look at and one of these people is Sam Tabar. Sam is well aware how investments work and knows how things are likely to perform over time. Mr. Tabar loves to help other like minded people learn about the ups and downs of investments. The key thing about Sam is, he knows what to do to balance out the down sides and ride high on the waves of the good side. When an investment creates an up wave, if it’s solid and Sam knows about it, chances are he is right there to make some money with it.

As any good investor on Lawyerist knows, there are also things to watch out for. When you learn to avoid these things, you will be in a much better place when it comes to your investments. Sam Tabar loves to teach people about the good, the bad and the ugly of investments. Sam does this because half the battle is knowing what to avoid and he knows that is very important to the new and seasoned investor.

Sam Tabar is big when it comes to research. Sam feels that it is so important to research a company. That way you know everything you can about how a company runs. When you have this information, you are better positioned to know if you are about to make a good investment or a bad one.With proper insight, you will know how the market is performing and can avoid mismanagement and put your investment dollars into brighter projects. This is how Sam teaches people to invest successfully. However, this is just one of the many things that Sam can teach an upcoming investor. So, if you want to know about successful investing, follow Sam.

Investing in Brazil For Portfolio Growth

In the modern world, people have become aware of the need to make sure that they have a nest egg that can grow and meet their needs as they age. Whereas previous generations may have turned to family members for help as they faced age related issues, today people are realizing they must do all they can to save money for this task. Today’s generation knows that a good investment portfolio of diversified stocks and bonds can help them accomplish many of the things they want from life including the best possible retirement when they decide the time is ready to retire. 

Savings must be accumulated and managed as well. Someone who is able to do both is someone who will enjoy a high rate of return on their investments and watch as their savings continue to grow for many decades. Creating a diversified portfolio can take time. This is why people consider investing in places that can help them develop such a portfolio. One such place is Brazil. Brazilain markets are hotter than ever. Many developments have helped make investing in Brazil safer and more likely to do well than ever before. 

Those who are going to invest in this region of the world will find it easier when they have a guide to the area. Zeca Oliveira is a skilled Brazilian businessman who knows all aspects of Brazilian finance and understands how investing here can help people experience the kind of growth they want and expect. Under his leadership, many investors have been happy to find that the market here can be an ideal place to invest. They have also found that Oliveira brings many insights into the region that allow them to make long term plans and consider investing in all aspects of the market. 

Investing in Brazil is also highly useful for those who wish to be involved in both the marketplace and other potential investment such as real estate. An investment in the Brazilian market and the real estate market can often lead to a highly satisfactory rate of return on one’s basic capital. Doing so can help the investor realize gains that allow them to earn income and at the same time reduce their taxes in many ways. Those who do so will find that the Brazilians are also happy to have such investments and welcome infusions of foreign capital in their nation.

Handyman in your Hands

For anyone whose ever had the “pleasure” of hiring a Handyman or Home Cleaning services, most will agree that convenience and customer service aren’t always at the top of the list. Even with the explosion of the Internet, you’ll still have to deal with figuring out who to trust, who to rely on, and who to pay. It can be a maddening experience that often becomes a job of its own. However, with the power of the Internet, Handy on twitter was born bringing a superior Handyman experience in the palm of your hands. Created in 2012 from the creative minds of Harvard Business School classmates Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, the founders also felt the same pain as many people do with home services and thus set out building a better way for all to benefit.

Peace of Mind

It starts and ends with “Peace of Mind” for both consumers and freelancers. For customers, provides reliable workers and simple transactions. A user would simply type in their zip code, get a total price quote, and make a payment for their freelancer of choice. This can all be done in 60 seconds with an option for next day service. There is nothing on the market that even comes close to this level of home service convenience.

Freelancers also benefit immensely from this system as they have the comfort of knowing that they’ll get paid while still retaining their independence as an entrepreneur. With an average hourly rate of $18 for cleaning professionals, freelancers can be assured of competitive pay for their services. Also reporting their income is much easier thanks to the digital reporting tools made available helping to avoid the tax problems often associated with contracting work.

Quality without Compromise

Quality seems to always be a guessing game when you’re hiring home services regardless of how good of a “deal” your getting. takes care of these headaches by applying a rigorous screening process. Potential service providers are run through extensive local and national background checks along with pre-screened interviews. Only 3% of the thousands of applicants have been accepted which is more demanding than some top IV League schools. Customers can feel confident that they’re getting quality service that they can trust.

Room for Growth

Within just a few years in business shows no signs of slowing down. In 2014 alone, they’ve reached over $1 million in bookings per week with projected run rates over $52 million. And the demand isn’t just limited to consumers as the number of freelancers and jobs have grown to more than 200,000 applicants with more than 10,000 jobs per month. The company has established itself as a leader in the segment with more than 50 employees plus thousands of freelancers and expansion to more than 25 cities within the US, Canada, and UK with more locations in the works. Where there’s a home there’s

Boraie Development Trying to Revive Pauline’s Prairie


A recent article by the Press of Atlantic City discusses Pauline’s Prairie and the many issues surrounding its development. In case you’re wondering, Pauline’s Prairie is huge patch of land sitting between Virginia and Connecticut Street in Atlantic City. It originally was meant for housing but has been barren for years. Many companies tried reviving it in the past, however, none of them have been unsuccessful thus far. Community members have grown used to seeing the empty lots of Pauline’s Prairie.

The most recent company to take on the challenge of development is Boraie Development LLC. Boraie Development purchased the land for a whopping 1 million dollars from the Atlantic City Housing Authority and Urban Redevelopment Agency. They plan to build an apartment complex on the now vacant plot of land. This could possibly bring more people to the area, which is always an excellent thing. They want to begin construction on this extensive project as soon as this year. 

You might be wondering about Boraie Development. They are a company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The business is run by VP Wasseem Boraie. They’re one of the most well respected development leaders in the entire state; they certainly appear to be qualified enough to handle the difficult task at hand.

History is repeating itself. The project seems to have taken a turn for the worst, yet again.

The economy in Atlantic City took a hit, losing a total of three casinos. Since then, Atlantic City has been nearly bankrupt. Because of this, conditions certainly don’t seem to be fiscally feasible for construction. This all will depend on a vote and whether or not Governor Christie decides that the funding money would best be put towards paying off the debt. The city has to make a decision by September 30th on whether they want to go ahead with the construction or halt it for now. 

Will Pauline’s Prairie thrive again? Even if it doesn’t this time, it certainly seems that a lot of people have taken an interest in it. The door will surely open again, just as it has the past almost half a century. Given enough time, Atlantic City residents just might find their home on Pauline’s Prairie.

Andy Wirth looks to increase passengers passing through Reno Airport

The Reno Airport Authority Board has confirmed it has appointed a new chairman and three new board members, which sees Andy Wirth of the Squaw valley Ski resort taking up the role of chairman. The Sierra Sun Times reports Wirth has a large amount of experience dealing with the expansion of air travel to different areas of North America through his previous roles in expanding tourist areas. The CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski resort has been serving on the board of the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority since 2013 and will now bring his experience in international resort management to the bid to expand the services offered by Reno Airport.

The new faces added to the Reno Airport Authority Board are designed to add a wealth of experience and new ideas about how to expand the services offered and improve the customer experience at the airport. Andy Wirth brings a large amount of experience to the board as he has already worked on the development of airports in Canada, Utah and Colorado over the course of his career. The expert in resort management is also hoping to make sure a wide range of options are considered by the board as they look to build the image of the airport as the gateway to Lake Tahoe. Areas of focus for the airport appear to include building on the reputation of the area as a popular one for those seeking the best in winter sports and gaming options. Andy Wirth believes the success of the airport will add to the all around success of the region in the future.

Brad Reifler Opens Opportunities of Investment for the 99 Percent

For many years, the population that is a part of the 99% was restricted on the different possibilities of investment. Many banks and firms assumed that because people within this population do not have quite as much money as the 1%, the people are not well-informed enough about investing their money. Investing is very risky, but Brad Reifler believes that investment should be available to anyone who has the proper knowledge regardless of whether or not they are a part of the 99%.

Studies have shown that more and more people are learning extensive information about the stock market and investing in general. Brad Reifler sees this as an opportunity for people with this knowledge who happen to be in the 99% to make great investments that have only been closed off to the 1% for so long. The Forefront Income Trust is now available to the middle class.

Created by Brad Reifler, the Forefront Income Trust provides those within the middle class an investment alternative, meaning people do not have to directly and immediately invest in a stock. It is still required to have a 401K and savings before obtaining the Forefront Income Trust, and this trust is much more risky to invest in. However, the Forefront Income Trust deals with the risk by creating certain special structures that actually help to reduce the overall risk.

Before anyone wants to invest in the Forefront Income Trust, they must be aware that investments like this are always risky and they may not get much of a return if any return at all. However, this trust is made specifically in the interest of the client; it not only doesn’t automatically pay those behind this trust until the client earns about 8 percent in return, but it also provides the client with an opportunity that wasn’t so easily available to them before.

Beneful Dog Food: Keep Your Dog in Top Shape

It is essential to give your food healthy food all the time. Beneful dog food is the right kind to give your dog. As a responsible dog owner, you would prefer to give your pet the best food to make it playful and healthy always. Beneful dog food has the right nutrients needed by your pet whether it’s a puppy or an adult. It is a delicious and healthy dog food specifically designed for your dogs.

The main ingredient used to manufacture this brand of food is ground yellow corn. The brand also contains meat products, sugar, soya and sugar. These ingredients are rich in vitamins and other minerals to keep the dog active and energetic. All ingredients present in this brand will make your dog lovable. The best thing about this brand is that it has few elements of calories as compared to other brands. When you feed your dog with food containing lots of calories will make your dog prone to diseases. Baneful will ensure the health of your dog is protected.

The protein found in Beneful is derived from chicken. Real chicken meat is used to give this brand sufficient protein. Also, protein from soya will help build strong muscles for the dog. Whether you have those large breeds for hunting or sporting activities to small house pets, protein rich food is very essential.

As posted from Beneful Twitter, veterinary groups have estimated that 20 to 60 percent of American dogs and cats are overweight or obese and at risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes. The reason why choosing the right brand for your pets are important. With Beneful brands different varieties  are available that will suit for your dog needs. You can choose the best brand depending on the purpose and age of your dog. There are those you can feed to adult dogs and others on young ones. Beneful food will ensure your puppy’s growth is enhanced as well as keeping diseases at bay.

When looking for the best quality dog food, you should think of Beneful. It is made using the right formula and ingredients needed to make your dog playful and healthy at all time. The food is made using modern technology and inspected for quality assurance to ensure your dog is healthy, playful and used for the desired purpose.

“Feed Your Pet Right: The Authoritative Guide to Feeding Your Dog and Cat,” published in May by Free Press.

The Time Has Come

On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court votes 5-4 to allow legalization of same-sex marriage. This has been a very hard-faught, uphill battle that has taken place over the span of several decades. The impact of the ruling was felt all over the world by both those that agree and those that disagree with the verdict.

Prior to the ruling, only a handful of states allowed same-sex couples to marry. Mikal Watts thought the change was coming soon though. No wthat the Supreme Court has voted to allow it nationally, same-sex couples are allowed to marry regardless of what state they live in.

As of the 25h of June, there were 14 states that were still denying same-sex couples the right to marry. The 5-4 vote ensures that the final holdouts must now allow the marriages. According to Justice Kennedy, their ultimate decision was due to the fact that same-sex couples were being denied the “fundamental right” to achieve marriage equality that the Constitution affords every citizen.

Like the struggle of African American’s right to vote and also the right to be in an inter-racial marriage, the struggle for same-sex marriage has been an uphill battle. Many people in the country are still divided in their opinions of whether or not this change should take place. For the most part, religion is cited as their determining factor.

Whether the decision is agreed with or not, one thing is for certain: this is a historic moment in time. Progress is always challenging and some people adjust very slowly, if at all.

The State Department Finally Released Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Obama’s Senior White House Officials Knew Hillary Was Using Private Emails To Do Government Business Back In 2009

The Hillary Clinton email issue will now be fair game for Republican candidates that want to discredit Clinton when she was Secretary of State. Thousands of pages of emails were released by the state department. The emails are a mixture of personal day-to-day planning and government business. Several emails show various people trying to lobby Clinton on behalf of foreign interests. Sidney Blumenthal is a voice in many of the emails, and so are strategist David Axelrod and chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

But the emails won’t help the Republican cause that much if you ask Adam Sender and others. The GOP will have to find another way to rub Clinton’s name in the mud. But that might be hard to do. She may have made a error in judgment by using her personal email for government business, but that doesn’t mean she exposed herself to a political hanging. Clinton is too smart for that.

But Clinton does have some credibility issues to address. The Clinton Foundation contributions leave a door open for criticism. And husband, Bill, and her brothers do have baggage that can be fuel for some Republican questions. But the emails won’t add any fuel to those small political fires.