The Harrowing Story of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park defected from North Korea and she became recognized across the world for her role as an activist. In the past, she has told the shocking story of how she fled from North Korea when she was still an adolescent, but she never revealed some of the most intimate details about the retrogressive society she was brought up in and the cost she paid for her lucky escape. In her book, ‘In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom‘, she has explained how she suffered while living in North Korea and in her journey through China and finally to South Korea. According to Park, millions of North Korean people are suffering the same way even today.

Park wants the entire world to know how life was and still is in North Korea through her book. Her family was loving and very close to each other, but her father was arrested and imprisoned at a labor camp for operating an illegal business so as to provide for her family. As a result of that incident, they would be referred to as the family of a criminal to an extent of being regarded as criminals too and subjected to cruel margins by North Korean authority. In her book, she revealed what majority of people have been experiencing in the darkest corners of North Korea. She has explained bravery of how they were sold with her mother to human traffickers in China who forced them to suffer psychologically.

Yeonmi Park was born on 4th Oct 1994 in Hyesan, North Korea, a town along the border with China. Both her parents were working in the public service and the family was well-up. After her father was imprisoned, the family struggled to extent of going without food because of the situations they were subjected to. Park’s father was released from prison on grounds of poor health and he urged his family to escape to China. Park and her mother embarked on a journey to seek freedom while her father would join them later, her elder sister had left early without telling them.

In China, they were introduced to Korean and Chinese missionaries who relocated them to Mongolia. Later, South Korean diplomats facilitated their journey where they settled in Seoul. After the struggle she encountered throughout her life, Yeonmi Park decided to be a full time human rights activist championing for freedom in North Korea.

Park joined Dangguk University in Seoul to continue with her education. She has publicly spoken and written about how life is in North Korea and the suffering many people are subjected to by the repressive government. She has joined other activists from North Korea in order to seek freedom of other oppressed citizens of that country.


Coriant’s Growth and Achievements Under CEO Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant, formed in 2013, is a supplier of industry leading network solutions for network operators in over 100 countries in six different continents for a total of more than 500 customers. The company announced its independence from the Nokia Siemens Network on May 6, 2013.

Coriant is a subsidiary of Marlin Equity Partners and is merged with Tellabs and Sycamore Networks to become a leader in their industry who services billions of dollars in service revenue. The company is known for delivering top class mobile backhaul solutions and packet optical transport in the technology industry. Coriant boasts over 35 years of top notch industry experience and offers service in numerous markets including fixed line, government agencies, large enterprises, submarine network operators, electric utilities, and content providers.

The company is currently honored to have Shaygan Kheradpir as the CEO. Kheradpir brings an amazing resume to the table including his past executive positions at GTE, Barclays, Verizon and Juniper Networks. He’s had experience in creating numerous products and been the developer of many plans that have greatly reduced costs in the companies he’s served.

Kheradpir, born in London but grew up in Iran, was the son of a physician. After completing his childhood education he relocated to the United States to attend the prestigious Cornell University where he received a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in electrical engineering. Kheradpir has also been honored as an inductee into CIO magazine’s Hall of Fame for his professional and innovative contribution to the industry. He has also served on the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology board from 2010 until 2013 and is a member of the Cornell University Engineering Council.

With Kheradpir at the helm of Coriant, it is no surprise that the company is growing and leading in its field. Coriant has recently announced that they have successfully participated in the industries first wireless transport SDN proof of concept and successfully showed multi vendor interoperability. Coriant has also been recognized as a winner of the Lightwave Innovation Award for the companies mTera Universal Transport Platform which received a very impressive score of 4.5 out of 5, one of the highest possible scores to be awarded by the judges.

The Recovery of the Chicago Real Estate Market

Many people have read reports of the Chicago real estate market experiencing a recovery. This can cause plenty of people to celebrate. While people are getting excited and assuming that things have bounced back and are prosperous, further investigation and a look deeper into the matter will reveal that things may not be quite as good as they may seem. While Chicago is experiencing a lot of improvements in the housing market, it is only in a few of the areas. There are areas where distressed sales are still high. Foreclosures are also common in those areas too.

When people observe the data of those areas that are apparently getting left behind, they will find that things are not looking so good for those areas. These areas still need a lot of help in bringing down the distressed and short sales of the home. In order to fix the problem, one must get to the root of the problem. While one can try to cut away at the branches of the problem, they are not going to get as far as they would if they looked deeper and got to the bottom of the issue of foreclosures and distressed sales.

One person that is all about fixing problems in the community is Majeed Ekbal. He understands that the majority of these problems that the suffering communities are facing come as a result of financial issues. In order for one to be able to pay his bills and his home, he would need finances. However, in order to have finances, he would need a well paying job. A lot of homes cost more than just minimum wage to maintain. However, it is rather hard to find a job that pays more than minimum wage. Majeed Ekbal has a way of creating opportunities with his entrepreneurial spirit.

One thing that Majeed Ekbal does that is very valuable as a solution to problems is that he thinks outside of the box. He is a very creative person. His creativity makes his projects and his businesses fun. He speaks in a way that not only clearly communicates his vision to his workers, but also shows passion about what he is doing which inspires his workers to take more initiative.

People like Majeed Ekbal can bring out more opportunities in the suffering areas of Chicago and give people a better chance to pay off their homes. He can also help with bringing more opportunities to those areas and fixing up the communities so that people can have more to look forward to.

Susan McGalla: the evolution of women in business

The ancient belief that only men can be involved in the business world is changing a lot. Women entrepreneurship has developed a lot from the ancient times when women were supposed not to work and stay in a house.Today, more and more companies invest in women entrepreneurship, since they are aware of the women’s importance to economic growth in many parts of the world.

Based on people’s experience, women perception of the world and business differs a lot from that of men. Women are as well owner of many businesses, such as hotels, mill houses, fashion companies etc. However, many women are in the dark about what steps they must take in order to be successful. Despite this, many of them proved that they can be successful business leaders, and businesswomen like Susan McGalla on wikinvest are making their way into this field.

As one of the most successful businesswomen on in her country, Susan McGalla had to meet many challenges in order to become what she is today. She is a self-confident woman who knows how much effort is needed in order to work one’s way to the top. She is well aware that it is up to women to identify their potential, and she is encouraging many women to be bold enough to do what they want.

Susan McGalla represents the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Steelers, as well as the founder of P3 Executive Consulting in Pittsburgh. She is experienced in clothing and retail sectors that have attracted many important people in the sector of finance who need advice on matters such as talent management, branding etc. Her career began at Joseph Horne Company, and she later joined American Eagle Outfitters. Thanks to hard work and patience, she was appointed the Chief Merchandise Officer and the President of this company. She then left the company to become a private consultant for Wet Seal, and she eventually became the company’s CEO.

Susan McGalla has talked about her views on women entrepreneurship and how to succeed in the business world as a woman to many audiences, such as The Women and Girl’s Foundation, and at the University of the Carnegie Mellon. She states that many important businesswomen have marked a significant revolution in the business field, which is very encouraging for those women who are planning to be involved in this industry. As she grew up in a male dominated family, her father did not treat her differently from her brothers. As a result, she had no problems working and dealing with men, and this confidence was very important for her success.

Furthermore, American Eagle was a company with males when she joined it, and she managed to excel there with many different positions. Since then, she has become a major consultant for one of the most important people whenever they needed advice on the retail world.

To conclude, the control Susan now has over her life and career was afforded through many years of hard work and dedication, so she is now trying to encourage other women to follow the similar path and not to be afraid to come across many obstacles

Sergio Cortes And His Talents

In this era of technology, more and more importance is being given to the music industry which also includes vast social networking fans in the virtual world. That’s because technology and music go hand-in-hand, good things in the tech are being used in creative and constructive ways, increasing the possibility for quality of life and popularity by doing more for less.

Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes gained attention after he introduced himself to the virtual world that shaped his career and took it to a new level. Taking it a step further, he obtained many music projects and bagged awards as well. His spitting image of Michael Jackson made it easier for him to become popular and his shows more enjoyable for his fan base.

There are many sources for finding impersonators like Sergio Cortes., for example, is a website founded by a group of geeks who wanted to help impersonators from all over the world and their potential employers. This website has a set of judges who handpick new talents and offer them opportunities to work for the entertainment industry. In a sense it is like a impersonators’ heaven. The impersonators’ profiles are posted, categorized and displayed for the potential employers to see. This website serves more than an artistic retreat for entertainment minded. This is a virtual source for celebrity choice. The website also cautions potential employers of these talents to do due diligence before hiring them.

While working for one of these companies, Sergio Cortes participated in a prime example of Micheal Jackson. He successfully emerged as someone closely matching physical features as well as personality of the king of music world. Sergio Cortes later got assigned with a number of projects in the industry that kept him busy 365 days a year. He has sung, danced to MJ’s music with the same moves, met and greeted fans on numerous occasions as well. He is a popular figure in Brazil. Destiny Projects, employer of Sergio Cortes, specializes in artistic management and development. This company has received many deals due to Sergio Cortes. There is evidence that Sergio Cortes is inundated with many music shows in the coming years and has an elaborate travel plans. With the ability to create Michael Jackson’s live image, Destiny Projects may use Sergio Cortes as a value-added celebrity. Sergio Cortes is a respected resident of Brazil and a talented artist as well.

Doe Deere Encourages Girls To Do Their Own Thing

Not everyone has the guts that it takes to dye one’s hair bright pink, but Doe Deere does. She has made various color choices for her hair through the years, just as she has made various choices for the makeup that she has worn, as well. She has always believed that one’s look should be up to them and what they would like from it, and that is why she has worked so hard to make herself look unique. She loves color, and she doesn’t see anything wrong with having her hair dyed a bright color.

Doe Deere on Pinterest encourages others to be just as bold with the choices that they make for their own looks, and she is excited that her brand may be able to help some people to create a bold and unique look. Doe Deere formed her makeup brand with just a few hundred dollars. She had a dream of creating something colorful and unique, and now she has come out with many items that have helped people to change up the way that they do their makeup. She has given girls the chance to try something new, and many girls have gotten excited about that.
Doe Deere loved makeup since she was young, and she spent a good amount of time experimenting with all that was available from the brands already out there before she decided to start up her own brand on She knew that her brand had to be something like people had never seen before, and many people have begun to love it for just that reason. Doe Deere has even become hopeful that she will one day be able to take her brand and make it into something bigger and better than just a makeup brand because of all of the love and support that her customers have shown toward it.
Doe Deere firmly believes that everyone should have the kind of look that they would like to have, and she hopes to make a difference with her makeup brand. She hopes to add more items to the brand, eventually, to help people to look even more like themselves, and she is excited about all that she has done with it thus far. Doe Deere is a very unique woman, and she is a woman who can inspire every young girl to be brave enough to go out there and do her own thing.

BMG And Its Success Trail And Reasons For Achievements

One of the most sensitive areas of business is safeguarding your idea so it can work. Many people come up with big ideas but lack of information and skills works down their zeal for success. This is a case that calls for professional intervention and has been highlighted in many ways. Businesses are now able to transact easily using technology, but this has also been a challenge as it requires one to adjust their behavior. For this reason, one needs to regularly seek information that can help to offer solutions to different issues in the market. The banking sector is among the most complicated areas of business as there are many things one is expected to handle successfully. BMG has however eliminated the belief that there cannot be success in banking as they have been highlighted among the most successful banks in Brazil.

Efficiency and the ability to cater for the needs of different clients has been seen as one of the things that have led to the attainment of stability within BMG. The bank has been working on strategies that are meant to enhance an improvement in the way they handle business and this has worked out successfully. They have managed to introduce the use of technology in the execution of different task. Accessing different services does not mean one is supposed to visit a branch of the bank, but through online means and mobile devices, it is possible to access your information from the bank.

Leadership is a vital element that any business needs so as to succeed. BMG has not taken this for granted as they have invested in having the most competent professionals in their crew. The company has been able to achieve most of its goals due to the guidance that people like Marcio Alaor have offered. Marcio Alaor is the director of BMG and his effort towards ensuring the company attains stability has been key. He has worked together with the president and other professionals to see that BMG gets more than 3000 outlets across Brazil. This has eased the delivery of customer support and has helped resolve many problems.

Marcio Alaor is also among persons who have been pushing for the protection of the welfare kitty that is meant to support projects like sponsoring sporting activities as well as other corporate responsibilities. Through this project, many young Brazilians have been able to nurture their talents.


Most contemporary musicians struggle to have over 100 million YouTube views of their videos. One Man has surpassed the 1 billion mark, and he isn’t even a real musician! Or is he? Welcome to the world of impersonator Sergio Cortes, the most successful impersonator there is.

The little Spanish heartthrob has fooled even the best in YouTube with his Michael pull offs. He sounds, dances and sings like M.J. His performances have become great crowd pullers. He has a full set of dancers, stage managers and choreographers who deliver professional performances. He is currently on a world tour.
Like any other successful Genius, Sergio is an active guy. He trains 4 hours every day for his shows. A ritual he has had since the age of 16.The 44-year-old like Michael is a perfectionist. Mimicking Michael’s shows to the smallest detail are his greatest way of showing respect to the departed king. He has been watching Michael’s videos since his childhood. This obsession with Michael has led to one of the most magical impersonators ever. Since the age of 16, he grew out his hair and started dressing like Michael. A journalist by chance discovered him, and he was employed to fool the press During Michaels wedding. It marked the beginning of his career.
Mr Cortes is a local celebrity in Brazil where he lives. He was born in Spain where his family lives. His biggest fan base is in Latin America. Recently he has started going global and had a sold out show in Italy. His shows attract both the young and old. The old seeking nostalgia and the young to relive the memories of a man they never met. This way he says, the legacy of the M.J .can be lived. The set for his performances copy Michaels set to the tiniest detail. The set for the Smooth criminal is, however, the most difficult. It’s demanding training and shooting are what motivates him. Reliving his hard work is what drives him.
Personally, Sergio Cortes is a reclusive creative person. He has a female dog called Zaffy.He loves his family and his brothers regularly perform with him. He has won local graphics design awards and reportedly collects action figures and Dolls. Personally he is rumoured to be gay but once had a girlfriend. They amicably broke off the engagement. He sometimes surprises his more than 17000 followers with video chats.

Matt Landis to Lead Tough Notre Dame Lacrosse Defense in 2016

matt landis lacrosse
With the 2016 season around the corner, expectations are high for the Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse Team. The Irish went 4-0 for the regular season and finished 9-2 overall. Their success is due in no small part by a stingy defense led by senior Matt Landis.
matt landis headshot
There are two games in particular that showed the emergence of Landis and the Notre Dame defense. First during March was an 11-9 victory over then seventh-ranked Virgina. The Fighting Irish held Virginia scoreless for the first 22 minutes and just nine goals, their lowest of the season. As a result, Landis was recognized as the Atlantic Coast Conference Men’s Lacrosse Defensive player of the week.

matt landis lacrosse
While Notre Dames defense has been consistent all season, their early May 14-10 victory against Albany was especially worth noting. This was the last collegiate game for Albany attackman, Lyle Thompson. The Fighting Irish defense led by Landis held the Great Danes player to shooting only 1-for-11, far below his average. For his effort, Matt Landis was recognized a second time as the ACC Men’s Lacrosse Defensive Player of the Week. He was also recognized as the Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine Player of the Week, the first defensive player to earn the title this year.

So impressive was his play that Landis was voted by league coaches as the Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 Defensive Player of the Year. He also a nominee for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award.