Growing Spiritually at the Kabbalah Centre

Growing spiritually can sometimes be a lot more difficult than it sounds. This is because a lot of people attempt to learn spiritual growth and other religious beliefs on their own and it can sometimes be more difficult than you think. The Kabbalah is one of the most ancient Jewish teachings out there and it is very difficult for you to teach this on your own if you are not experienced or if you do not know what it is at all. One of the most important things for you to consider if you are interested in the Kabbalah Center is to visit it to see what it can do for you.

The Kabbalah Centre is one of the oldest spirituality facilities out there that teaches the Kabbalah to individuals who are interested in learning about it. This is why so many people are familiar with the Kabbalah Center and what it can do for them and their loved ones. Make sure that if you are interested in the Kabbalah Center that you visit it to see what they can do for you. You can also choose to visit the website in order to more learn religion or to take a look at their calendar of events to see what is going on at any current moment in time.

The Kabbalah can be very difficult to teach and learn on your own and this is why it might be a good idea for you to visit the Kabbalah center to see what it can do for you. Many people are interested in the Amazing Center because of what it is able to do for them and their loved ones, so this is definitely something to consider for yourself if you have been struggling to learn the Kabbalah and would like to do so in a more professional and personable manner. You can also become a member of the Kabbalah Centre if this is something that interests you and it is something that has interested a variety of other people who are making it their home away from home when it comes to their religious beliefs and growth.

Wengie’s YouTube Smoky Bold Eye Makeup Tutorial

Asian beauty and YouTube viral personality Wengie gives us an in-depth tutorial on how to create a smoky, sexy look for the eyes. Wengie is the digital ambassador for the New Shu Uemura in collaboration with KYE cosmetics collection. Mainly, this tutorial appeals to those with Hooded eyelids. Hooded eyelids also known as Hooded eyes, are a specific eye type that refers to how the upper eyelids are hidden and the natural crease of the eyelid is very hard to see. Many well-known celebrities with Hooded eyelids include Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton, Blake Lively, and Renee Zellweger just to name a few.


Wengie walks you step by step showing you to create the perfect face. But today we are focusing on Wengie demonstrating her smouldering, smoky eye look for us. On the eyebrows, Wengie uses the Hard Formula Brow Pencil in order to finely shape and clean the arch of the brow. Wengie goes on to transform and darken the eyebrows by adding a punch of burgundy pearl color by using Limited Edition Rose & Cappuccino Brow Pallette and Limited Edition Rose Brow Manicure Mascara. Wengie suggests nothing but a matte application featuring the Shu Eyeshadow Pallette to enhance the crease of the eyelids and contour the nose bridge. Applying beautiful earth tones such as medium brown and dark matte colors bring out more of the burgundy tones in the eyebrows. Making sure you are blending in the colors is imperative.


Wengie applies The Black Calligraph Ink Eyeliner in a bold thick manner of a wing shape which creates an almost nostalgic look. She then layers with Limited Edition KYE Black Drawing Pencil along her lower lash line for a thicker look that will not smudge. Lastly, to further bring out her eyes, Wengie enhances her smoky look with a Limited Edition KYE Navy Drawing Pencil by tracing on top of the thick black wing shape making it much darker. Wengie by far has done a phenomenal job in making a face an illustrious canvas.

A Look Into The Contribution Of Mike Baur Towards Nurturing Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs in Switzerland have been looking for a platform on which they can launch their ideas and execute processes that are aimed at promoting the growth of businesses and this is exactly what Mike Baur has come up with. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur is offering entrepreneurs a chance to enjoy nurturing their ideas into strong businesses.


Established in 2014, the Swiss Startup Factory has come out as a great avenue through which talented startups can push their ideas further to the achievement of success. The platform offers a three months incubation program that aims to support upcoming entrepreneurs to manage their ideas and push for growth. It currently stands out as the best accelerator program in the country and since inception it has supported over 50 startups that are now competing well.


Market research

Before getting into any market, it is advisable to first research to understand the barriers and benefits that one can get. This is one of the things the Swiss Startup Factory offers to the upcoming startups to help them grown and attain international status.


The research team that is put in place to handle the market evaluation role offers guidelines that help the startups to prepare to face the market because different variables can limit the performance of a business if not taken care of. The Swiss Startup Factory has advanced tools that make the research work easy and the team that executes this role is trained and skilled on matters entrepreneurship.

Visit the site Founder Stories to know more about Mike Baur.

Product development

Developing a product to match with the expectation of the market goes beyond having the concept. This is a stage that requires a lot of creativity and research to reveal what others in the market are doing to earn the attention of customers. When designing a product, it is vital to factor in the psychological aspect as well as how useful it will be to a section of the audience. Most startups fail at this point despite having strong ideas, so the Swiss Startup Factory is offering support that will ensure no such losses are incurred.


About Mike Baur

Born in Fribourg, Mike is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who holds passion for business. He has managed to launch several ideas and one of the most outstanding accomplishments he made is launching the Swiss Startup Factory. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, he is supporting talented startups to locate their way around entrepreneurship. To serve his passion, he left banking to embrace venture capitalism in 2014.

Raj Fernando’s Unorthodox Leadership Methods

When working for a capital trading company, when the market opens, the office becomes rowdy and uncivilized just like a real market. Everyone is trying to make a dollar. It is the normalcy for trading companies. For Raj Fernando when he was working for Chopper trading as the CEO, it was no different, the office would come alive when the markets are open.

His true distinction as a leader came when the markets were closed. Being a huge fan of teamwork and team cohesion, he organized indoor games such as table tennis and poker, he even brought a gym to the office and treated the whole company to season tickets for the Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs, and Sox. True business leaders are creative, inspire people to produce their best work and cultivate a sense of belonging by creating a platform in which the employees are happy and can therefore thrive.

The hiring process was something Mr. Raj Fernando took very seriously. He had a strict philosophy of managing the company and choosing the right fit for the company was a priority to him. Being great at your job and making lots of money for the company was good quality but that alone was not the determining factor, he looked for someone who fits in his philosophy. He described hiring new staff as a marriage; both parties must want each other and both parties must work seamlessly with the others to maintain a positive working environment.

About Raj Fernando

Raj is a businessman, entrepreneur, lobbyist and a philanthropist. He attended Beloit College where he graduated with a degree in economics and history. He also attended University College in London. As a businessman, he serves at the American Security Project and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs as a member of the board. As an entrepreneur, he founded, an internet startup that provides consultancy services for corporates and institutions.

As a lobbyist, Raj has been involved in many political campaigns. He has raised funds for Democratic candidate President Obama in the 2008 elections and has already made contributions to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. As a philanthropist, Raj has actively supported and raised funds for the Clinton Foundation, the Wounded Warriors Big and Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago.

How To Handle Online Wounds

For anyone that is online, there are going to be online attacks. One thing that is not a good idea is letting online wounds fester. It is important to have a response plan that could effectively address any attacks or concerns. If any attack is allowed to dwell, then it is going to cause more damage than initially. Therefore, it is important for one to take the time to address the issue. This is not to say that he has to stop the services he is providing in order to respond to the attack. However, it is important to show that he is aware of the attacks that have been aimed at him.

One of the most important aspects of addressing the attacks is to claim the listings. When one claims his listings, then he is able to monitor and respond to the content. For instance, when it comes to review sites like, there are a lot of unclaimed listings. For the ones that have claimed their listings, there is a much better success when it comes to business. It is important for companies to engage the community and address the issues that have been mentioned on the site. In this case, he will be able to take care of any damages to his reputation.

One very important thing for a business to show is that he is accessible. He must also show that he is aware of the problem and cares enough to fix the problem. Therefore, it is important to make sure some of the major issues with the company is addressed. Of course it is not important to handle every single complaint. The person must be discerning as to whether the complaint is legitimate or just something written to get a rise out of someone. The worst thing a business can do is get dragged into the mud with someone else.

George Soros funds Democrats $25 million to stop Trump

Donald Trump is often quoted to state that he has plenty of cash to battle his way to the Oval Office. However, another Billionaire in New York is putting his millions to halt Trump from winning. Financier George Soros has launched a presidential campaign along with donors in a $15 million campaign. The campaign series aims at calling Latinos to be part of the campaign effort. The coming presidential election is set to have the largest immigrant and Latino participation at the polls.

Through the new super PAC immigrant Voters on Bloomberg, George Soros campaign is going to fund organizations within states such as Colorado, Nevada and Florida. All these campaigns have a growing in the Asian and Latino communities. This is with the hope that these groups will sway elections to Hillary Clinton’s side in the coming elections.

Trump’s campaign has aimed at demolishing what George Soros has been working on in the recent past. He shot at the Republican presidential candidacy by proposing a hard line in the immigration policy. It led to the Hungarian-born Soros contributing large amounts of $25 million to the Democratic campaign series on People involved in the campaign effort note that this is the largest ever Democratic campaign that targets immigrants and Latinos. The primary goal is to have a minimum of 400,000 new voters in the coming general elections.

The billionaire investor has come back in the political scene after a failed $27 million spending spree to oust George W. Bush in the 2004 election on He went silent from political funding but has returned as the top funder of Democratic Politics.

George Soros donated and committed more than $25 billion to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic causes and candidates. The information is based on records held by the Federal Election Commission and interviews with associates. Some of the prospects expect that George Soros will give even more as the Election Day draws near.

About George Soros
Mr. Soros is an astute business person that founded the profitable Soros Fund. He also is one of the most philanthropists the world has ever known. Born in Hungary, he moved to England as a boy to England as a boy where he attended his primary and college education in London. Having witnessed the Nazi occupation, he has grown to support the causes of society that focus on helping immigrants and refugees. His early childhood experiences shaped his political views and made him have a support for capitalism.

He studied at the London School of Economics to become a student philosopher of Karl Popper. He later graduated and moved to New York where he developed his career in finance. Working for companies gave him little satisfaction, he then decided to start his company by the name Soros Fund.

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