Adam Milstein Brings Energy to Real Estate as Founder of Hager Pacific Properties

There is a rising force in the real estate scene dominating Southern California and his name is Adam Milstein. Milstein is an Israeli immigrant who came to America in order to pursue higher education and pursue the idea of founding his own business. Milstein came to America in 1981 after finishing his service in the IDF and graduating from Technion. Milstein’s story as a real estate juggernaut almost didn’t get off of the ground and that is where we will start our analysis of the professional.

Adam Milstein would go on to attend USC after relocating to California. It was here that he quickly realized that his own life experiences in Israel, as well as his past education, just did not count for much in the United States. Milstein realized early on that the job offers he was receiving were far below what he felt he was worth. This led Adam Milstein to realize early on that he might be better off pursuing his own company. Milstein says, “They were offering me less than what undergrad students were making.”

Still, Adam Milstein didn’t jump straight into starting his own company. Instead, he worked for three years as a real estate broker before taking the plunge and putting together his own real estate investment business – Hager Pacific Properties. Milstein says of starting his own company, “When you start a business, you don’t know what your day will look like.” That never stopped Milstein from pushing and his push eventually led to a huge amount of success. However, Adam Milstein wasn’t just happy succeeding as an investor.

Milstein has become focused on retaining his culture while expanding his philanthropic outreach. Milstein is the co-founder at the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council as well as a board member of several other prominent organizations including StandWithUs and Birthright Israel. Milstein says, “I realized that getting involved in philanthropy makes my day-to-day job much more satisfying.”

With a trail already blazed behind him, Adam Milstein is looking to the future of Hager Pacific Properties to usher in new life to California’s real estate market.