ClassDojo Is Keeping Communities Connected Worldwide

ClassDojo is an electronic classroom management tool designed to assist teachers, connect more effectively with parents and boost student behavior. Each student gets a character, that the kid can personalize, and educators build objectives or habits to monitor, such as for instance handing over homework, taking part in category, or remaining on task. Instructors may use a smartphone, tablet or computer to take away points through the school day or to offer them.

Each of these points that were earned by students can be shown via a panel and teachers could create messages to be sent to their parents. Earlier this spring, ClassDojo announced that its system was being employed by two million instructors and thirty-million pupils across 180 countries, including one out of every three classes throughout the U.S.

Ideally, ClassDojo tightens the feedback loop between parent, pupil, and teacher. By supplying a swift, effortless means for educators to see behaviors because that may occur, ClassDojo allows educators to gather more info about individual pupils and provides them feedback almost instantaneously. Rather than interrupting classroom instructions, instructors can merely take-away points so that you can alter a negative behaviour and enhance good ones.

In reference to parenting, many of them have experienced great communication with ClassDojo and are excited that their child’s teacher is utilizing it in the classroom. Parents always notice is how easy it is to navigate through the through the site. It gives you the ability to easily view and send messages.

As most parents would agree, it is important to have a number of effective tools in order to create a positive learning environment so that their teaching is as successful as it can perhaps be. I know that ClassDojo is amongst the many tools out there that has been proven to increase communication through teachers, students and parents and also creates community connection, and is most effective when it’s particularly utilized in a mindful, delicate way that induces learning that is social and emotional.

I also enjoy seeing the different photos of the classroom and outdoor activities that are posted. Parents get to see how much their child participated and how much they enjoyed working on activities. Class Dojo continues to increase in classrooms universally as more and more students make improvements from the ground up.
I am very thankful that this communication platform was created and I will continue to use it to remain connected with my child’s education throughout the years.



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KCRW Interviews Andy Wirth About Impact of Drought Conditions On Tahoe Area Resorts

I recently caught an episode of Press Play with Madeline Brand on KCRW while researching winter vacation resorts. She interviewed Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, and mentioned how widespread local concern about recent drought conditions, due to California suffering severe drought over the 2014 winter season, and how it would impact resorts in the area.

Mr. Andy Wirth discussed a weather phenomenon called Ridiculously Resilient Ridge, coined by Stanford scientists, and described the effect that El Nino and climate change has on both the physical landscape of mountain ranges in the American west, noting that from his understanding, the upcoming season may be colder than previous years.

He also talked how resorts like his can construct business models that are more economic and environmentally friendly – . Mr. Worth went into some detail about expanding long-term business goals to include summer resort events, such as weddings and Iron Man Lake Tahoe, to help offset productivity drops during winters when lack of snowfall becomes an issue. It was an incredibly informative interview.

For those not in the know, Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, an approximately six-thousand-acre resort complex that includes Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski resorts near Lake Tahoe. He credits his training and employment as a backwoods ranger in Northern New Mexico for much of his concern about the stability of the mountains that house his resorts.

One of his goals is reducing carbon footprints in terms of climate change, and his business is looking into renewable energy sources as a long-term solution to the volatile weather patterns of the last few years. Read more: Just Breathe: Andy Wirth on the Upswing in Tahoe and Andrew Wirth: Executive Profile & Biography

He is also an active athlete, and after a serious accident while sky-diving several years ago, credits the Navy Seals and the Iron Man endurance competition for greatly helping in his recovery. In gratitude, he set up a foundation to assist Navy Seals and their families, and bringing the Iron Man competition to Lake Tahoe is part of that philanthropic effort.

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andy wirth | POWDER Magazine
How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

The story and review of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a former banker at Clariden and Sallfort who was born in the Fribourg in Switzerland. He always had a strong interest with banking and spent 20 years in Swiss Private Banking and has worked his way up in his career. Soon in the year of 2014, he became the founder of the Swiss Start up Factory or the SSUF. The main meat of the business is to give a three month program that help provides early and inspiring entrepreneurship start ups with coaching, mentoring, financing, service, office space and much more. This factory’s main goal is to help turn start ups into proper and successful global companies that provide incredible products and business models. This company and the founders and workers have two visions to wish to make com true. Their first vision is for them to make sure this program becomes a golden standard that will possible shine out more than other programs that help accelerate the progress of starts up. Their second vision is to simply provide the start ups with all the necessary services they will need to make their business go.

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Und noch ein «Aussteiger» wird Fintech-Investor

Mike Baur: Co-Founder & Managing Partner Zurich

This Factory seems to be legit and offer to proper services needed to make a business bloom. It should be noted that there are two other founders of this establishment them being Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Mike Baur is the Mister Startup DNA, Visionary as well as the Investor Relations. As the founder he definitely plays a big part with make his program more well known and wants nothing more to make his vision come true into making start up businesses into successful global companies so his own business can shine and grow. Mike Baur is a truly inspirational individual coming from banking into such a field that could greatly impast other individuals in such a positive manner.Mike Baur also has a MBA from University of Rochester New York and a Executive MBA from University of Bern. He is more than qualified two run such a business. the SSUF is located at Dorfstrasse 27 8037 Zurich, Switzerland. For more information on the factory and the staff of Mike Baur, one should go ahead and visit their website. They also show the mentors on the site and go into much more detail regarding investors and start ups. This could defiantly be the golden opportunity for those who struggle their start up business.

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How a Cleansing Conditioner can work for you!

If you’ve ever wondered how to decrease your styling time, a cleansing conditioner may be right for you. A five and one cleansing conditioner is able to take the place of your traditional shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner. It’s important to find a brand that is sulfate free so, it does not stripped your hair of its natural oils. A coveted aspect of the best conditioners are light, and natural aromas that last all day. It’s important to find a conditioner especially if you plan to style your hair at home on a daily basis.
A great cleansing conditioner that has recently been reviewed on Bustle is Wen by Chaz. This revolutionary line on the sephora beauty products market is able to remove build up from hair while infusing moisture into every strand. The rich formulation of Wen by Chaz will leave your scalp nourished, and your hair volumized. Many users report that WEN by Chaz leaves their hair feeling smooth, manageable, thick, shiny, strong, and refreshed. The natural protective ingredients that make Wen by Chaz one of the most well-rounded products on the market are its delicate formulation of glycerin, chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract, and panthenol.

Wen by Chaz, was developed by the celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean at his hair studio in Hollywood, California. Dean began as a photographer, but when he began focusing solely on hair design his skill quickly brought him to the top of his industry. Wen by Chaz has been shown as one of the best products to condition, as well as cleanse virtually all hair types. Dean has made it his mission to ensure that all people are able to use a salon quality styling system in the comfort of their own home. Giving the user the power to create a simple routine that provides salon results. He sells his products on Guthy-Renker.

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Highland Capital Management’s New Interest in Argentina

One of the most influential investment firms as of present day is the Highland Capital Management Firm. What has earned Highland Capital this prestigious title is the company’s new found interest in investing in Argentina and buying into some of the country’s debt. This is being done for the purpose of introducing Argentina back into the investment world. In mid-April of 2016, Argentina made plans to sell over $12 billion of the country’s overall debt. This will mark the country’s long-awaited return into the international bond market. As the company went on to sell billions of dollars in debt to potential investors, Highland Capital Management was one of the most eager buyers of the debt.

Currently the leader and co-founder of the firm, James Dondero, is proud of what his company has accomplished over the last few years. As of currently, this asset management firm oversees around $19 billion in total assets. Currently Highland Capital Management has been known to be one of the biggest holders of the Argentine debt which is estimated to be around $4 billion in bank noted which will be officially due in 2033. The overall interest in this large and international investment firm is seen as a good sign for Argentina because it will attract more and more investors to eventually eliminate the building debt within this country.

Dondero of Highland Capital has stated that though the company plans to keep its original bonds, the investment firm has also been looking to buy new issuance. Highland Capital is extremely optimistic in knowing where Argentina will likely price the debt as well as trade the debt in regards to other Latin American countries. As of mid-April, Argentina planned to initiate around $11.68 billion of bonds that planned to yield around 7.5 to 8 percent. This deal also plans to sell the overall bonds at different maturities of 5, 10, as well as 30 years.

Thanks to Jim Dondero and his 20 year old investment firm, Argentina’s prospects are looking up in regards to the fiscal as well as the monetary situation of the country. James Dondero has been the leader of Highland Capital Management Firm and has since then made risky yet innovative decisions which have proven to benefit the company. With the new news of Argentina, James Dondero and his company have become some of the most sought after names in the investment industry.

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Eric Pulier is one of the Brightest Minds in United States

Eric Pulier is the man who has established or co-established over 20 early and seed-stage ventures and is most particularly regarded as the man who can turn a small idea into a fully-fledged company with billions of capital to work with.

He is the co-founder of ServiceMesh Inc., chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Computer Science Corporation (CSC), company that offer IT as a service from external and internal providers. He served as an executive officer in a number of other companies including SOA software, AppSense, Exist Corporation, Gluecode Inc., Santa Monica Media Corporation and ARTISTdirect Inc.

He has been a pioneer of digital and software interactive industries for the last 20 years. He has established a string of companies in this industry such as Interactive Video Technology (IVT), Desktone, SOA Software, US Interactive Inc., and CTM center for Telecom Management. Eric Pulier is therefore regarded as the most successful entrepreneurs of all time both in enterprise and government technology. He was nominated as one of the 30 e-visionary entrepreneurs by VAR Business, the company that add services or features to present products, then resell them.

Eric Pulier is not only regarded as the entrepreneur of all time, but is similarly a respected and esteemed author writing a couple of books and articles like for instance ‘Understanding Enterprise SOA’, a note book that granted him prestigious library accolades in the field of business. He has also written a countless number of articles published and archived in the Harvard Crimson. Most of his works touches on services-oriented architecture. He is a social public speaker and is particularly invited at technology conferences around the globe to inspire and teach people how to use technology solutions at healthcare, educational and business institutions.

Eric Pulier earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Harvard. He is a fierce supporter of Clinton’s political initiatives, the latest of which is the Clinton Global Initiative. He has supported several charity organizations and foundations including the Painted Turtle, the X-Prize Foundation and many other philanthropic activities.

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Investor Keith Mann Makes Huge Impact In The United States Education System

Keith Mann is an American-born investor who has been in the investment industry for more than 20 years. Investor Keith currently serves as the principal executive of Dynamics Company, a financial institution that offers financial solutions at a global level. Keith Mann is a self-tailored entrepreneur and also an expert in dealing with private equities.

In 2009, Keith Mann founded Dynamics Search Partners, a firm that he has been running since then. Keith also offers quality financial advisory services to other financial services and individuals with higher net worth. Entrepreneur plays a significant role in helping his esteemed customers to choose investment strategies and plans through an efficient platform. Keith is also a successful humanitarian who has been contributing to establishing learning institutions to help students yearning to attain entrepreneurial education.

Recently, PR Newswire made a publication on how Dynamic Search Partners has been supporting students to achieve a business education in New York. According to the release, Dynamics Limited managed to raise more than $22,000 for the Uncommon Schools. Keith Mann depicted that the sole aim of raising the funds was to help needy students attend learning institutions in an efficient manner.

Mann has been a successful businessperson who has attained lots of success due to his good reputation with the customers. According to the release, Uncommon Schools are currently in the move to establish another school in Brooklyn area, to efficiently support a large number of students attends their high school education swiftly. Keith Mann also outlined that Dynamics Partners had already given out more than $10,000 to aid in making progress in the education system.

In 2013, Keith Mann worked in close association with the New York education stakeholders from the Uncommon Schools. Investor Keith has been highly observing professional codes of ethics while dealing with clients, a key factor that has contributed to his success. In the liberation, Keith Mann passed his gratitude to the education stakeholders due to their services in assisting the low-income students.

Keith also added that Dynamics Search Partners will continue working with Uncommon Schools to deliver excellence in the education system. For more information on how Dynamics Search Partners has been playing a significant role in the United States school system, see

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Leading Technology Staffing Firm Diversant

The technology staffing firm Diversant is one of the leading companies in its industry. Diversant helps technology professionals find the ideal job and career opportunity. It also helps companies find the ideal technology worker as well. Like a number of other companies, Diversant has a certain philosophy that sets it apart from others. The firm Diversant emphasizes teamwork, leadership, discipline and diversity in order to help reach its goals and best serve its clients. With these characteristics, Diversant is able to help a number of individuals and organizations meet their staffing needs on a regular basis. With over ten years of experience, Diversant is available to provide its expertise in guiding technology professionals advance their career and companies looking to hire the best available talent.

Diversant is known for having teamwork as one of its core values. With teamwork the staff at Diversant will work together to evaluate the qualifications and goals of particular technology workers. They will then attempt to find a company that is looking to find such a worker. Whether an individual is just starting their career or an experienced professional looking to get to the next level, Diversant can help them reach this objective. It also helps companies find the ideal professional as well by evaluating its needs. As a result the firm will collaborate with its staff to help these two parties to get what they are looking for.

With Diversant, qualities such as leadership, discipline and diversity are also present at all times. Diversant has managers who set specific goals and maintain discipline by working towards meeting the needs of clients until they get what they are looking for. Diversity is also a key trait of Diversant in which the firm will work with a variety of technology professionals and companies on a regular basis.

As with all organizations, Diversant has leadership that helps keep it a successful staffing firm. The individual who provides the overall direction and day to day management of the firm is John Goullet. He has spent over twenty years providing consulting to technology companies and after getting this experience he began his own staffing firm. Goullet would merge his firm with Diversant and become its current principal.

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Qnet & Sharp: A Partnership Worth Being Excited About

I have been interested in everything tech for some time, so naturally I keep up with certain companies like Qnet who just got involved with Sharp. Sharp has been on my radar for some time. And that is a great since I got wind of this co-branding of a ionic air purifier. It is called the Sharp-Qnet Plasma Cluster Air Purifier.

The purifier is one of the best ionizing air purifiers on the market. It uses state of the art electrostatically to ensure that the purifier shoots out ions as quickly as possible. These charged air particles clean the air very fast and also help re-balance the energy in the atmosphere, which should make it easier to breath. Good breathing means that your energy level should go up, and some even noticed that their mood improved. If you ask me, those are some pretty good effects for a great price.

But that is just part of the reason why I was excited about the partnership between Sharp and Qnet. What I am really excited to see is what Qnet has planned when it comes to marketing this product. You guys probably know that Qnet is one of the biggest privately own direct selling companies out there, right? I have seen the company sell internationally, not to mention, successfully throughout Vietnam, India, Turkey, and Egypt.

I have been astonished by Qnet’s network marketing skills and their power to use individuals from different locations to try to spread some of their products. In essence, it is your basic binary tree kind of model where a contracted distributor from certain locations is given the task of spreading the word regarding the product that is being sold. The people recruited are well-trained and are quite talented at selling the product, obviously.

Qnet has been on the forefront of all kinds of products from industries like health, energy, weight management, nutrition, personal care, home care, and even fashion accessories. I am pretty sure Sharp thought that Qnet was the right company to market this product due to their strong customer base interested in health, nutrition, home care, and personal care.

The partnership itself is focused on India’s Qnet network just to start. I am assuming they are attempting to test the waters and see how the product sells. I am pretty sure that it is going to do well, especially with Qnet’s tested sell models. The partnership–at least from my understanding–seems to be a pretty fair deal where both companies are going to get something positive in return.

Are reputation management services right for your business?


Business proprietors have to care about the reputation of their enterprises. Business and personal brands end up deeply at risk when bad reviews end up appearing on blogs, websites, review directories, and more. In an article published on Business2Community, the author clearly mentions bad reviews or other harmful articles do not go away on their own.

The author also discusses some things that should be obvious to business owners. Namely, offending content ruins brands, helps out competitors, and causes a loss of money. By the time business owners choose to take steps to fix bad search results, the problem is too massive and too out of control. Besides, the steps they take are sometimes very wrongheaded.

Attempts are removing offending content from websites, blogs, social media, and review forums are usually futile. Barring legal action, there is nothing that can force anyone to fix bad online reputation. Such a costly approach isn’t necessary though. Online reputation repair services can push down search engine listings to where no one sees them.

Taking the wrong action does not assist in dealing with the problem at hand. Reviews, good or bad, could have a major effect on a business. Reviews are extremely important and have to potential to go viral online. Word of mouth is generated from reviews. Word of mouth, the original form of “going viral”, is critically important as well. Businesses need all the inexpensive promotional help they can get. When the buzz is unflattering, a lot of troubles emerge if you don’t fix bad reviews.

Businesses owners thinking “fix my online reputation” must move quickly to fix things. There is little time available for a business to act. Waiting too long could prove to be a catastrophe. The best decision to make would be to hire an internet reputation repair firm to take care of the situation.

Mercifully, The Search Fixers have arrived. The new company promises to help diminish bad press in the search engines. The Search Fixers would perform a number of concrete steps to fix negative search results for the better. A business absolutely would benefit from such a result.

Again, time is precious when it comes to fixing online reputation demerits. Move on any offers for reputation fixing.