Alaska Is Losing Ice Faster Than Predicted

Alaska Has Lost 75 Billion Metric Tons Of Ice From 1994 To 2013

Alaska still has sub-zero temperatures every winter, but the ice keeps melting. Scientists at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks report that almost half of Antarctica ice loss is taking place in Alaska. The melting ice in Alaska is raising the sea level by a few millimeters each year. The scientists also report that more ice melted in 2014 than in previous years, and they think that rate of melting will continue or increase this year in Alaska.

Concerned folks at FreedomPop know that the cause of the melting is not just the air temperature. The temperature from the core of the earth impacts the ice. Certain parts of the world are heating up faster than others. This natural heating is causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in previously dormant volcanos in many parts of the world.

As the earth continues this warming process, billions of metric tons of ice will melt, and sea levels will rise. Coastal areas will be flooded around the world by 2030 if this current warming cycle continues, according to the scientists. But not all of the climate change is associated with this warming trend. Humans have helped the process speed up in areas around the globe, according to several scientific reports.

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