QNet: Direct Selling and NOT MLM

QNet wants to make sure everyone in India knows that the company runs things in an “above board” manner. The management of QNet has taken numerous steps to help establish the honesty and integrity of the company. Some might find this odd behavior as few businesses are this proactive when it comes to reputation management. Undertaking a campaign in India to prove QNet remains in compliance with all laws and is completely transparent definitely is proactive. In a way, QNet has to take steps of this nature. The multi-level marketing industry in India does not have the best reputation. QNet is roped into the MLM controversy even though QNet does not follow the MLM pyramid structure.

For those first learning about QNet, it is necessary to point out that the e-commerce company employs a direct selling model. This type of business arrangement utilizes affiliate sellers to promote retail sales at a remote location removed from a retail store. The merchandise is then delivered to the customer after purchasing and the seller receives a commission. Motivated sellers could end up making a lucrative income through being diligent with their sales endeavors.

The MLM industry also has a number of exceptional sellers and honest businesses. Sadly, the MLM world is rife with problems due to certain companies exploiting the pyramid scheme model. In this model, members are constantly trying to recruit new members to promote products. In some cases, only the people at the top of the chain make money and those way down the line fail to earn much, if anything.

Even though QNet avoid any attempts at trying to follow a MLM strategy, the public does not always know the difference between the way e-commerce businesses operate. So, QNet is being very forward in its attempts to separate itself from other businesses operating in India. QNet has also been very outspoken about wanting the Indian government to increase its oversight of the industry. QNet is an exceptional marketing firm growing at a rapid pace.

Why is QNet going to all this trouble? Basically, QNet is making some very huge investments in the Indian market and does not want to see any problems arise. QNet is moving forward with intentions to relocate the totality of its manufacturing in India. That is a big move and the last thing the company wants is to see its name besmirched for no reason.

QNet also has designs on expanding niche marketing strategies in India. Doing so could prove lucrative and another reason the company wants no problems in the market.

James Dondero: Leading Highland Capital Management in Raising Financial Capital for Investors

Highland Capital Management is a financial institution that is a SEC registered investment advisor. It is currently based in Dallas, Texas and was formed in 1993. It mainly deals with alternative investments. It is one of the world’s leading and experienced credit managers. Currently, it has over $21 billion assets under management.
The story of Highland Capital Management began around 1990. At the time, the founding partners Mark Okada and James Dondero of nexbank formed a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The venture specialized in the management of senior secured bank loans and fixed income markets. This venture later evolved into Protective Asset Management Company. James Dondero and his partner purchased the stake of PAMCO in 1997 as the company developed. This led to the change of name to Ranger Asset Management. This name was changed to Highland Capital Management a year later.
Just like any other institution that does investment banking, the firm has been helping individuals, governments, and corporations to raise financial capital. This has been through underwriting and acting as the agents for the clients in issuing securities. It has also helped companies that plan to merge or make acquisitions. This has been mainly through provision of ancillary services like trading of derivatives, equity and securities. This is in addition to market marking services like fixed income instruments, commodities, and currencies.
The firm has undergone growth over the years. It currently has offices in London, New York, and Singapore. Highland Capital Management serves a wide client base. They include corporations, foundations and endowments. It also provides services to financial institutions and governments in addition to high net worth individuals. The firm also deals with credit strategies that cover collateralized loan applications, private equity, and hedge funds. It also deals with alternative investments that cover long and short term equities, emerging markets, and natural resources.
The firm is currently headed by James Dondero. He is the president, Co-founder and the managing partner in addition to serving as the Portifolio Manger. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia in accounting and finance. He is a designated Chartered Financial analyst and Certified Management Accountant. He has over 30 years in the credit field with a resume that covers a large area in the investments sector. He currently sits in the Board of Directors for the MGM Studios and also the American Banknote. He is also the Chairman of the CCS Medical Corporation, Cornerstone Health, and Nexbank.
Highland Capital Management has been in operation for the last 20 years. It has been growing rapidly with a variety of products for institutional and retail investors. It also has an unmatched experience in the investment sector.

Citadel’s Road to Recovery

Citadel LLC went on to become the most sought after hedge fund firm in the world after a near death experience in 2008. Its founder Ken Griffin is no stranger to stock market. According to Ben Bernanke, Griffin is a man with extraordinary talent and knowledge of global economy. And that statement is something Ken has proved along the way to successful recovery of losses that the company faced during recession.

There are many executives selected to the company’s board by Ken Griffin, one of the reasons why many investors are flocking to be a part of the game. Some of his executives are noted for their great insights into monetary policy, capital markets as well as investment strategies that are valuable to the company’s teams and investors alike.

Bernanke’s role at Citadel may last for a short time but the direction the company is heading in as well as the symbolism of this $1 million hire are clear: Citadel is all set to become a dominant force in the investment field. Seven years later after an almost complete collapse, Citadel is refreshing for new and old investors.

To further prove its value, the firm manages more than $26 billion in assets which is 170 percent increase from its 2012 number on file. This mix of confidence among investors and performance gains are proving a blessing for Citadel. It is now the 13th largest hedge fund manager in the US despite the relatively small number of employees. What’s more, the firm’s comeback has made its noteworthy CEO Mr. Griffin one of the most powerful figures in the investment industry. The executive’s fortune has increased with a gain of $1.3 billion in just one year, according to Alpha.

There are so many things that we can learn from these incidents. First, a company dealing with hedge funds must decide what opportunities it is willing to pursue in times of turmoil. That company must have a good leadership besides highly trained professionals well-versed in hedge fund management and other financial related services. It must also decide the scope and structure of the company and achieve the right balance between diversification and integration. Choosing between time and money, between buying and selling are also important to attain goals. Most important of all, the business with hedge fund dealings should try to minimize risks by assessing risks and prioritizing effectively. What opportunities are available in a volatile market should emerge from thorough analysis of the economic dimension without paying heed to fear and wrong advices. There is, however, no obvious reason why one course of action come handy to one leader and seems to be difficult to another but knowledge and insights certainly play a role in determining the best route. Luck also comes into play in rare occasions. How Kenneth Griffin was able to bring the company back from disaster is through combination of these strategies and it worked really well in Citadel’s case. It was, in essence, a risk that Citadel could afford.

New York City Apartments Are Being Built Just For You

People that don’t currently live in New York City have a different idea of what an apartment might look like. Unfortunately, New York City is subject to a lot of rumors that are just not true. Rumors have been going around forever about the size of apartments in New York City, and although the rumors may be true at times, it’s not the case for every single apartment. When some people think of NYC apartments for rent, they imagined a place so small that you can barely turn around in it. People may also feel that they’ll have everything in one room, and they have to shower at the end of the hall in a bathroom that everyone shares.

It’s not impossible that some of the preconceived notions that a person has about New York City apartments is true, but in a lot of cases these rumors are not a reality. There are some very roomy apartments in New York City, and it’s possible to get a very luxurious apartment too. You may be able to get an apartment that has some incredible views of the city as well as some of the landmarks that New York City has to offer. New York City is filled with great sites to see, and many people would like to see these landmarks outside of their window when they go to sleep at night.

Why would someone want to live in a high-rise building, other than the fact that they can see most of the city from their window? Not only can the city be seen from someone’s window when they are in a high-rise, but it’s also possible to see a lot of things that someone in a low rise building couldn’t imagine seeing outside their window. Since high-rise buildings are popular for the view that they give those that live in them, then why not go for a high-rise apartment? Even if there are no high-rise apartments currently available, there are some currently being built, so you won’t be left out.

It may be worth the wait to talk with Town Real Estate about getting a new apartment in a high-rise building, especially since everything will be brand-new. You’ll be able to see some great sites out your window, you’ll be close to the hot spots, and you’ll be in a new home that no one has ever lived in before. Some people only wish that they could tell someone that they were the first person to live in their new luxury apartment. If you work with Town Real Estate they can possibly get you into a great apartment in New York City that you can be proud to live in.

A Speech You Won’t Want to Miss

Yeonmi Park is set to visit DePauw University on October 5th, 2015 to give a speech on her life story. The speech will also include horrors of human trafficking and importance of human freedom. The visit will make her the youngest-ever Timothy and Sharon Ubben lecturer.
The 5th October lecture will be just one day after the North Korean defector turns 22 years. Her already popular book, “In Order to Live”, will be published six days before the lecture. Her speech will be at exactly 7:30 p.m inside the Kresge Auditorium. Yoenmi Park is expected to host a question and answer session at the same venue just after the speech. She will also use the session for book signing. The lecture follows the standard Ubben Lectures’ protocols and, therefore, will be open to everyone free of charge.
Yeonmi Park’s story is one of the most powerful stories from North Korean defectors. North Korea is considered the darkest and the most repressive regime globally. After escaping from North Korea, Park established herself as a vocal human rights activist even before turning twenty years. Her human rights campaign has earned her a place in BBC’s ‘Top 100 Global Women’.

When Park was born, her parents were civil servants. They lived in Hyesan City. The city is located near the North Korean-Chinese border. As a child, like many North Koreans, she believed dying for the North Korean regime was the most honorable thing. This belief was changed when she watched a pirated copy of the movie Titanic.
Yeonmi Park’s life changed sharply in 2002 when North Korea was faced with famine. Her father, in an effort to save the family from starvation, was forced to smuggle silver, gold and nickel to traders from China. He was caught and sentenced to a 17 year imprisonment term in a labor camp. Due to harsh conditions in the camp, he fell ill and was released to get medical care. Park’s escape from North Korea had begun.
The family managed to escape in three phases. The first phase involved the escape of Park’s sisters; second phase was the escape of Park and her mother; while the final phase was the escape of her father. The 2007 escape was by the help of human traffickers and involved escaping into china before relocating to South Korea. China hunts down North Korean defectors and deports them back. Park’s father died from colon cancer in 2009 and one of her sisters is still missing.
DePauw University’s website, where I read the original article from, also says Yeonmi Park has been featured by several media houses including CNBC, CNN, New York Times, BBC and Wall Street Journal. Park’s visit to the university is expected to draw a huge audience and also give non-North Koreans a glimpse of North Korea. Attendants should show up early in order to catch the whole speech.
Original article: http://www.depauw.edu/news-media/latest-news/details/31750/

Citadel LLC is Transforming the Local and Global Financial Markets for Investors

Citadel LLC is a key player in the hedge fund and securities industry as an umbrella company for two entities – Citadel and Citadel Securities. Citadel, the hedge fund management arm of Citadel LLC is headquartered in Chicago and boasts 1400 employees dispersed throughout the world in over 600 offices. As of January 2015, Citadel ranked as the thirteenth largest hedge fund manager in the U.S. with accounts that total over $25 billion dollars in assets, which covers: commodities, equities, quantitative strategies, credit and more.

Citadel Securities is an industry leader for the trading of equities, options, futures, foreign exchange and more. Recently, Citadel securities broadened its securities roster to include interest-rate swaps for institutional and retail clients. The technology that Citadel uses to manage its securities resources is heralded for giving traders unrivaled options like providing digital quotes in less than 0.36 seconds compared to the industry average of two minutes.

At the core, Citadel LLC is built on excellence and results. Citadel LLC employs some of the brightest minds in the industry, and they are focused on implementing effective strategies and ideas to drive market transformation. They have an investment approach that is fueled by a mixture of aggressive fundamental research, cutting-edge qualitative analysis and a solid technology platform. This formula is the reason why Citadel LLC has consistently generated profitable investment results for their capital partners and investors.

In 2015, Citadel LLC executed an impressive personnel acquisition and hired the one-time Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke as a senior adviser. His hiring was meant to further Citadel as a dominant force in the securities and financial sectors. Bernanke’s resume exhibits his extensive understanding and experience for financial markets and fiscal policy for the domestic and global economy.

Citadel LLC was established in the early ’90s by a 22-year old economy major at Harvard University, Ken Griffin, who began managing investment funds while he was still a freshman. After he demonstrated an ability to successfully manage client investments, Griffin was able to raise $1 million dollars in seed money, which enabled him to accelerate the growth of his company. After being in business for eight years, Griffin was managing over $2 billion dollars in assets. By the time Griffin was 34-years old, he was on the Forbes 400 list as the youngest self-made millionaire on the list. The following year he was listed as the richest self-made American under the age of 40. In 2014, his estimated worth was over $6 billion dollars, and his annual salary is currently $1 billion dollars per year.

Citadel LLC has demonstrated that success starts with a culture that is rooted in values that are not traditionally associated with the financial industry, such as: a friendly attitude, a pleasant work environment and charity. For example, Citadel’s founder, Ken Griffin, is a devout philanthropist who has personally donated hundreds of millions of dollars to youth education programs, medical centers, museums, college tuition assistance programs for financial aid students and more. In 2015, Citadel was awarded the Top 10 Best Place to work by Barron’s magazine for offering the following perks for its employees: free lunches, free visits to museums, personal gifts, gym memberships and more.

Since its establishment in 1990, Citadel LLC has gained tremendous trust from its clients, and Citadel LLC has garnered renowned recognition from industry experts. With more than $25 billion dollars in assets, and with satellite offices in cities across the world, such as San Francisco, New York, Toronto, London and Hong Kong, Citadel LLC has demonstrated a bright past and is projected to have an even brighter future.

Invest at Any Time in Life With BRL Trust

Investing is a skill that may take an entire lifetime for someone to master. Many people they will need to invest carefully at all stages of their life. A young person will need to begin saving money as soon as they have a job in order to lay down the foundations of their life such as the ability to start a family and buy the kind of house they like. Someone who is in mid-career will find that saving and investing is important as it allows them to be able to have a healthy nest egg on hand that provides them with the ability to buy important items in life such as a new car in the event that their prior vehicle has broken down. A person who is facing the later stages of life will need to make sure that they have enough money on hand to retire easily.

Many people find this task extremely complex and even somewhat daunting. This is why they will often turn to investment professionals for help along the way. A skilled investment advisor can be useful at all stages in life. They can show the person just starting out how even a small amount of money can land them big rewards over time. Officials at investment firms such as BRL Trust can also provide them with a substantial nest egg how to continue to grow their savings and make sure that they have an even larger and more impressive portfolio. The investor may also consult with officials at the trust if they are considering other aspects of investing such as directly investing in a specific business. The skilled staffers here offer comprehensive guidance that allows the investor to fully meet all of their own individual investing needs. BRL Trust was written about by BCB.gov.

Any investor will also want to make sure that they have a diverse portfolio that allows to take advantage of all potential market opportunities. This is where working with BRL Trust can be ideal. The investor who is able to work with BRL Trust will be able to help expand into Brazilian markets and gain access to one of the world’s fast growing economies. Brazil is the world’s firth largest nation by area. Situated in the very center of South America, the nation has borders with many other South American nations, making it easy for the investor to expand into both Brazil and many other neighboring Latin American markets at the same time. Officials at BRL Trust can show investor how to take advantage of this fact and use their existing portfolio to successfully expand into this region of the world. Doing so can allow the investor to enjoy a very high rate of return.

Who is Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is an attorney who started his career by working at the New Chicago, Indiana Police Department and Fire Department. He worked then worked at the Sheriff’s Office in Orlando, Florida. Here, he worked for a total of ten years and earned the position as Sheriff’s Detective. This field of work allowed him to analyze and see the perspective of those accused, to get a much better understanding of the law. He worked on all types of cases ranging from drug busts to auto mobile accidents. He was later recognized for all the work he contributed in this line of work with awards from the Marshall. Dan Newlin then went to law school in 1997 at the Florida State College of Law. He finished his degree in 2000. One special aspect to Newlin is that he is a licensed law practitioner in the states of Illinois and Florida where he has two offices.

He started out his career by himself and has successfully built it to what it is today as a large firm offering plenty of personalized legal services in two different states. His law firm has recovered over $150 million in accident and injury cases for victims. His team includes eighteen very experienced attorneys that go from Board Certified Surgeons, to Former State Prosecutors, to even a board-certified thirty year trial attorneys. His firm employs over 75 people currently. His team focuses on all types of cases, whether it is a personal injury, auto accident, wrongful death, and so forth. His team is completely dedicated into getting the best outcome for clients. Dan Newlin and his lawyers are not just invested in the winnings of the case but also the best interest for their client. They truly want the best for their clients and making sure they are getting the best treatment that they can give. Dan Newlin is an exceptional personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

Dan Newlin and his firm staff are highly qualified lawyers who take their job seriously. They do not take their clients for granted and strive to be their best. His success can be clearly seen in the spread of his firm in two totally different states. Dan Newlin has worked hard so that his name and firm is a reputable, trusted law firm that people can come to who have serious problems. They are honest and trustworthy and will tell you how it is. They have no interest in hurting their clients. Recently they have started opening up to helping cases involving falsely accused crimes, and so forth. They offer a plethora of legal services for their clients. You are going to want the best to represent you when going to court. Dan Newlin and his team truly are the best when it comes to handling these kinds of matters.

Four Things Every Business Woman Needs to Become an Effective Leader

Effective leadership is one aspect of business that never goes away. While gender challenges are still in the process of being erased from corporations across the globe, filling a key role in an organization requires a special skill set. Leaders that have the ability to inspire employees, make hard decisions, change work culture, and remain flexible have the best chance at career growth and making an impact on the business world. In short, specialized skills are not exclusive to men and women because every leader becomes respected in their own special way.

Flexibility means a lot more in the professional world than simply handling multiple tasks at once. Susan McGalla excelled in the world of business and marketing thanks to a unique background that allowed her to relate to different colleagues, employees, and stakeholders in a meaningful way. Since McGalla has been able to excel thanks to unique communication skills, the focus on effective and complete communication skills needs to be present in every company executive. The ability to listen is just as important as the ability to talk.

An important quality that every effective leader needs is the ability to inspire employees. Leading by example, making sacrifices, and delegating tasks are a few methods to inspire greatness in others. Trust, dependability, and integrity are other important elements that go into inspiring a workforce to thrive as a team. When people work together in harmony, the resulting productivity and communication become a valuable part of the organization. Showing employees how things get accomplished is more difficult than simply telling them, which is why great leaders can be difficult to come by.

Making hard decisions is part of having a key role in an organization. However, explaining those decisions thoroughly is also an integral part of the process. Since leaders make decisions that have implications above and below on the organization chart, the decisions need to be well-researched and thought out. While some issues sort themselves out over a period of time, leaders understand that taking the problem head-on and dealing with it is usually the most rewarding approach.

Work culture encompasses a number of different aspects of a company. For women in business, changing long-held dynamics or principles can be particularly challenging. Overcoming those obstacles and displaying the grit needed to make a difference is vital to helping any organization grow. While focusing on profitability can net rewards for shareholders, giving the company a new point-of-view can provide a solid long-term growth model.
In the end, having the ability to make difficult decisions, change work culture, inspire employees, and stay flexible in the face of adversity are important qualities to every business leader. Since gender roles can present some friction in the workforce, great care needs to be taken to conquer those notions and lead an organization to greatness. Leaders must demonstrate the understanding and dedication that serves the company and the workforce, which is a delicate balance to maintain. Effective leaders excel in getting their points across and showing a company the best path forward.

Start Checking Dog Food Labels

I know that a lot of people love their dogs and treat them like family, but I wonder if those people actually take the time to make sure that their dogs are healthy. Do they try to keep their dogs in shape, and do they try to keep them eating the best dog food out there? I’m not sure about that. They may say that they count their dogs as a part of their family, but their actions do not always show it.

Picking out the right dog food is essential to making sure that pet stays strong and healthy. When a pet owner wants to treat their pet like they are truly a part of the family, then they are going to want to go out there and buy dog food from the best brand available. I think that once people start looking at the options that are available in store, and once they take a look at the ingredients on the dog food bags that are out there, that they will quickly realize that they need to start paying more attention to what they are feeding their pets.

Each dog food brand has a different idea of what should be going into the food, and Beneful, available on sale at the Nestle Purina Store, is one of the best for the kinds of ingredients that they choose. Beneful knows that dogs need to eat healthfully in order to be strong, and that is why they pack their food full of ingredients that any dog food owner can feel good about giving to their dog. I think that any dog food owner would feel great about feeding the kind of food that Beneful makes to anyone in their family. That is how good this brand is at what they do.

A lot of people love their dogs and always try to do what is best for them, and those people are now going to have to go out and purchase some dog food that is good for their dogs. I know that they will feel much better about themselves and the food that they are feeding to the furry members of their family when they check out the labels and pick a brand that puts only quality ingredients into their food.