George Soros: A Man With An Agenda For The World

If you are a person who checks out the Forbes list from time to time, then George Soros is a name that you are bound to come across. As of 2016, Soros was ranked 19th in the Forbes 400. His immense wealth is something that he has used to his advantage on George has played a very significant role in shaping the political terrain of several countries all over the world. In the United States, George Soros arguably influences American culture and politics in a way very few people can. A well-known supporter of refugees, Soros pledged that his firm would invest half a billion dollars in companies started by migrants and refugees, most of whom were arriving in Europe. This statement in September 2016 was not the first of its kind by Soros. In the past, he’s made donations to many organizations that help immigrants in different parts of the world.

George Soros’ affiliation with refugees runs deeper than just being a helping hand. He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. After the Nazi invasion of Budapest in the 1940s, George’s father split up his family to increase their chances of survival. George relocated to England in 1947 where he had to work as a part-time waiter and railway porter while studying at the London School of Economics on Investopedia. Soros would graduate from the LSE in 1952 after which he joined Singer and Friedlander, a brokerage firm in London. Here George became conversant with international arbitrage. George Soros later migrated to New York where he worked as a stock trader on Wall Street.

George’s original plan was to save some money before returning to Europe. However, this changed when he became the portfolio manager at an investment bank on, Arnhold, and S. Bleichroeder Inc. It is while working at this bank that George’s career grew immensely. In 1969, Soros created the “Double Eagle Fund” for the bank with four million dollars as capital. With the aid of his assistant, Soros set up a private entity which he named the Soros Fund Management. They later renamed the Double Eagle Fund- The Soros fund before eventually settling for The Quantum Fund. By 1985, the fund was worth more than one billion dollars. Today, it is estimated to be worth more than 30 billion dollars.

Soros is known for his philanthropic works under the name Open Society Foundations which are operational in more than 70 countries globally. His organization advocates for democracy, freedom, social justice, the rule of law and human rights universally. George Soros has set out to make the world a better place, and for a man with his wealth and influence, it just might not be out of reach.

InnovaCare Health’s New Leaders – Gearing Up for the Future

InnovaCare, Inc. is one of the leading providers of managed healthcare services in Puerto Rico. It operates two of the leading health plans in the country: PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. and MMC Healthcare, Inc. it also manages two Medicaid plans that are under Puerto Rico’s Government Health Plan.

The healthcare provider recently announced three new additions to its leadership team. Penelope Kokkinides and Mike Sortino are now among the organization’s new executives.

About Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides was appointed the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare. Kokkinides boasts of over two decades of healthcare experience, and most of her career has been spent working with the managed care industry and government programs. She is especially good at improving organizational structure and efficiencies.

According to BizJournals, She has served in several executive capacities in the past including as Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice. She also served as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for Centerlight Healthcare. During her time in AmeriChoice, Kokkinides was instrumental in developing the company’s health model and boosting its appeal on clients.

About Mike Sortino

Mike Sortino also boasts of over two decades of experience in the insurance industry. However, unlike Penelope Kokkinides, his career has scoped several industries including electronics and fire-related risks. He was previously the controller of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co. before moving to InnovaCare, Inc. He also served as the Chief Financial Officer for HCC Specialty for over five years. He also doubles up as a public accountant with over five years of experience in public accounting.

Mike Sortino has been appointed the Chief Accounting Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. He was considered the suitable candidate for the position considering his knowledge and experience in accounting and financial management.

New Energy

Mike Sortino’s and Penelope Kokkinides’ appointment to InnovaCare’s leadership team has been met with a lot of optimism by the organization. Their vast experience and expertise in accountancy and insurance are expected to boost the organization’s competitive edge according to CEO Richard Shinto. Their rich background working in different companies and industries also equips them to cope with the dynamic health insurance market especially now that government policies are uncertain.

Clay Siegall’s commitment to researching a cure for cancer is strong.

Dr. Clay Siegall heads his organization, Seattle Genetics, to forming major advances, in the study of treating cancer patients. Clay Siegall is the organization’s CEO and President, which he also co-founded, in 1998. Dr. Clay Siegall is the board’s chairperson and is celebrated for his focused interests in the advances that create progress, for the outlook of those, who are stricken with cancer. This interest, has been the main focus of his career, from the early phase of his interest into biomedical exploration. Dr, Siegall, is valued by his team, as a detailed and reliable worker, who consistently advances to bring his company, to obtaining a large sum of medical advances, in cancer treatment and establishing truly advanced methodologies for helping cancer survivors.

George Washington College, is the esteemed University where Dr. Siegall acquired his highly valued, Ph.D. During his extent at the University, Clay studied in the field of Genetics, in which he majored and started forming an amount of important vocational undertakings. At the start, when Dr. Siegall strove as a Senior Researcher, he worked very hard, with delight, at the Pharmaceutical Investigative Institute, of Bristol-Myers. Clay swiftly completed an endorsement to the appointment of Foremost Scientist, then, to the title of Staff Fellow. Clay also attained the rank of Biotechnology Fellow, while at the National Cancer Institution. These clear advances in his vocation, focused his interest onto creating an organization to help cancer survivors, Seattle Genetics. Their advances in the community have permitted their stock return values to triple, in 5 years.

Dr. Siegall is touted for his pledge to finding new cancer treatments, by making use of newly instituted methodologies. In 2011, his company, made the first antibody-drug conjugates, winning his company the FDA’s approval to continue with their efforts. Seattle Genetics ongoing growth, aids them to helping survivors of cancer, across the globe. Clay is lauded, for his helping Seattle Genetics, to establish an extra $1.2 billion, from charity, contributed by public and private benefactors. These fiduciary gifts, brought in new tools that benefit survivors of cancer, by requisitioning cutting-edge paraphernalia.

The role that Sujit Choudhry is playing in the field of Comparative Law

According to comparative law expert Sujit Choudhry, law is what makes it easy and possible to live in a society. When a legal system is in place, it becomes easy to control conduct of the masses and also the leaders in a certain jurisdiction. While learning and interpreting the laws of one place may seem like an easy and straightforward task, there are lots of issues that come up when two or more legal systems collide with one another. For instance, when a crime has been committed in one place whose legal system is different from the other, getting a legal solution when something goes wrong can be a little bit complicated.

Experts in comparative law come in when you have to make comparisons between two different legal systems or when the rules of more than one system seem to be conflicting with each other. The main role of comparative law is to foster the understanding of foreign legal systems. It is also playing an important role in the attempts that are being made at the unification of legal systems. Comparative law practitioners like Sujit Choudhry, therefore, are people who study different legal systems in a bid to find a comparison of the similarities and differences between them.  Check

Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law at the University of California in Berkley. He has made a name for himself when it comes to comparative and constitutional legal systems across the globe. He has been an advisor in constitution building processes in many nations including Egypt, Jordan, Ukraine, Nepal and Libya among others. He has been to various international lectures on law and has made speeches in more than 20 countries. He has also published a number of books and other legal resources, including ‘The Migration of Constitutional Ideas’, ‘Constitution Making and many others, based on

Follow him at his page.

Sujit Choudhry is also a founding director at the center for constitutional transitions. This is an organization whose mandate is to mobilize knowledge that helps countries in the process of building constitutions. He is involved in a number of other charitable organizations and activities, which shows that he is an exceptional leader in the field.

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Lori Senecal has a passion for innovation

Crispin Porter’s Global CEO, Lori Senecal, is tasked with creating the company’s strategic outlook and collaborating with agencies as a consultant to encourage growth and networking. As a respected leader in the industry, Lori works closely with clientele to enhance their capabilities. Her prior experience, working for KBS as their Worldwide Executive Chairperson, permitted Lori to obtain a firm grasp on the importance of a company’s vision as well as their outlook on expansion.

She is known as the driving force behind the intensity of MDC Partner’s distinctive work ethics. While there, she worked closely with their staff to form what is known as one of the more esteemed consulting roles that achieved a smooth collaboration among partners. One of her responsibilities as a manager of the company was to enhance their strategic drive. This skill has provided Lori with the encouragement to always maintain a leadership position.

For over 5 years, Lori has labored to commence the creation of a new outlook for the industry, working to solidify company brands as a true innovator. Her credo has often been to encourage staff to formulate the career that they desire themselves. She has collaborated with, and funded, numerous projects that were pitched by actual employees. This is possible by utilizing a group-wide competition for inventions. The goal of this group is to motivate staff throughout the firm, while at the same time pushing ahead culture and creation.

According to Fast Company. Lori’s vision has permitted KGS to advance from a mere 250 employees as a national firm, to more than 800 staff, globally. Her leadership has gained KGS the recognition as one of the best companies to be employed at in the New York area.

Lori earned a spot as one of the Women to Watch section of Ad Age’s 2014 edition. According to Shoot Online, for 3 years in a row, her firm has been on their list of the Top Agencies. Many of KBS’s clientele are renowned and highly respected enterprises. BMW, American Express, and Victoria’s Secret are only a few of the blue-chip clients that they serve.

Lori’s career history is extensive as a leader. Lori Senecal was the President of McCann Erikson and also as the Worldwide Chief Innovation Executive for their subsidiary, McCann Worldgroup. Lori’s insight and experience as a leader has earned her numerous television appearances, op-eds and speaking engagements.



Rona Borre, CEO & Founder of Instant Alliance
Rona Borre, CEO & Founder of Instant Alliance

Rona Borre the CEO and founder of Instant Alliance formerly Instant Technology since the year 2001. She has been the leading female entrepreneurs in Chicago land she has been nationally recognized woman-owned business progressively increasing her revenue. Rona had the passion to invest and have a better life future and efforts that she has made through this is remarkable. She holds a position in leadership roles with the Young President Organization, Chicago Network and Economic Club of Chicago where his work is quite remarkable. Read more on


Rona’s success has been acknowledged by the press and people who surround her but also she has been on interviews and featured by CBS 2 Chicago, USA Today, CNN, Crain’s Chicago and CNBC. Rona is a hard worker, she has been honored by the Business ledger and the National Association of Women Business Owners as an influential woman in business.Enterprising woman of the year is one of the many accolades awarded to her agency by enterprising women magazine. Rona received her BS in Business from the University of Arizona.

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It’s important to realize that success doesn’t come in a silver platter it’s nothing less nothing great its totally hard work and direct passion to do what you love best and work it out smartly.


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Highland Capital Doubles Down on Nexpoint

Highland Capital Management seems to have increased its position in Nexpoint Credit Strategies up to 793,036 shares, recent SEC filings confirm. This increase in shares boosts Highland’s stake in Nexpoint to $11.68 million, making Highland Capital the second most involved investor to date.


Nexpoint Credit Strategies spun away from Nexpoint Residential Trust and they became two separate entities in March of last year. The change forced Highland Capital’s hand in deciding how to hedge risks and increase equity, allowing them to take part in Nexpoint’s portfolio which is valued at an approximate $600 million.


Part of Nexpoint’s valuable profile is the strategies the company has chosen to follow since the split last spring. On its own, Nexpoint has continued to collect real estate assets though Highland Real Estate Capital REIT. This has placed a great deal of the fund’s holdings under Highland Capital or James Dondero himself.


Nexpoint’s year to date 5.92%. This is in spite of losses the company suffered in 2015, the result of setbacks in Texas Competitive Electronics which caused a decling in high yield credit markets. But growth seems to be the current track Nexpoint is on right now. Recently the company has increased dividends by $.24 a share, noting their increase in value to investors that will be payable at the end of the month.


About James Dondero:


James Dondero graduated form the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia with a double major in Accounting and Finance. This led to a certification as a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst, preparing him for a career in the financial sector.


After a time at Morgan Guearanty as an analyst, Dondero joined American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst, then moved on to become a Portfolio Manager. Four years later Dondero found himself at Protective life, working as their Chief Investment Officer, placing him in charge of more than $2 billion in company assets. With this accumulated experience and knowledge in hand, Dondero went on to found Highland Capital Management, where he continues to serve as President of his firm, servicing clients in Austin, Texas with a team of qualified financial experts.


Jason Hope Wants To Takeover Tech In Arizona

The Scottsdale Tech Oracle
The tech industry of Scottsdale, Arizona is taking off and creating something never before seen. With likes of entrepreneurs like Jason Hope it seems as if the future is brighter than ever for the Southwest.

Hope, a long time entrepreneur and advocate of the Internet of Things, is doing an exceptional job of promoting this growth in Arizona. He wants to create an Arizona with an eye towards where tech is going without looking back or hesitating to embrace the latest and greatest.

His Vision For Tech
Jason Hope’s vision for the tech industry focuses on finding ways to engage people with technology while creating a new establishment. A major focus of Jason Hope is on the Internet of Things and the ways it will change our lives. The idea of a future filled with smart homes and self driving vehicles was once considered science fiction, but it is quickly becoming reality thanks to IoT. devices gather and share the information they collect in order to make our lives much more convenient. Soon, everything from our refrigerators to our lights will have some sort of functionality involving the internet.

The Fight Against Aging
Another major focus of Jason Hope is the fight against aging. He is a major contributor to the SENS Institute, an organization devoted to finding ways to combat aging. Aging is often considered a natural part of life, but Hope believes it is simply another disease. By finding ways to extend our lives and fight aging we would no longer need to worry about death with the exception of accidents and similar events. It would create a radically different society and alter the way we live for decades to come as people are freed from the restraints of time.

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Capital Anesthesiology Association: Reinventing Medical Anesthesia Services

Let’s just be real for a second here. Without anesthesia, physicians would have a hard time performing medical procedures to their patients. Same concept goes for the patient as well because without having anesthesia services, medical procedures would be too uncomfortable to bear. Luckily as a people, we do have this valuable medication on stand-by at all times and the U.S. currently has one of the leading independent practices for personnel who specializes in anesthesiology. Capital Anesthesiology Association is setting new trends, changing the status quo, and is raising the bar extremely high.


In this proffered way, these medical facilities receive the benefits directly from CAA. This includes ambulatory surgical centers, high acuity hospitals, and level 1 trauma centers. Either regional, general, thoracic, obstetric, or pediatric anesthesia services.


It’s truly a win-win situation for both parties as it makes the process much more efficient. This is modern day medical service at it’s finest. Supply and demand, thanks to Capital Anesthesiology Association and it’s ingenious way of doing business.

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Luscious Lips Always Wear Balm; Evolution Of Smooth Perfect TLC

You don’t think twice about buying the ideal face cream, which shows intelligent beauty thinking. However, most of us neglect a key area of the face, especially when we head outdoors, and that would be our precious lips.

Your mouth needs uber protection all the time, because lips are vulnerable. They actually burn when the sun is searing hot and turn super dry and chapped when the cold dry winter air rushes in.

The perfect lip balm is the shield you need 24/7; it’s one that should provide a moisturizing base, offer hydration and protection from the elements.

Most women are unaware that swollen lips area sign of sunburn, and yes, your lips can develop skin cancer. Those who are addicted to lip gloss, can actually be harming themselves when exposing that shiny surface to the sun, say dermatologists like NYC’s Dr. Bruce Robinson, according to

“Take a magifying glass and put it over your lips,” he explains. When you put on shiny lip gloss and spend time in the sun, “that’s essentially what you’re doing.”

Balm is mandatory daily and smart to include in your beauty routine. We like the tasty and moisturizing assets of smooth spheres from EOS lip balms. First of all, the cool shape of these balms in the spherical design in its small spherical pot is a clever one. The ball balms are convenient to use, because they glide over every tiny crevice of your lips.

Most importantly, Evolution of Smooth lip balms come in a wide variety to choose from. The brand features Organic Smooth Spheres, Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres, Shimmer Smooth Spheres, Active Protection Smooth Spheres and Organic Smooth Sticks. These wonderful balms are formulated with the proper protective and immensely hydrating ingredients of shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E. For more info, go to

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