The Queens Of Drama Reality Series

Crystal Hunt is at it again. She’s come up with a reality series that is unique, interesting and soap fan friendly! Queens of Drama is what the show is called. It’s her new baby and also her first time producing a reality series. The show is about 6 former soap stars, from different soaps, coming together to write, pitch, and produce a dramatic made for TV show. The list of actresses includes Donna Mills of the night time show Knotts Landing, Hunter Tylo from The Bold and the Beautiful, Vanessa Marcil who played on General Hospital, and both Chrystee Pharris and Lindsay Hartley of Passions.

The show is really good. It’s got several fun to watch episodes – I Don’t Do Ugly, Art Imitating Life,Those Little Devils,Dealing With a Sociopath,What Donna Wants!,Clean Up Her Mess,Asking for Trouble,She Set Me Up,Read The Script!and How Did We Get Here? You can probably tell by the titles, what kind of drama was going on during the making of the show.

For this to be her first time professionally producing a show I have to say, Crystal has really pulled it off. CrunchBase shows that film production is her niche. She’s managed to convince the five ladies to come on board with what looks like a winning proposal for a the show they’ve written. Although they don’t always see eye to eye, the six women, along with the rest of the cast and crew, are proficient, showcase great writing and camera skill, and have set the bar high for any other reality pitch series’ going forward.

We all know Hunt from her character Stacey Morasco on One Life To Live, but she has also been cast for other really nice acting roles like, Jill Overton in movie The Derby Stallionwhich is where she played opposite Zac Efron, also her part as Dinky in the movie Sydney White.

Hunt also is a humanitarian who raises funds to help children who have been abused or neglected. She believes in helping those who can’t help themselves, especially when they have had only their abusers as the role model in their life. She raises funds on her website to support the children by selling a calendar.

The Rise of Hedge Fund Investment Guru George Soros

The world of hedge fund and investments banks knows George Soros. He is the 16th richest American according to Forbes. Soros retired from the field of active business in 2011. Since then, Soros has already transformed his fund into a family office. Soros Quantum Fund experienced a decline in 2011 for the first time since 2002. The following year, the stock dropped even further. The investment guru is famed his Quantum fund.

According to an article published by the market watch, the world might never have investors like the Soros and warrens. The two investors were a force to reckon within the investment banking industry. Soros and Buffet boasted an unmatched 30:30 track record in 2000. Their business were doing quite well, and their turnover grew more than 30%

With the retirement of Soros, the future of his hedge fund business remains unclear. The case is the same for Buffet where his returns continue to decrease significantly. It’s a reality that the world may never experience such wealthy people like Soros and warrens in their heydays. The question in the mind of analysts is if there will ever be anyone to dominate the financial market like Soros and Buffet did from late 60’s to 2000.

Soros has written several books that reflect his ideas in politics, economic and business. The late Harvard paleontologist in his 1996 book titled the spread of excellence from Plato to Darwin questions why the baseball has failed to produce a 400 hitter. The last was from Ted Williams back in 1941. Soros fits the definition of the 400 hitters when considering his investment records. The upcoming business people have failed to meet the threshold set by Soros in the hedge fund industry.

Away from business, Soros has also made a name for himself in the American politics. He has strong ties to t he Democratic Party. Soros defends his sponsorship program that critics term as partisan saying he funds the people who implement liberal ideas like himself. Soros is a strong supporter and advocator of refugee rights and has many times fallen out with the politician like Donald Trump over their remarks in immigrant crises.

The American billionaire was born in Budapest. He has lived for fifteen years as a refugee in the aftermath of World War II. Soros escaped following the Nazi aggression and occupation of Hungary. He received his education in Britain before moving to New York where he began his business in hedge funds trading. He has accumulated over $ 24 billion making it to the prestigious Forbes top 400 richest list.

The life of Soros fits to be classified as successful. He has made numerous achievements. Soros has written over fifteen books. He is a sponsor for education program starting in the early 80 when he supported the black students at Cape Town University affected by apartheid. He also supports numerous nongovernmental organizations and charities in America and abroad. The article is recapped from market

Brenda Wardle and the Twitactivism

The most famous hacktivists may be the Internet group Anonymous, but Woke Twitter is causing a storm of its own. In early January 2016, the group exposed racist remarks made by three prominent individuals. Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart and Justin van Vuuren all had charges leveled against them as a result of this information going public, and Hart was suspended from his job at Standard Bank.

The name of the group has its origins in the slang term “woke”, which gained prominence during the Black Lives Matter and Rhodes Must Fall movements. The word woke signifies someone becoming socially and politically conscious and focusing on the real issues facing the world, but particularly the United States. It is not limited to race, but also tackles issues of sex and gender.

Woke Twitter is a faceless, anonymous group of “twitactivists” that use social media to propagate the offensive, racist or sexist quotes, pictures or new they find. They spread the information and the perpetrators with the hope that, with the truth out in the open, further steps can be taken. They do not believe America is as welcoming and progressive as it might seem. Woke Twitter is convinced only radical measures will transform the nation. However, this sort of virtual activism allowed because of social media can have real repercussions. People have become frightened, not knowing who is attacking them or sharing their personal information. Some believe that the freedom of speech, no matter how offensive, should not be cause for such aggression and anger being taken out on them.

Brenda Wardle, a legal analyst, does not agree. Wardle was born in East London and is note legal commentator. She holds a Master of Law and has published many books and papers relating to prison time, parole and reversing sentences. She works as the Chief Operating Office at the Wardle School of Law. During her studies, she specialized in many areas including medical law, media law, and constitutional law and fundamental rights.

According to Wardle, the right to human dignity is threatened by these racist, sexist or homophobic messages. She is of the opinion that the threat to the basic humanity of all people is greater than the repercussions of attacking a person’s free speech on sites such as Twitter. Wardle asserts that impinging a person’s dignity is a more serious crime than attacking a person’s words, and defends Woke Twitter for its campaigns.

One thing is certain: the age of privacy is over, and anything said or done risks being published (rightfully so or not) on social media and exposed by groups such as Woke Twitter.

Sam Tabar: Oxford-Educated Lawyer

While there are many universities people can attend, there are some that instantly get the attention of others. One of those is prestigious Oxford University, which for decades and decades has provided a level of education unlike most other schools. Even though the school has produced many prominent people who have worked in various fields over the years, one who has been poised to place his name and accomplishments near the top is Sam Tabar.

Possessing a degree from Oxford as noted by his LinkedIn profile, Sam realized early on he wanted more education in order to fulfill his career goals. Thus, after finishing at Oxford, Sam decided to obtain a legal degree by enrolling in Columbia Law School. While there, Sam was introduced to the field of journalism, which led to him becoming one of the editors of the Columbia Business Law Review. This experience recorded on, which proved invaluable in later years, allowed Sam to get his legal career off to an excellent start. After taking a position as legal counsel with the world-renowned firm Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher, and Flom, Sam knew it was time to show everyone the wealth of talent he possessed. Therefore, from day one Sam took on a variety of tasks, which included meeting with individual investors on a daily basis, drafting management agreements, exploring the latest employment laws for any discrepancies, advising the firm on how the latest regulations will affect its ability to do business with certain customers, and many other topics of interest.

Despite much success in his legal endeavors, Sam began to feel as if it was time to explore the opportunities available on the financial side of these businesses and he also got involved with producing informative Vimeo videos. Thus, he left his position as legal counsel and went to work with PMA Investment Advisors, which had a reputation for being one of the world’s best investment firms. It was while he was with PMA that Sam began to attract the attention of numerous international finance experts, which ultimately led to him quickly ascending the ranks to such high-level executive positions as Head of Capital Strategy, Director of Global Marketing, Head of Business Development, and others. Given the responsibility of managing a hedge fund worth $2 billion, Sam took it to new levels by creating a vast network of investors he could call upon when new opportunities became possible. While he has indeed had a varied career, Sam knows the future holds even more tremendous possibilities.  Sam is on Instagram, and can be easily followed there.

The phenomenal Ricardo Guimaraes.

Guimaraes hails from one of the wealthiest and most influential families in Brazil. Based in Minas Gerais, the Pentagna Guimaraes family has always had a niche for investments.

The family always had vested interests in agriculture and manufacturing industries in Brazil and deal with peasant farmers in the early 20th Century. By 1930, the family launched the Land Credit Bank that later became Banco BMG. Ricardo Guimaraes inherited the family fortune in 1998, and he shook things around.


First, he changed the structure of the bank by hiring consultants and agents around the country. The internal bureaucracies at BMG thus became less. Banco BMG also started issuing personal and payroll loans to an increasingly needy population and became very famous. Within a decade of the Guimaraes era, BMG had become the leading loan provider in the two categories in Brazil. The low-interest rates attached to BMG’s rates also played to their favor when wooing clients who also had low default rates.


BMG’s growth and success have also lifted the man behind the company. Ricardo Guimaraes is, even more, popular in Brazil and is the official face of the bank. Ricardo’s loves for sports make him a celebrated executive, especially among the youth. His management skills also came to the rescue of several football clubs in Brazil including Atletico Mineiro and Alvinegro.


Currently, BMG’s sports marketing policy makes the bank the most common sponsor of talents and teams across Brazil’s sporting scene. The company uses a large share of its resources to develop skills in disciplines such as tennis, volleyball and football. In fact, around ten clubs in the football national championship share BMG as their chief sponsor. BMG’s investment pays off handsomely as it harnesses the branding and commercial power of sports.


Ricardo Guimaraes dedicates his limited time and even resources to the welfare of sport and the empowerment of the people. As a result, he has received honorary awards and won many accolades. A unique fact about Mr. Guimaraes is his dedication to family virtues and traditions. As the heir and manager of the family fortune, he recognizes that his family has had cordial relations with the community and extends the same courtesy. Also, Banco BMG is rooted in family values and traditions hence its appeal with clients and stakeholders alike.


Looking forward, BMG has realized the need to reorganize and diversify its operations. It has done away with the system of inherited management and hired a professional management team. The Pentagna Guimaraes family will, however, elevate to the board of directors at the company. This move is estimated to double BMG’s loan portfolio while eliminating underperforming functions.

Why Kyle Bass Has Continued To Fail Instead Of Rising

When you are Kyle Bass, you do not let a significant financial markets event pass by without giving your professional opinion and analysis. The 2016 market outlook was not anyhow special and it had to be carefully scrutinized by Bass for an opinion. Speaking on the repercussions the current volatility in China means for the United States, Bass said that people should deviate from the notion that peaked profits are the reason China is in an economic stalemate currently.

He hinted out that the root cause of the problem is brewed in the Chinese banks’ structure and went ahead to give a comparison to the current happenings in the country to a European crisis that happened not a very long time ago. In the two case scenarios, the banking structures managed to overdo the GDP’s in matters growth citing the Chinese banking system to be worth not less than $35 trillion when compared to the GDP of a mere $10 trillion. A very large part of his analysis also has a firm belief that losses and a credit cycle are on the way and is not happy that investors are acting as if they are not worried.

He also took a bearish look at the US market and concluded by saying that the year might be surprised by a 10-20% downturn by the time it ends even though it will not be as bad as the global financial crisis. However, he is not happy about the deficiency of credit growth in emerging markets and sees it as a real problem that the economy will grapple with.

Kyle certainly knows a thing or two about the financial markets. UsefulStooges writes that Kyle Bass came into the public domain after the 2008 mortgage crisis when he managed to make a correct prediction and was among the few hedge-fund managers who managed to make a fortune out of the same. He started his Hayman Capital Management firm in 2006 and before that, he was a prominent industry player in the movies sector where he was an accomplished director and script writer.

With time, his relevance in matters related to the financial markets has been withering instead of blooming. It all started when he started doing rounds in television stations offering his analysis of the markets which have always been wrong. Instead of taking the cue that wrong analysis will lead to a destroyed reputation, he has been continuing to do the interviews.

For his reputation as a financial professional to redeem itself, Bass has to stop associating himself with people like Cristina Kircher, an Argentinian despot who is regarded by many in the financial world as financially illiterate. He also has to kill his greed for quick money and work both smart and hard to make decent money without making others get hurt.

Ricardo Guimaraes’s Leadership And Influence On BMG Bank

Soccer And BMG Bank’s Growing Influence

Ricardo Guimaraes is an avid fan of the sport of soccer. After all, it is the national sport of Brazil, a country that is known for winning the World Cup a record five times. Mr. Guimaraes is also the president of BMG Bank, one of Brazil’s largest and most successful banks. Ricardo Guimaraes has managed to fuse his love of soccer and his interests in banking together to grow his brand.

The way that Ricardo Guimaraes is expanding his bank through the sport of soccer is by directly sponsoring soccer teams in Brazil’s top league. BMG bank is sponsoring several
teams in the A league who feature the BMG bank logo on their team jerseys. Guimaraes remains adamant that his sponsoring of soccer teams in Brazil is strictly a business matter. Soccer games are one of the most watches events in Brazil. BMG Bank is now one of Brazil’s most recognized banks and Ricardo Guimaraes believes it is because he has heavily invested in sponsoring Brazilian soccer teams. Teams that BMG Bank sponsors includes Ricardo Guimaraes’ hometown team of Atletico Minerio, Corinthians and Botafoga.

BMG Bank is also involved in sponsoring matches through the use of billboards and television ads. The soccer sponsorships have allowed BMG bank to also reach a new clientele base. While other banks are stagnating due to a lack of new customers, BMG continues to expand largely in part of its highly successful soccer sponsorships. The success is proven by BMG being the best recognized bank in Brazil by a majority of the population.

Under Ricardo Guimaraes, BMG Bank has even directly invested in soccer players, buying ownership rights of more than 50 players. When the players are sold to other teams or move between teams, BMG Bank who is their “contract owner” gets a share of the profits from the sale. The bank has also become a leading financier of soccer teams. BMG Bank has even inadvertently become a shareholder in some soccer teams that its has lent money to. If a soccer team cannot repay its loans to BMG Bank, the bank simply takes an ownership stake of the club. BMG Bank has then either sold the shares or profits from revenues that the team makes.

Payroll Loans in Brazil

Besides being heavily interested and invested in soccer, Ricardo Guimaraes has led BMG Bank to becoming a national leader in payroll loans. These are short term, generally unsecured loans that are like an advancement of pay. They are highly profitable and BMG bank makes a significant amount of money from its payroll loan program which is done in cooperation with Itau Bank, another Brazilian bank.

Why is it a Good Idea to Hire Wikipedia Writers

When you own a business or you are a public figure you need to make sure that you are looking as professional and legitimate as possible. Making a Wikipedia page is something that you will be able to make you look much more legitimate than if you did not have one. Trying to write your own Wikipedia page is something that is not only difficult but it is also discouraged by Wikipedia. It is much more beneficial to have others write a Wikipedia about you. This can be a long waiting game if you are just waiting for the general public to write an article about you or your company. 

There are different Wikipedia writing services that will be able to connect you to professional Wiki writers to craft your Wikipedia article. These Wikipedia writers are trained in how to get you the very best Wikipedia page in a very short period of time. Get Your Wiki is one of the best companies out there that will be able to help you get a professional Wikipedia page. They have been helping many different businesses and high-profile individuals with their Wikipedia page creation. Their knowledgeable Wikipedia writers are the best in the industry and will be able to represent an individual or business with great accuracy. 

Businesses and high-profile professionals must remember that there are many different benefits to choosing to hire Wikipedia writers from Get Your Wiki. They will be able to work with you to better represent you online. This is something that will be able to help you with your online presence and overall reputation.

Darius Fisher is Honored for Reputation Management Work

Darius Fisher is someone many in the media go to when question arise about reputation management. Interviews with Fisher have appeared in a number of online magazines and on aggregate news sites. He has discussed the seriousness of negative data in the Google results pages and the folly of making foolish statements on a social media page. Fisher does a lot more than just admonish people. He points out that there are great ways to help improve a harmed reputation.

Online reputation management entails investing in solid strategies for digital marketing and public relations. Darius Fisher’s company, Status Labs, provides expert service in these areas. Thanks to the impressive work Fisher has done with Status Labs, he has been named to PRWeek’s Innovation 50 list.

The Innovation 50 list is compiled by the editors of PRWeek to cast a positive light on those professionals doing new and innovative things in digital marketing. The concept of using online marketing techniques to improve a harmed reputation is surely innovative. The assumption online and digital marketing is solely about generating sales is incorrect. Branding a business or person’s online reputation certainly can be done with good marketing principles.

Fisher is doing more than just being innovative. He is generating revenue. The revenues generated by Status Labs have increased by over 900% since its inception in 2012. Fisher is widely meeting a host of demands.

Such success would not be possible without the brilliant work performed by Status Labs co-founder and president Fisher. Fisher has a great deal of experience in the world of online marketing. He worked as a copywriter and helped craft sharp marketing messages. Fisher understands search engines, social media, and business and personal branding. His knowledge, experience, and skill has allowed Status Labs to reach amazing and deserved heights. 1,500 former clients surely agree.

Fisher is always trying to draw attention to his company in positive ways. This is why he makes himself available for speaking engagements and media interviews. Fisher once served as a political consultant and he deeply understands the huge positives associated with getting a lot of press.

Look for more news and awards to be bestowed upon Fisher and his company in the future.

Premium Foods for Premium Dogs

Most dog owners love their pets and want to provide only the best for their furry companions. This has resulted in the huge growth of the premium pet food market which will top over $23.7 billion in sales this year. Such premium foods are being offered a number of well-known brands, but also by several smaller, more boutique style manufacturers. Regardless of the brand, sales and passions about dog foods are expected to continue to grow according to a recent article in the Daily Herald, a newspaper site based in Chicago. The full text of the article can be found at The premium foods differ from lower quality dog foods in several ways. Most premium dog foods are based on real meats as their main ingredient. Some manufacturers offer meat from wild game such as venison, buffalo, or salmon as a point of differentiation. In addition the to meats, many brands include blueberries, cranberries, kale, and other fruits and vegetables reputed to have health benefits. Most extol the healthiness of their products including claims of weight control, helping control and reduce inflammation from arthritis, and diabetes control. The local farm to market trend is also shaping the premium dog food market with some brands. One brand of premium dog food that stands out is the Beneful Brand from the Nestle Purina PetCare Company. Beneful is available in both wet or moist and dry varieties in a wide range of flavor combinations. Purina has been in the pet and animal feed business since the 1800’s and has invested millions of dollars and countless thousands of hours in research and development for all if its products. Its founder, William Danforth believed that a well fed and properly nourished animal would produce more and be happier and healthier. When Purina switched from producing farm animal feeds to pet foods that attitude not only stayed but was furthered as one of the company’s basic philosophies. The meats from beef, chicken, turkey and salmon are combined with quality grains and vegetables so each serving contains all the daily recommended nutritional requirements your pet needs to thrive. Beneful also contains important antioxidants to help your dog live a long and happy life. All batches of Beneful are carefully tested to ensure the best quality product is being fed to your pet.