Rona Borre is a Key Innovator in Chicago Business Circles

In 2001 Rona Borre founded Instant Alliance, now a major staffing and recruiting company in Chicago, Illinois. She started the company in a spare bedroom of her Chicago condo with her bulldog Henry at her side. Now the company bills in the millions of dollars as she works with Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized firms, and small companies as well.

Borre had worked for a large, global staffing company right out of college where she destroyed all of the sales records the company had. She had controlled a book of business of over $30 million dollars before she left to start Instant Alliance.  Check on

Borre and her team place mostly talented technology and finance people because these are the areas that companies need to be growing and dealing with the additional needs in that process. There is a huge market as companies are alway looking for the best talent.

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Clients have learned that potential hires from Instant Alliance are among the best of the best because they have already been thoroughly screened. A turnover rate of only 1% through the history of Instant Alliance attests to the quality of people coming from Instant Alliance.  Related articles here.


Bernardo Chua’s Expertise In Growing International Companies

Bernardo Chua has a decade-long experience of managing and growing an enterprise in the health and wellness sector. He began his career under the apprenticeship of his mentor, Lew Soon Send, a couple of years before 1999. In July 1999, Bernardo and Leon set up Gano Excel Philippines.

His main accomplishment in the firm was opening regional branches in Hong Kong, the United States, and Canada, in a period of three years. In 2003, Bernado earned the position of the presidency for the United States Gano Excel.

According to PR News Wire, after five years of leading the Branch, Bernado Chua ventured into his solo business by launching Organo Gold. He used his expertise and experience to expand the company to 35 countries, spread across six continents.

Organo Gold started operating in Singapore in 2014, adding it to the five other nations in its network of operations.

Organo Gold has its headquarters in Vancouver, in British Columbia. It specializes in producing and distributing Ganoderma Lucidium packaged in a variety of products such as tea and coffee. The ingredient is also manufactured with personal amenities and nutraceuticals.

Bernardo Chua employs independent distributors to sell the products and also sells directly to consumers through the Connoisseur Club available in Canada and the United States. Ganoderma Lucidium is a mushroom that has potent antioxidant properties for internal and external ailments. The unique mushroom is part of century-long traditions by Chinese healers and medicine practitioners.

On January 27th of 2015, Bernado Chua attended an event at the capital of Philippines. He was thrilled to witness two of his team members at Organo Gold receive Dangal ng Bayan Awards at the Hemady Square. Organo Gold won two People’s Choice awards during the same event. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

According to a report published on the PR News that month, Bernado Chua received an award by Dangal Bayan for his outstanding performance as a chief executive officer and founder of Organo Gold.

The award recognized his brand as a fast growing company that has a presence in the central regions around the world. In 2013, under Bernado’s leadership, Organo Gold was position 55 among the 100 enlisted on the Direct Selling Network.

With Over Ten Years in the Recruitment Industry, Julie is Undoubtedly Talent Identification and Development Genius

Julie Zuckerberg is a Philosophy graduate from the City University of New York, Brooklyn College. She is an experienced recruiter, having worked as a recruiter at Hudson, Citi, and New York Life Insurance Company. Currently, she is an executive recruitment lead at Deutsche Bank.

Juliet’s Early Days in the Recruitment Sector

Julie’s career started in 2002 when Hudson employed her as a director of candidate placement. Hudson’s clients included law firms, financial institutions, and corporations. Julie was tasked with the responsibility of recruiting personnel on behalf of Hudson’s clients, such as paralegals, case managers, attorneys, and support staff. After recruitment, she followed up on the employees to educate them on matters of their benefits and promotion opportunities as well as discussing with them about their working conditions.

In the event of a problem between the employer and the employee, Julie was called upon as an arbiter. She also counseled employees and resolved employee-to-employee conflicts. After five successful years at Hudson, Julie moved to Citi Global Functions in October 2007 to become the firm’s executive recruiter. Citi’s main clients were law firms and audit firms. In her role, Julie’s job was to offer full-cycle recruitment services for their customers where she recruited senior and executive personnel on behalf of these clients. She also worked closely with hiring managers to create job descriptions and to formulate succession plans, as well as guiding them through open position specifications.

Juliet Joins Citi Consumer Bank

After four years working under Citi Global Functions, Julie was transferred to Citi Consumer Bank in July 2011. Her primary role was to recruit directors and managing directors for the firm’s Marketing and Internet offices. Whenever complex job offers like equity buyouts and deferred awards were involved, Julie would be called upon to lead the negotiations. Besides that, she was tasked with the responsibility of searching for talented professionals across the world. She left Citi Consumer Bank after working with them for two years and four months to join New York Life Insurance Company. For four months, Juliet doubled up as the insurance company’s corporate VP and experienced hire recruiting lead (EHRL). As the EHRL, she was the recruiters’ recruiter. She was in charge of searching for senior officers, such as recruiters and project managers, and guiding them on matters regarding talent strategy planning. As the VP, her roles included listening to clients’ needs and formulating solutions as well as executing development plans.

Juliet’s Roles At Deutsch Bank


Juliet Zuckerberg quit her job at New York Life Insurance Company to pursue a career as an executive recruitment lead at Deutsche Bank. Upon joining the New York-based bank, she was added the role of U.S. talent acquisition. She was bestowed with the responsibility of guiding the hiring teams working under the bank’s Front Office, Infrastructure and Technology, and Operations departments. For purposes of increasing proficiency, Juliet advises leadership and executive committees on hiring methodologies that will capture the best global talent. In the role of U.S. talent acquisition, she develops strategies for recruitment processes on behalf of U.S. heads of business, which will potentially address internal and external client coverage gaps. When director-level offers are involved, Juliet leads the negotiations on behalf of, among others, U.S. Asset Management and Global Technology & Operations.

Bernardo Chua Sets Out To Establish A Global Multi Level Marketing Brand

The Canada based entrepreneur Bernardo Chua has been making a major impact on the global economy of the world by establishing a series of high quality companies that are among the best known in the world of direct sales.

Chua himself has been a well known executive in the direct sales industry for a number of years in his home nation of the Philippines before taking the chance to expand this popular Asian industry into various parts of North America and Europe; in recent years the establishment and success of the Organo Gold brand of Bernardo has ensured he remains one of the best respected executives in the world.

One of the most impressive aspects of the work of Bernardo Chua has been his determination to make sure the products he creates and markets have a positive impact on those who purchase these items.

In terms of good health, Chua works to make sure the range of Organo Gold coffee products are infused with the ganoderma extract Bernardo believes help provide a healthier immune system for all those who regularly drink Organo Gold gourmet coffee products.

Bernardo also believes in assisting his customers with the highest quality information available that will allow them the opportunity to build a more successful financial future for themselves. Chua’s company also works with the Napoleon Hill Foundation to market its popular works that provide information and tips on becoming financially independent.

According to PR News Wire, outside the business world Bernardo Chua is a well known philanthropist who runs the OG Cares Foundation that provides funding for programs designed to inspire young people to become important members of society.

According to Zoom Info, Bernardo Chua also shows his playful side and willingness to get involved in popular charitable campaigns through his social media posts, which include footage of the Organo Gold founder taking part in the ice bucket challenge.

Bruce Levenson Wants Settlement For AIG Policy Dispute

Bruce Levenson has reaped the profits of his $850 million sale of the Atlanta Hawks, a deal that was reached in 2015 to transfer ownership to Tony Ressler and Company. Levenson owned most of the Atlanta Hawks’ shares along with Atlanta Spirit, LLC from 2004 to 2015 and also served on the NBA’s Board of Governors. Though the sale went through, Levenson ran into difficulty with his former insurance company, AIG. He and the other former owners opted to buyout then General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract, and both parties had filed a claim with AIG to cover losses. But AIG has halted any payments and Levenson’s group has filed a lawsuit for bad faith insurance and are now involved in a lengthy court case.

Levenson not only formerly owned the Atlanta Hawks, he also build a mass communications company in United Communications Group (UCG). Levenson holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Washington University, and while taking courses at American University’s law school he started writing at the Washington Star. In 1977 he began his own newsletter with Ed Peskowitz titled Oil Express, and soon that newsletter grew into a major conglomerate covering developments in energy, technology, healthcare, banking and education. UCG founded technology research company TechTarget, which soon became a publicly-traded company, and they later founded the GasBuddy app. Reference:

Levenson is a member of several Jewish American foundations such as BBYO, SEED Foundation and Birthright Israel. Not long ago he joined a group of Jewish leaders that asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss peace measures with US Secretary of State John Kerry. He also has supported the Holocaust Memorial Museum and took the Atlanta Hawks team to visit the museum and to hear his mother-in-law’s story of survival. Levenson also helped raise funds for inner city students through Hoop Dreams, a downtown Washington D.C. basketball tournament. Read More on


Rona Borre Wants To Change Chicago’s Tech Industry

                  Rona Borre, CEO of Instant Alliance

The Booming Tech Sector Of Chicago

The tech industry of Chicago is booming. There are many jobs to be found and those jobs so happen to be high paying. For this reason there is a need for greater diversity in the tech industry. Rona Borre, CEO of Instant Alliance, is centered around making that a reality. She helps tech companies find the right employees for the jobs they need filled and she makes sure to set them up with the most qualified tech and finance experts.   Read more on



The Difference Instant Alliance Makes In The Process

Instant Alliance isn’t simply looking through resumes and finding just a couple of people who might be needed somewhere. They are looking at each applicant and trying to find where that person is best suited. Some people may have the technical skills necessary, but they will not work well in a team. Understanding these differences is exactly how Instant Alliance is able to make a difference.


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About Rona Borre

Borre is a human resources consultant and the CEO of Instant Alliance. Over the course of her career she has personally dealt with a number of challenges present in finding quality technically skilled staffing. Her experience makes it easy for her to find the appropriate staffing needed by many major tech companies. Instant Alliance has used this to obtain one of the greatest reputations around in the Chicago area among companies in both the finance and the technology job sectors.

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The Service of Karl Heideck as a Litigation Lawyer

justice-423446_1280A litigator is an attorney who has majored in providing legal services to plaintiffs and defendants in civil lawsuits. This professional need to have enough knowledge of all the litigation processes, which are pre-trial and trial, settlements, inquiries, investigations, pleading, and discoveries.

A litigator, like Karl Heideck of Pennsylvania, can also specialize in specific fields such as contracts and real estate. An individual who needs to practice is required to graduate from a law school. The Law School Admission Council demands that one should have acquired a degree in any field for him or her to be admitted. Individuals are also needed to pass an exam that is offered by the American Bar Association (ABA) for them to pursue a Juris Doctor degree. The attorneys are certified by the ABA before they start practicing law.

Karl Heideck is among the trusted litigators in PhiladelphiaKarl Heideck is among the trusted litigators in Philadelphia. He was awarded his first degree at the Swarthmore College in 2013. The attorney then joined the Templeton University Beasley School of Law, and he graduated in 2009 with a Juris Doctor degree. Karl Heideck started his legal practice in Philadelphia and currently has sufficient knowledge in addressing lawsuits that face his clients as well as assisting them in filling litigations. Heideck has sufficient expertise in litigation procedures. He can tackle motions and responses, acquiring personal jurisdiction, as well as pre and post-trials. Karl Heideck has been using his skills to offer legal guidance to his clients whenever they would like to sue a firm or an individual. He also represents them in court when they are under litigation.

Karl Heideck was certified by the bar association approximately seven years ago. He has sufficient skills and experience in the general law, which comprises of fields such as real estate, litigation, insurance, business, and family. Heideck has currently qualified as for private practice since he has been serving for over six years.