Brazil’s Jaime Garcia Dias To Release An Awesome Memoir Of His Journey Through Literature

Brazilian literature professes stories of heritage, culture and history in an uncommonly profound manner. Sadly, its journey around the world didn’t happen sooner. Iconic Brazilian writers began documenting monumental events that reflected on the nation’s struggles, heritage, history and culture long before today. Unfortunately, much of these engrossing literary works weren’t translated to reach an English-speaking audience. Today, there’s a fair selection of published Brazilian literature translations. Modern-day Brazilian writers greatly look to the archives of previous literature and well-documented references for inspiration. Jamie Garcia Dias, son of the late Arnaldo Dias, a celebrated Brazilian journalist and accomplished writer is among the finest the nation has to offer.

Now 45, the remarkably proficient Jaime has penned an impressively inspiring collection of 20 published pieces. Of which, he’s received favourably constructive criticisms. He’s ventured outside Brazil, sharing his body of work with the world. He’s often described as an inspiration by young, budding talents. Jaime attended numerous book fairs held at international shores. It’s amazing how it all started. He became passionate about literature early in life. In his memoir, he often recounts the events of childhood when his dad mentored him. A recent journal he dubbed, rather a tribute to his beloved father reflects on his many achievements as a notable writer.

Modern writers like Jaime Garcia Dias have made enormous strides to share authentic Brazilian literature with other realms. Of this book collection, a handful has attracted global interest, including best-sellers, which Joshua Gomez, a phenomenal Latino writer remarked on. He’s a globally recognized ABC Awardee of Brazil. The Rio de Janeiro-native has become an influential leader in the Brazilian literature community. In his early years of exploring literature, he became a distinguished professor of the CLA (Carioca Literature Academy. He initially served a five-year tenure at the institution. With his dedication to improving the scholastic values of the institution, the heads of faculty appointed him leadership in 2007. Now, the academy has advanced its programs and received national recognition as an institution of prestige. In fact, it’s Brazil’s top-ranked school of literature. With Jaime’s profound models on instruction and inspirational ideas, CLA reinvented a sanctuary for young literature aspirants to explore the depths of the craft.

Among monumental achievements listed on LinkedIn, Jaime took home the iconic Garca Branca Award back in 2001. It’s commonly associated with the upcoming literature writers of Brazil. Later, Garca Branca released an impressive selection of Jaime best-selling novels to venture outside the walls of Brazil. In South America, his novels took off, grossing appreciable revenue. In fact, critically acclaimed author Joshua Gomez even remarked on the quality at the LBM (Latinos Books Meeting) back in 2003. He’s received five other awards for his inspiring literary works and he’s spreading the word about new writers every day.

The Innovation 50 and Darius Fisher’s Success

In the business world, everything used to be done in person. However, this is no longer true. Thanks to the internet, businesses not only have to worry about their physical image. They also have to worry about their online presence. However, who should one call if they find themselves in some sort of digital reputation crisis? Status Labs is one of the many companies that helps these businesses deal with online management reputation, public relations, and digital marketing. They have worked hard to build a trust among all of their clients and future clients, and they have succeeded on various levels thanks to their leadership.

Darius Fisher is not only the president of Status Labs, but he is also one of the co-founders of the company. As a new company, Fisher has worked hard over the past four years to grow the company. Currently, they are headquartered out of Austin, Texas, but recently, he has pushed to open offices in New York and Sao Paulo. Over the past couple of years, Status Labs has worked alongside a few different politicians, public figures, and even high end executives providing them with second chances. However, they have also served over 1.500 clients throughout a total of 35 different countries with services.

They have become experts in helping to now only grow their clients’ sales but also developing effective PR strategies and digital marketing solutions. For those who knew Fisher before he co-founded Status Labs, some might have questioned his success in the PR business. He once has a very controversial past in the PR world. His past company had to deal with a huge PR fiasco that involved the editing of Wikipedia pages. Then again, it isn’t as hard to imagine for those who know anything about Fisher. He is a native New Yorker, and in the past before co-founding Status Labs, he worked as both a political consultant and a copywriter. One thing that came as a surprise to the company and the world was when Fisher had a hand in firing his co-partner, Jordan French.

Shaygan Kheradpir Successfully Manages Teams Of Employees

Known for his exceptional expertise in the technology field, Shaygan Kheradpir and his innovative teams remain influential leaders in the competitive corporate sector. As a former employee at GTE Laboratories, Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Networks, this prominent figure embodies excellence, talent, and, commitment in all of his executive pursuits. In addition, he is the forerunner in merging creative ideas with product developments in order to propel a company to new levels of prosperity. Most prominently, Kheradpir’s primary objective is to train and manage highly talented and experienced teams who work tirelessly to construct proprietary programs and systems.

After graduating from Cornell University with degrees in Electrical Engineering, Shaygan Kheradpir on arnnet accepted his first job at GTE Laboratories where he gained insight into technology management. As an entry-level director, he was responsible for overseeing network routing and system controls and, according to The Wall Street Journal, he earned profound respect for delivering new products in a timely manner.

Approximately ten years after he was employed at GTE Laboratories, the company partnered with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon in 2000. Following this merger, Kheradpir was promoted to as the president of the e-business division before assuming the title of Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer. As the head technology director, this prominent executive was presented with the opportunity to manage about 7,000 employees who were instructed to create ideas and test prototypes which would ultimately lead to the implementation of the products into the company’s business model. Because of the department’s high demand for new technological developments, the staff often worked long hours to satisfy month quotas. Remarkably, Kheradpir’s innovative teams greatly contributed to the launch of the Verizon One, Verizon FiOs fiber optics, and iobi. In addition, his group revolutionized the corporations existing telecommunication systems including the website, automated customer service program, and the call center as well as integrated operations from predecessor companies NYNEX, GTE, and Bell Atlantic.

Along with training teams at Verizon, Kheradpir also led innovative groups at Barclays where he served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail and Business Bank from 2011 to 2014. Amazingly, with his guidance, these innovative employees created many customer service products such as Pingit which is an accessible mobile payments application. His profound management ultimately influenced his promotion to Chief Operations and Technology Officer where he reported to Antony Jenkins, who was then the Chief Executive Officer of Barclays for approximately three years.

In January 2014, Kheradpir resigned from Barclays and joined Juniper Networks a couple of weeks after his departure. Notably, he continued on his product development drive and managed a team of employees who formed an Integrated Operating Plan (IOP) to adhere to the needs of activist investors. Essentially, this concept was designed to assist professionals in increasing dividends, mitigating unnecessary expenses, and purchasing stock. Following this renowned innovation, Kheradpir voluntarily left the company to devote more attention to his board interests including YMCA of Great New York and Cornell University Engineering Council.

The Growth of Advertising in Brazil

Brazil is currently one of the fastest growing companies in the world today. Brazil also has a booming economy that is growing at a rapid rate. This makes advertising in Brazil one of the biggest marketing initiatives for many large companies in the world today. With a growing middle class, many people expect that Brazil will be one of the largest economies in the world in the next twenty to thirty years. Here are several things driving the economic growth in Brazil.

One of the most positive trends in the country of Brazil today is the educational opportunities that are available to citizens. Just ten years ago, there were not nearly as many educational opportunities for people that had little money. Brazil has made it a huge priority to educate its citizens at all economic points. This has led to an overall increase in the wages earned by the people of Brazil. As the wages increase, more people now have extra money to spend. This is one of the largest economic drivers in the country today. For the first time ever, tens of millions of people in Brazil have extra money that can now be spent on economic goods.

Cláudio Loureiro is one of the world’s most premier experts on advertising in Brazil. Cláudio Loureiro owns an advertising company, and many people come to him to ask for advice on how to reach the people of Brazil in a more efficient way. The culture of Brazil is unique and has many language barriers. It is important for companies to market to customers in a way that will pay off in the long run. With a growing customer base, the nation of Brazil is becoming one of the largest advertising priorities for many companies. For people like Cláudio Loureiro, this means a huge increase in business and exposure to some of the world’s largest companies.

The growth in population and economic output in Brazil has led to a huge increase in advertising. There are many companies getting advice from Cláudio Loureiro and his marketing company. Brazil is a unique nation with many cultures. It can be difficult for companies around the world to appeal to the people of Brazil without some help from experts like Cláudio Loureiro.

James Dondero Provides A Rewarding Employment Experience To His Employees

Known for offering an extensive selection of proprietary investment
strategies in conjunction with unprecedented customer service, Jim
Dondero and his team at Highland Capital Management remain influential
leaders in the competitive financial market industry. Based in Dallas,
Texas with supporting offices in Seoul, Singapore, New York City, and
Sao Paulo, this well-known company embodies excellence, discipline,
and teamwork, in all of their business practices. Led by seasoned
entrepreneur James David Dondero on facebook, this lucrative firm is the
forerunner in merging structured investment products with high profile
clients who manage businesses in a variety of sectors. Most
prominently, Dondero’s primary objective is to train experienced and
highly talented professionals to promote the company’s mission and

Dondero strives to offer the advisors at Highland Capital Management
with a rewarding employment experience in order to
encourage more leaders in the investment field. With a wide array of
credit-oriented approaches, the advisors have many opportunities to
portray their expertise related to the effectiveness of their
customizable products and services. As a result, Dondero dedicates
ample time and resources to strengthen his employees’ knowledge of
their proprietary packages. Essentially, he helps his directors obtain
a macro view regarding the function of complex and diverse investment
portfolios. Following their comprehensive understanding of the firm’s
exceptoinal business model, professionals may advance to a Managing
Director role which is also dependent on their performance and
experience. Notably, Highland Capital Management’s expert leadership
team is skilled in serving as an investment liaison by strategically
adjusting and adapting their client’s portfolio to facilitate a
rewarding financial return.

Dondero and his business partner at Highland Capital Management
proudly assist their employees in maintaining the best working
environment. In fact, in 2014, the firm acknowledged as one of the
“Best Place to Work,” in the Money Management magazine. Along with
great educational training resources, Dondero provides his employees
with an outstanding benefits package encompassing premium and
deductible-free healthcare insurance. In addition, every location
maintains a stocked kitchen, campus dry cleaning, and catered
meals. Commendably, Highland Capital Management also presents
performance bonuses to the employee who has provided the best
long-term investment results to their clients. Essentially, the
company strives to provide a plethora of supporting resources in order
to help their advisors to focus solely on their client’s needs. Most
prominently, the Highland Capital Management executive team strives to
create long-term bonds with their expert professionals.

Highland Capital Management is known as the largest and most
experienced alternative credit firm which is fueled by Dondero’s
strategic leadership expertise. Since 1990, Dondero and his founding
partners have delivered value to their investors by presenting unique
investment products tailored to the client’s financial goals and

Crystal Hunt Plays Lauren in Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL is a movie released in 2015, directed by Gregory Jacobs. It is considered a comedy/drama and is a sequel to the hit 2012 film entitled simply as “Magic Mike”. The main story of the film centers around the new life of the ex-male stripper. Channing Tatum returns again as the lead role of Mike, a man that now runs his own furniture business three years after retiring from a life of male stripping. Missing the exciting life he once had, including the stage appearances, the attention, and his best friends, Mike takes up an opportunity from his old crew after they take the opportunity to look him up. Known as the Kings of Tampa, his buddies convince him to come along with them to a stripping convention. Missing old times, Mike takes them up on their offer and joins them in an outrageous adventure of a lifetime.

Crystal Hunt, well known for her roles in One Life to Live as Stacy Morasco and on Guiding Light as Lizzie Spaulding, landed herself a role in the popular Summer released film as the character Lauren. This role was considered her debut to feature film roles, despite being featured on some television series. Just as the actress portrayed in her previous roles, her role in Magic Mike XXL centers around a strong woman character, which she described as being an empowering role. Hunt’s first appearance in television was the soap opera Guiding Light (often abbreviated as GL), which is what many of her fans know her best for. Recently, Crystal Hunt also appeared on “Queens of Drama” which is a documentary styled series soon to come to the Pop channel (previously known as TVGN).

Facebook told that the actress is also a producer and is currently working on the film Talbot County for her first Executive Producer credit. The film is about six college students who are living in a quiet Southern town. They unearth a moment in history during an assigned group project, causing one member of the group to set into motion a terrible fate for themselves and their peers. The story revolves around an urban legend surrounding the Georgia backwoods and tales of past werewolf sightings. Taking place in 1986, the story is sure to be a throwback to the 1980’s horror genre with a twist. The film is set to release this year, though no exact date has been released.

QNET Welcomes The Ban On Pyramid Schemes

There has been a great deal of confusion around direct selling, multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes concepts in India. Following the arrest of William Scott Pinckney, Amway India Managing Director and CEO, and other executives on allegations of duping people to join their direct selling schemes, there has been a need to distinguish between these three marketing concepts.

At a time when pyramid schemes have been banned in India, QNET’S Head, Corporate Affairs Ajay Chanam attempts to demystify the three concepts. Chanam begins by clarifying that the correct name for the industry is direct selling. Direct marketing has nothing to do with direct selling. It is a part of the advertising industry.

Chanam fully supports the move to ban pyramid schemes. According to him, this will not only benefit legitimate direct selling companies but also help people save their money. Pyramid schemes that operate under the guise of direct selling are spoiling the industry’s name for the rest of the legitimate direct selling companies. Chanam sees a need to come up with legislation that distinguishes illegal pyramid schemes from legitimate direct selling companies.

Pyramid schemes are companies which give commissions to distributors who are able to bring new distributors into the network. The name pyramid is coined from the fact that the initiators and those who joined the network earlier earn the most, while those who recently joined earn the least. Check out QNet’s profile on YouTube.

Direct selling is the marketing and selling of products to consumers directly with no retailers involved. Those who join are able to enjoy the products at a discount. They can also earn a commission for selling the products to other people, and enjoy commissions when the products are consumed or promoted by people they have brought into the network.

Chaman outlines a few differences between direct selling and pyramid schemes. Direct selling companies have a limit on the number of people who can actually earn a commission from a sale. This evens out the field for all the members. However, pyramid schemes have those at the top earning most of the money and those at the bottom earning the least. QNet also has an India-centric website.

Direct selling companies like QNET do not give commissions to members who only recruit new members. Recruitment is not a requirement for earning commission. Pyramid schemes only give commissions to those who successfully recruit new members.

Pyramid schemes don’t have actual products and services. Direct selling companies invest a considerable amount of time and resources in developing quality products and services that make a difference in people’s lives.

Pyramid schemes are get-rich-quick schemes. Direct selling, on the other hand, is a genuine business that appreciates the fact that it requires time and effort to get real results.

Tips on investing in hedge funds

Citadel LLC, a hedge fund company that is owned by Kenneth Griffin is continuing to perform splendidly in the industry. The company’s major hedge funds earned almost 18 percent net of costs in 2014. Kenneth Griffin, who started do business in the 1980s in his dorm room while in Harvard University, and established Citadel in 1990 with an estimate of 4 million us dollars. Mr. Griffin has managed to rebuild his hedge fund company that almost collapsed in the time of financial catastrophe and currently manages 26 billion US dollars.

Hedge fund investments appear to be a seasonal venture; one month they are tremendously popular and the next they turn out to be an origin of noxious contempt. In several ways, hedge funds have been thrown in the dark for wealth they accumulate, especially for their management panel as well as their exploitative ways when it comes to the marketplace.

Investors are required to meet the least amount net worth obligation and also having a moderately advanced level of investment understanding to make investments in a hedge fund. This is to indicate that these forms of investment are set aside nearly mainly for the stylish investors. The investors should also be wealthy, knowledgeable and have the ability to deal rationally with the difficulties that come along with these kinds of investment.

On the other hand, hedge fund investment policies are not kept exclusively for sophisticated and qualified investors. In reality, some the strategies that hedge fund utilize can be used by regular retail investors also; however when these hefty management costs that as assisted in making hedge funds so prosperous. Below are some tactics that you can employ in your frequent portfolio to benefit from the market the same way the hedge fund do.


Several funds manage to create above-average profits and returns for their portfolio by the use of derivatives, and stock alternatives are among the types of derivatives that are accessible to nearly all investors. Script covered call options permit for a little income into a portfolio, always at raised rates. For investors intending to leverage their portfolios sincerely, a straight option policy can assist to make incredible gains as well.

Exchange traded funds

Using the exchange trade funds to benefit from bear markets or to increase leverage to your portfolio by beta-based exchange traded funds is a general policy that ordinary investors use currently. On top of that, exchange traded funds can have an influence on minimizing risks as well.

Quant trading

The thought of using mathematical principles to do business is not something that is kept for quant-based funds. This is almost similar to using the technological analysis to make trade verdicts. Thus, an ordinary investor can put into practice a quant trading mold through specific technical analysis sifting.

Even though these three alternatives are not comprehensive, they illustrate that ordinary investors with the time and the knowledge of the way markets perform can put into practice the same policies as a hedge fund. Putting together these strategies can generate even more returns, however, bear in mind that it as well means taking some risks.

Houston Real Estate Shows Promise

Haidar Barbouti is the one people have to go through if they want to invest into the Highland Village Shopping Center in Houston. He runs the show for this commercial property, and many businesses are lured into this upscale section of town because there is heavy traffic in this area. This is showing the promise of commercial property in Houston. Many investors find themselves playing a waiting game because Haidar Barbouti has been around a long time. He doesn’t have a lot of abandoned commercial space because many of his businesses stay for the long term. Those that don’t continue with their leases are quickly replaced by others that want to move into these rental spaces.

That is the way that Houston real estate is growing. So many people have taken on the quest to move into commercial property because there is money to be made here. The industry is thriving. There are people that are coming out to be entertained in the Theater district. This area has been renovated, and this makes room for even more performances. A lot of realty companies and investors are buying up property and taking over leases for buildings in the downtown area.

The shift in the growth of commercial property here also ignites the growth of resident properties as well. Developers have recently broken ground on 9 new development properties for the growth of new residents. This is all happening inside the residential loop in Houston. This is the area that is show the most growth. On the Interstate 610 loop a lot of construction has already started by Surge Homes Development LLC. WhitePages told that this will be completed by summer of 2016. It is something that shows that the city is bracing for the influx of people that are coming to the city in search of jobs. There are a lot of major companies moving to the area because the city is thriving.

A lot of executives more to Houston because they can build grand homes on the outer loop of the city. There is still a lot of land on the outskirts of Houston that has not been cultivated. This leaves a lot of room for executives of big corporations to buy bountiful acres and get a home that is removed from the busy inner loop of Houston.

There are shopping centers that are also being renovated in Houston, and this is an ongoing process across the city. There is no short of shopping centers in the area. The way that the city is sectioned off most people will be able to find places to shop without driving all over the city. There are shops spread out throughout the city for increased convenience.