Todd Lubar and the World of Mortgage Industry

Todd Lubar is the President of the famous TDL Global Ventures, LLC, based in Bethesda, Maryland. Apart from this, he serves as the vice president of Legendary Investments. Upon the completion of his studies at the Peddie School in Highstown, Todd joined Syracuse University whereby he graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in speech communication in 1995. Todd Lubar resides in Bethesda, Maryland with his two children.

Todd Lubar first job was with Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. His love for real estate business had already taken root in his mind within time, and he garnered a lot of experience in mortgage banking. With the connection he had made with his clients, the Legacy Financial Group based in Arlington, Texas offered him an opportunity to exercise his talents and abilities in 1999. He succeeded in expanding the firm’s production units to $100 million loan volume annually. In 2005, Todd acted Senior Vice President of Charter Funding.

Todd Lubar established his real estate firm, Legendary Properties, LLC which was a residential development company. As the company’s operations went on, he realized that there was still a gap left in serving his client. Therefore he formed the Legendary Financial, LLC, which is an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC. Legendary Financial, LLC acted as a source for business loans.

From the year 2007, the mortgage industry had radical changes globally which made Todd focus on other activities. He established commercial demolitions, involved in scrap metal businesses that deal with recycling, and also the night club industry. Life as a mortgage originator wasn’t smooth all the way through. Sometimes it was difficult for him since he used his own personal financial to sustain his business. His resilience was the gate path to his success. Making the world a better place is what motivates Todd.

The Strong Divide Between AHBE and AIG.

In a recent article that was published at PR, former NBA ownership of the Atlanta Hawks, known as Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE) was suing an insurance company for negligence. The lawsuit specifically was AHBE against New Hampshire insurance company, also known as AIG. This lawsuit, detailed in the article, explained how AHBE was filing a lawsuit against this particular insurance company for breaching a contract as well as insurance bad faith. Before further discussing this article, it is important to be familiar with Bruce Levenson, who was the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks.

Beyond his prior involvement with the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson is also known for co-founding and being partner at United Communications Group. Before finding success in business, he attended Washington University for his BA and then American University for his JD. His business acumen is evident by how well he ran the Atlanta Hawks organization. He eventually made a profit of 850 million after selling the team, turning his interest elsewhere. See,

Levenson’s involvement with AHBE shows how he is pertinent in the article. The article unveils how he and other members of AHBE were mistreated by the AIG company. In a section of the article it points out how AHBE had filed a notice to AIG in April of 2015 about the misconduct of certain practices. AIG, however, failed to respond. Especially with previous Atlanta Hawks owner, Danny Ferry getting terminated for his misconduct, AHBE believed that their coverage under AIG prevented them from taking financial losses. The article notes that AIG has refused to acknowledge any sort of policy that requires them to pay for AHBE’s financial loss under misconduct and termination. This article overall shows the divide between two businesses that involves the respectable and highly regarded, Bruce Levenson.


With Super Bowl 51; all bets are on, or so they should be?

There’s nothing new to sports-betting in Football; in fact, it’s a $3 Billion dollar industry which will not go away anytime soon. Many people wager, place bets, or gamble during football season that normally wouldn’t on any given day. Therefore, placing bets in the regular season of football is one thing, although come Super Bowl weekend, all bets are on!

One of the online betting websites such as is recommended for placing such NFL bets this year. Other official websites for professional football fanatics simply can go online and place bets for the NFL odds which may either break families up, break friends up, or simply break you up. Otherwise, don’t put all your Super Bowl betting cash on the line until you read this, especially when it’s for profit. Most teams’ favorites will have their fans standing, sitting, watching and playing the bets online, at bars, or on their couch at home. This will be going on at heavy duty bar-b-ques, parties, team hater parties, NFL Super Bowl parties, parties amongst parties on February 5, 2017 for the most watched game in sports history, the Super Bowl.

Covering the spread
When football or sports bettors say covering the spread, it basically means that “betting” comes with the various wagers on the results of the event. In this case, it’s any of the ending result of the payoff that is based on accurate accounts of the wager, rather that “win or lose,” or fixed-odds. All in all, a spread is considered a major outcome with that of the bet being above or below the spread.

What are the odds?
It’s the odds that seem to get the best of us. For those who are considered the ‘sharp bettors’; it’s leaning more towards the Houston Texans with +15 and the Atlanta Falcons at -4. The 8 teams that are going to be offered for the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs kicking off this weekend is going to be a close call for four major teams. Which ones will that be?

On the ‘public bettors’ sides, it’s on the same side for those who are the Atlanta – Seattle “matchup.” Therefore, with Atlanta coming in at -4.5 and with New England at a ripe price of -15 including the Dallas Cowboys at -4, placing your bets with ease and much luck is on those who believe that there’s some chance for the ‘Boys and that of the Falcons. (Source:

NFL odds
The current Super Bowl 51 odds are the following according to USA Sports News online magazine looks like this:

– New England Patriots: 7/5
– Dallas Cowboys: 9/2
– Atlanta Falcons: 7/1
– Pittsburgh Steelers: 8/1
– Kansas City Chiefs: 8/1
– Green Bay Packers: 10/1
– Seattle Seahawks: 10/1

*Westgate Las Vegas Super Book

Some helpful tips; putting your bets on NFL football
Suggested by Ted Servansky, aka Teddy Covers, one of sports betting gurus of all time, and who’s a sports commentator as well, you may want to pay attention to what he has to say. He’s known in the sports betting arena and when he speaks, bettors listen.

1. Don’t bet on the first set you see. This is one huge and biggest mistake that NFL bettors make.
2. Just because you love a team, doesn’t mean you have to bet on them or a fixed bet on them. “Bet with your heads, not your hearts” is what Mr. Covers suggests. Invest and don’t make a mess; know who and what you’re “betting into.” No investments on bets but simple wise calls are best.
3. “Don’t trust no one.” To many novice bettors and football gamblers are delusional and have that mindset as Mr. Covers says. With hitting 70% or 80% in the NFL season, your profits are investing in terms of winning more than 52.4% of their bets which end up turning greater profits.

Finally, if you’re like many betters online, you may have your own research going on but remember “don’t trust no one!” and stay away from the “psychopath” gambler when it comes down to it. (

Modest Proposals to Achieve Best Photos

Panama is an exciting city full of remarkable tourist and business destinations. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is an entrepreneur who believes that Panama achieves its distinguished name because of its modern and technologically advanced innovations. Businessman Figueroa has been the Chief Executive Officer of many Panama Firms. He advises visitors from all over the world to take a tour to the city and explore the historic sites the city has to offer. Adrian thinks that Panama has much to offer. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa gives proposals on how visitors can employ their Smartphone cameras to achieve exceptional images while touring the magnificent city.

Cleaning the Smartphone Lens
Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa argues that the first place to start when trying accurate pictures is cleaning the Smartphone camera lens. The lens often becomes dirty and may cause blurry images. It is reasonable to give the lens a quick wipe down to sweep away any dust or dirt every time you need to take a picture.

Exercising the Volume Shutter for Selfies or Touch-to-Capture
It is very common to drop the phone as you try to touch the capture button when taking a standard selfie. Figueroa advises you to enable the touch-to-capture function that makes the whole phone screen a trigger that can’t be missed. The expert on also advises you to employ the volume controls depending on the type of device. It is easier to locate the volume controls on the phone sides.

Take Photos in Landscape
Figueroa observes that most people are accustomed to the traditional 16:9 portrait media consequence formats on However, portrait photos often tend to look awkward. Pictures are always enhanced in landscape mode if there is an imperative reason for taller shots.

Stay away from using the flash
Figueroa says that flash functions work best during emergencies. You can employ natural light to light up pictures. Natural light makes pictures to look ordinary and natural. Most flashlights are often located close to the lens. They can be unpleasant and cause glaring effects. You can boost the ISO and exposure value of the camera in case of insufficient natural light.

Make use of the HDR Mode
High dynamic range (HDR) is an immense method of taking photos of stationary objects. This process ensures that the shadows and lighting in photos are evenly exposed. This is necessary for high contrast photos. HDR mode shoots multiple varying exposure pictures at the same time and then merges the brightest parts into a single picture. Source:

Wikipedia the Centre of Global Information

Wikipedia can be used as powerful tool for business and personal branding. What is Wikipedia? This is an online collaborative version of the encyclopedia. It has no employees that will make a Wikipedia page upon request. If utilized correctly, it is an effective online marketing tool for different businesses and personal branding.

Wikipedia is a powerful tool for personal branding and marketing businesses because it pops up in the top five spots on Google’s search results. This is the reason why every company or person wishing to build their online reputation should consider having Wikipedia page. Businesses and individual can opt to create their own Wikipedia pages else they can hire Wikipedia experts. Outsourcing the services of a Wikipedia Editor has many benefits. The main advantage is that individuals and business have their Wikipedia pages monitored at all times. Get Your Wiki services are reputable to offering their client high-quality work such as Wikipedia edits and monitoring their client’s Wikipedia pages to ensure that the edits are not out of line and maintain accuracy. It is important to closely monitor Wikipedia edits because Wikipedia is open source community which means that any person can edit a page if they wish.

Another benefit of having Wikipedia page is that it adds credibility and improves online footprint for personal brands and business alike. It is important for businesses and individuals to make a Wikipedia page that creates the right impression to the public, however, because learning how to make a Wikipedia page is not easy and it is also time-consuming it is essential to seek the services of professional Wikipedia writer. They relieve the task of making a Wikipedia and lets the businesses and individuals enjoy the benefits.

There are several advantages of outsourcing experts to make a Wikipedia page, for instance, they avoid the biases that most people unconsciously put in their articles, professionals writers are well versed with the Wikipedia guidelines and regulation amongst others.

Wikipedia also tracks the most edited pages. In the 2016 list of the most edited pages include the contentious US elections that dominated the attention of the world, the presidential campaign endorsement and its primaries as well as the Wikipedia page for Donald Trump was among the most edited with 8,933 changes in total. However, the most edited page in the year 2016 was Death in 2016 with a total of 18,230 edits. This was the year that the world lost notable figures such as David Bowie, Prince, John Glenn and Muhammad Ali amongst others.

According to Wikipedia, the vast majority of the contribution on the Wikipedia are from young people this is because they understand the value of the Wikipedia community. In addition, Wikipedia has consistently provided a platform in which free information can be dispensed as well as protecting the facts online.

The Kabbalah Center: Transformative & Philanthropic

The Kabbalah Centre is a firm that offers courses on the Zohar and Kabbalah teachings. Its headquarters is in Los Angeles, California. It also offers classes at its regional centers. The online course consists of video material and texts. Live teachings are shown from time to time. The Center has published some books on the teachings of Kabbalah in the Torah.

The center was initially known as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah. It was founded in 1965. It was later re-established in New York City as the U.S Kabbalah Center. Philip and Karen Berg started it. Karen serves as a director and spiritual leader. There are currently more than 40 Kabbalah Centers. This is proof that the center is growing rapidly. Kabbalah centers are all over the world including Barcelona and Austria in Europe to Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia.

Kabbalah is not based on any religion. It is a universal way of life. One does not need to have knowledge of Hebrew to start taking the course even though it has its roots in Judaism. The teachings have transformed the lives of many all over the world including celebrities. Celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher, and Mick Jagger have been students at the spirituality center.

The Kabbalah Center has been involved in some charitable initiatives in the past. They supported the Red Cross during Superstorm Sandy by providing funds and workforce to help those who had been affected by the disaster. They played significant roles in relief efforts during Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, as well as the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004. They are partners with Habitat for Humanity and Partners in Health who provide shelters and health care respectively to the less fortunate.

The center offers scholarships to people who wish to go through the teachings, but they might not be able to do that because of finances. The scholarship fund has helped many to become students. It has made Kabbalah more accessible worldwide. The Center supports some charities including Spirituality for Kids, Kabbalah Children’s Academy, and Kids Creating Peace.

What is Stem Cell Therapy for the Lungs and How Can it Help You?

When it comes to various therapies to help extend or improve the quality of life of any patient, it is necessary for anyone considering the therapy to learn about it. Stem cell therapy has come a long way in the past few decades and as such stem cells are now being used in more therapies than ever before. It is important to learn just what a stem cell is and what it can do for you.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells, put very simply, are cells that are present in the body that have not yet been assigned to any specific purpose. They are most often going to be present in bone marrow in adults and in fetuses they are abundant as the fetus has not yet formed all their body parts. Stem cells have the ability to morph or change to match the cells that they are paired with to help with cell regeneration and tissue regeneration.

How Are Stem Cells Used in Lung Therapy?

According to PR Web, stem cells are used in lung therapy to help create new, healthy lung tissue that is not affected by the diseases of the patient. Stem cell therapy can help treat and lessen the effects of disease like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and more. Though stem cell therapy is not likely to completely treat any lung disease, it can greatly help improve lung function.

More information regarding COPD)chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can be accessed on

How Does the Lung Institute Use Stem Cells?

The Lung Institute is one of the leading treatment centers in the country for lung disease and disorder. This innovative and forward thinking center is able to harvest stem cells from two different sources in the body to help complete stem cell therapy. Stem cells can be harvested from the blood and then are reintroduced to the blood stream to promote healing. You can visit the Lung Institute website here.

Stem cells can also be harvested directly from bone marrow and then reintroduced to promote healing. The Lung Institute is constantly looking for new treatments and ways to make current stem cell treatment more effective and more productive. For those that suffer from any lung disease, the Lung Institute is a fantastic option.