Participants At Conference Experience Words From A Financial Leader

John Holt, President and CEO of NexBank Capital, Inc. has recently acted as a panelist at the 5th annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference held by the Texas Bankers Association. He was a participant in the Banker Panel discussion about “Reinventing Community Banking”.

This annual conference is a forum for advisers, consultants, and bank leaders. It is there that they share their ideas and views on the opportunities and challenges facing the industry. Through panels and discussions, they explore strategic ideas and growth of the industry. It is a place for all people in the industry to have a voice.

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a financial company that serves its clients through its three main businesses: Mortgage Banking, Investment Banking, and Commercial Banking. They provide their clients with personalized financial and banking services. NexBank primarily serves institutional clients, leading financial institutions, and corporations.

NexBank is led by a team of professionals that are committed to their clients. Their goal is to provide unique value for every opportunity and to also provide unmatched access to customized solutions given by professionals with a track record of amazing success.

Their company charter dates back to 1922 and they have provided excellent service to their clients ever since. Whether it’s mortgage, commercial, or investment banking, NexBank has the right professionals and solutions to solve every problem and lead each client to success.

John Holt serves as both the CEO and President of Nexbank. He executes the company’s strategy and manages their performance. He arrived in 2011 and since then, NexBank has grown to one of the largest of its kind headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Their assets are in excess of $3.5 billion. Because of his leadership, the company has accomplished significant growth by expanding its commercial banking and institutional services to each and every client.

Bruce Levenson Led Atlanta Hawks LLC Sues NHIC

The New Hampshire Insurance Company has been sued by the Atlanta Hawks Baseball and Entertainment LLC for contract breach. They have sued them based on the bad insurance faith and breach of contract on the 13th of September at the Superior Court of Fulton County. The $18 million, six-year contract which started in 2012 came to an end on the 22nd of June, 2015 when the owners Hawk and Ferry reached an undisclosed buyout agreement. The Ressler-led group bought the franchise, which was approved after two days. The amount claimed was, however, confidential, according to court documents. The AHBE’s claim could be played based on the confidential limits of liability of the policy based on the lawsuits.


An additional 50% penalty is also being sought after by the lawsuit for the outstanding attorney’s fees, the loss incurred and the cost. However, AIF claims that despite the fact that Mr.Ferry triggered the AIF Policy, the claim falls within the coverage of the policy. Bruce Levenson is the former Hawks ownership group, and he is also a part of the team leading the lawsuit. He has served on the Board of Governors as the Governor of Hawks from 2004.

Bruce Levenson as a philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is a law graduated from the American University, and he started off his career in journalism at Washington Star. Time Magazine‘s Bruce Levenson formed the Atlanta Hawks LLC during the year 2004 and served as the managing partner of the team. Levenson married Karen, and they have three children. He is also a philanthropist who participated actively in many organizations such as Have a Dream Foundation, Hoop Dreams Foundations and the Community Foundation of Washington. D.C. Bruce Levenson has also provided seed funding the University of Maryland to educate students on ways to run non-profit organization. Read more about his philanthropic work on


Martin Lustgarten – How Investment Banks Promote Growth of the Economy

Investment banks perform two recognized functions: trading and capital market intermediation. These functions are different and unique from those commonly carried out by commercial banks that accept deposits and provide loans. Investment banks are essential agents of capital generation and price setting. They are instrumental in coordinating the consumption of present and the future. The role of investment and commercial banks is well defined in the U.S. than other nations around the word.

The independent investment-banking sector in the United States

Glass-Steagall Act enforced by the U.S. Congress back in 1933, created a distinct legal line of operation between commercial banks and investment banks. This act restricted investment banks against accepting deposits or making loans. On the hand, commercial banks could not engage in the underwriting of securities. Fortunately, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 eased these barriers.

Capital formation

In the modern mixed economies, government institutions, large corporations, and individual investors depend on investment banks to develop capital. They match individual or firms selling securities with those willing to buy. These banks earn their revenues by linking producer to savers and facilitating financial development.

Controlling interest rates

Investment banks work in close cooperation with commercial banks to assist in determining predominant market interest rates. While the rates for investment and commercial products are different, all interest rate affect each other. For instance, interest rate determines the amount of interest a saving will generate and the cost of borrowing.

Martin Lustgarten

Based in Florida, Martin Lustgarten is a brilliant entrepreneur and investment banker. Previously, he held dual citizenship for Venezuela and Australia, which helped him to access a large pool of loyal customers. He navigates the market shifts and economic recessions by investing in different sectors across the globe. Martin’s ability to study the market and predict changes has enabled him to guide his clients in investing wisely in the competitive markets.

Maintaining a diverse international portfolio is a strategy that Martin has employed for many years. Having established a professional career as an investor, Martin decided to institute his company (Lustgarten Investment Bank). Through this firm, he has delivered efficient investment banking services to retail and institutional investors.

Indigenous People Making Their Way to Wikipedia

Have you ever heard of Esther Belin? What about the history and talent of other Indigenous people? Unfortunately, there tends to be a lack of Indigenous people listed on Wikipedia, which is one of the top resources when researching on the internet. The staff of the Indian Country Today media network claims that there is so few information regarding Indigenous people, that the foundation of Wikipedia is beginning to work with them to increase the information relating to their people and history.

Wikipedia is known by any person who has ever done research online, it is a staple for researching because it is believed you can find whatever subject you’re searching for. It also allows people to edit a Wikipedia page and add information or articles that they have information about as long as they meet the guidelines of submission. It allows people to get their businesses branded in a positive light, as well providing information about different ethnicities and cultures. For some reason, though, information and history related to the Indigenous people is lacking on the Wikipedia site, and Wikipedia and the people want to change that.

This past October Wikipedia held an event, Wikiconference North America that helps founders and researchers to brainstorm as to what should be included on their website. This past event, Indigenous people attended in hopes to weed out important articles about their history to put onto Wikipedia.

Why was this even an issue to begin with? It seems, that post people who spend time editing on Wikipedia, edit topics related to themselves and their culture, maybe because that is what they know most about. However, it was found that 63% of Indonesian land residents don’t have access to 25 Mbps/3 Mbps broadband. Meaning, they can not go online and edit or add their own information related to their history. And others may not know as much about their culture and not feel comfortable adding information about them.

Wikipedia is encouraging those who do have internet access and those who want to see ever part of history on Wikipedia help by going to the list of missing articles on indigenous peoples and begin doing research and adding important events and people related to the Indigenous people on Wikipedia. Remember, Wikipedia is an outlet for those who are curious about the world, whether it be for a paper, or just personal research so it is important that it has as much accurate information as possible.

Get Your Wiki is helping close the gender gap on Wikipedia. Learn more about how they are doing their part and see if their services are right for you and your business here >

Capitol Anesthesiology Associates of Austin, TX

Capitol Anesthesiology is based in Austin, Texas and provides a wide variety of anesthetic services to patients and physicians in the area.


Among their services are general anesthesia used for major operations where the patients is completely sedated and their vital signs monitored before, during and after their operation.


Regional anesthesia is provided to patients undergoing less extensive procedures where medication is given to reduce anxiety and then local anesthetics provided to areas where surgery is performed, usually the extremities.


Capitol’s highly trained and professional anesthesiologists also provide local and monitored anesthesia for various procedures. Included are special types of medications given for obstetric and pediatric patients. Pregnant women and children need to be monitored carefully by professionally trained anesthesiologists to ensure the best outcomes with the fewest side effects to the babies, children and new mothers.


Capitol Anesthesiology’s team consists of over 80 anesthesiologists and 130 certified registered nurse anesthetists. All have had extensive training and specialization in anesthesia care. They work with 20 in patient and ambulatory facilities in the Austin area. They are dedicated professionals that also donate time, money and services to those in need.


Capitol professionals care about patients before, during and after their procedures. They understand patients and families are understandably nervous and help each and every patient relax as much as possible. They readily answer questions and assist in any way possible to give each and every patient the best possible care and services they were trained to do.




Dr. Walden Came Home to Where the Heart Is

In 2011, after almost a decade in Manhattan, New York establishing a very successful practice as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer L. Walden decided she must move back home to Austin, Texas. In November 2010, Dr. Walden had just become a single mother of twin boys and thought them being around her large extended family in Austin was more important than her New York practice. In 2011, she closed her office and established her new office in Austin.


It has paid off. Her boys, Rex and Houston, along with her cosmetic surgery practice are thriving in Austin. In April 2014, Dr. Walden was named one of the top 24 best beauty plastic surgeons in the United States by Harper’s Barzaar magazine. She is currently serving on the on the board of the directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery. She is the second woman ever to serve on it.


Dr Walden is highly regarded in her field. She is an accomplished author being published numerous times over the last ten years in the area of plastic and reconstructive surgery to include textbooks for future surgeons. Because of her expertise, she can be seen as an expert commentator on television giving advice on ABC News, Fox News, Dr 90210 etc.


With all this on her plate, to include a long waiting list of patients wanting to see her, she always seems relaxed and calm. No one ever complains about being rushed when visiting her office. She is still that hometown girl from Austin, giving all to her patients.


Why Do Shoes And Lip Balm Go Together At EOS?

Shoes and lip balm might not seem like a natural pairing because they cover the head and the toe respectively. However, they are a very good combination with EOS lip balm. The lip balm company wanted to make sure people knew that it was different. The best way to do that was to show everyone how different it was. They started out with a lip balm that came in good packaging, and they noticed that they had a very large youth following. The next thing they did was partner with Keds to create shoes that would match their lip balms.

EOS lip balms are made with specific coloring that everyone will enjoy. The user gets the same kind of lip care in each package, but they get a color that excites them. The kids who started using EOS lip balm made it into more than just a fad, and they were just the kind of people who would enjoy wearing shoes that came in the same vibrant colors that their lip balm came in. It is not the most standard combination, but it looks really good when a group kids pull out their lip balm to show their tube matches their shoes.

EOS knows how to reach kids, and that is why they are now catching up to the old guard in the lip balm industry that has been there for a long time. They want to be sure that they could do something that would put them outside the traditional mold of a cosmetics company. This move to be in the fashion world has changed the lives of kids who would have never used lip balm, and it will be just as much fun for adults who know they want to be a little bit different. EOS lip balms are available on local Walmart supermarkets and can also be purchased online thru