George Soros’ Path to Philanthropic Excellence

George Soros is one of the leading philanthropists that the world has ever seen. His work through the philanthropic arm of his business, the Open Society Foundations, has been instrumental in promoting change around the world. In fact, the open Society Foundations has given more than $12 billion to progress, pro-democracy, social justice, and equality programs and activists all around the planet. Soros knows firsthand what it means to be beholden by oppressors and he has made it his life mission to fight it as often as he can in as many places as possible.

George Soros was born and raised in Hungary. When he was just a teenager he saw his home country taken over and occupied by the Nazi forces. Soros, a Hungarian born Jew, would watch in horror as friends and family and neighbors were dragged from their homes and killed by the Nazi’s occupying his country. Soros and his family would be lucky enough to flee but nearly half of a million Jews would end up dead from 1944 to 1945. Soros would end up emigrating to London where he would attend university at the London School of Economics. Soros would work two jobs, a waiter and a porter, in order to work his way through school. Read more at Washington Times.

After graduating from school Soros would eventually leave to America where he would set up shop in New York. Soros’ horrific past was finally behind him and he was ready to focus on the future. He would soon establish his own Hedge Fund and by 1970 he would have enough of a fortune to establish his philanthropic branch. George Soros had helped people firsthand before fleeing Hungary during the occupation, helping to forge documents and sneak Jews out of the country, and he was ready to return to giving back.

The Open Society Foundations has been absolutely pivotal around the world and at home in the U.S.A. The foundation has given relief to Africans suffering during Apartheid. It has also helped the discriminated and persecuted Roma people of Europe. We’ve even seen the Open Society Foundation play a pivotal role in the fight for civil rights and equality here at home in America.

One famous or infamous depending on your political leaning, event that Soros had at least a small hand in was the Ferguson Protests. The Ferguson Protests were centered around the tragic shooting death of an unarmed black suspect named Michael Brown by a white officer, Darren Wilson. Protests went up immediately and it was due in large part to the grassroots activists that the Open Society Foundations had helped to fund over the years. Without Soros’ financial support it is possible that these protests never would have truly taken off. Know more on about George Soros.

Numerous Celebrities Attend Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre

Many Hollywood celebrities have found that the ancient spiritual mysticism called Kabbalah is becoming a solution for them in their hectic, chaotic lifestyles that they have. Sandra Bernard says that she can release 80 percent of the stress in her life by going to the L.A. Kabbalah Centre on a regular basis. The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles is one of the oldest, established in the 1990s by Rav and Karen Berg, and today it is the central Centre for Kabbalah.

So Hollywood is very close for the stars who have want to study Kabbalah. Madonna has been a follower for over a decade and has established several Kabbalah Centres, and she still goes into the L.A. Center. Sandra, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton also have accepted Kabbalah, and the late Elizabeth Taylor and Sammy Davis were early followers.

The first Kabbalah Centre was founded in Israel by Rav Ashtag. In 1922, he opened the doors for any person who was interested in studying Kabbalah to come to the Centre and study under experienced Kabbalists. Before opening this Centre, Kabbalah was only studied between high religious priests and rabbis, though Kabbalah is not a religion.

Today, less than a century later, Kabbalah Centres are open in 40 cities around the world, and anyone who is interested is welcome. Classes are held daily for students to study under the older Kabbalists; dinners are help to provide fellowship; days of volunteering are also held, so students can learn the amazing principle of helping others.

The Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre participates in all of these activities as well as streams the online Kabbalah Centre, which includes meditations, online classes and more. The L.A. Centre is the largest in the world, and as more celebrities learn the benefits and principles of Kabbalah, more will attend the L.A. Kabbalah Centre.

A Close Call With Olympic Valley Incorporation

In an article published by Reno-Gazette Journal, Andrew Wirth stated that it has been a very rough four years for the north shore communities of Lake Tahoe. For the past four years there has been massive political and natural damage to Wirth’s personal company, Squaw Valley Ski. According to Wirth, the political issues along with droughts in and around Lake Tahoe, was nothing but a recipe for disaster. The incorporation that “could” have fallen on Squaw Valley Ski could take risen the residents taxes and decreased services in the area such as snow plowing and road maintenance. With these two services, residents could be put in possible danger for numerous accidents.

Andy Wirth has been the CEO at Squaw Valley Ski since August 2010 and has worked in the mountain resort/hotel industry for over 25 years. Alongside of Wirth’s long history with mountain resorts, he also holds numerous awards including the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award, Business Leader of the Year Award (Steam Boat Springs)and HSMAI’s Top 25 Minds in Hospitality, Marketing Lists and Traveling Sales. Wirth’s drive and motivation to become a professional within the resort business has taken him all the way to the top where he has become not only successful within the community and his career, but financially as well.

Because of the way Andy Wirth presents himself with professional and driven manor, he was given the opportunity to play a role on Under Cover Boss. On the show, Wirth played the role as a customer to see how well the business was run and what the customer service was like. Once he had his list written out, he put his plan into action. From there he helped the employees and their owner fix their personal flaws within the business, in hopes that everyone would learn to work together and give the customers what they pay for. A man like Andy Wirth has the potential to help thousands learn to run business’s properly and finance their funds and property with no hassles.


Freedom For All: The Misssion of the HRF

In August of 2006, the Human Rights Foundation opened its office in New York, and has since been hard at work in promoting individual liberty and freedom around the world. The Foundation is without bias or political affiliation, and bases its work on the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The document represents the ideals of the human rights movement, including (but not limited to) freedom of speech, worship, property, and equal treatment under the law.
The founder of the Human Rights Foundation is Thor Halvorssen. Having worked in human rights since 1989, some of Halvorssen’s motivation stems from personal experience in injustice. His diplomat father was falsely imprisoned and tortured in Venezuela. After human rights organizations secured his release, his mother was gunned down by members of the Venezuelan government. Then, his cousin was taken a as a political prisoner in Venezuela as well. Instead of seeking retribution, Halvorssen’s foundation is committed to a non-violent approach to diplomacy.
Thor Halvorssen’s graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in political science and history. In addition to his work in human rights, he is also an accomplished filmmaker. After college, Thor Halvorssen went on to work for human rights organizations, and founded the Oslo Freedom Forum and a children’s peace movement, On Own Feet. He has been a contributor to the New York Time, TIME, and many other publications, as well as appearing on television programs such as Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC.
HRF works on many fronts to spread liberty around the world. It participates in campaigns to free prisoners and produces films about the subject. However, it also moves to educate the global community on the issues at hand. They bring education to closed societies, set up informative events and releases educational materials. The HRF does not aim to simple get the attention of politicians: they believe in informing the general public of the problem of human rights and encourage everyone to take a stand for freedom around the world.