Whitney Wolfe and Bumble: Helping People Find Romance and Friendship

Single adults lead busy lives. They never seem to have time to meet interesting people to date. And, if one doesn’t enjoy the club scene or bars, their options are limited. Never fear, dating apps, like Bumble, created by Tinder co-founder Wendy Wolf in 2014, have come to the rescue.In the 21st-century one can use their mobile device to find romance. Online Dating apps are easy to use. Clients enter their personal information and preferences, search for a match, and swipe right or left. The process makes vetting potential candidates easy.

Pew Research Center studies show that 15% of American Adults have used a dating app to help find a romantic partner. That number continues to rise.People who use dating while admitting to a minimal downside seem to overwhelmingly see the process as a good way to meet people that are a better match, meet more people, and value the ease, efficiency, and relative safety of the method. Wendy Wolfe, Bumble Founder, and CEO even created a platform that allows only the women to initiate contact between the matches.

Bumble has close to 12 million registered users, and although either client can initiate contact in same-sex situations, hetero women can avoid the sleazier and more harassing style of connection used by some men on dating apps. Wendy Wolfe’s Bumble app now operates globally and has facilitated over 100 million matches.Wendy Wolfe grew up In Salt Lake City and earned her education at Southern Methodist University. She had her business while still in college, started a project named the Help Us Project, worked helping orphanages in Asia, and eventually moved to Austin, Texas and founded Bumble.


Talk Fusion Slowly Gaining Market Dominance through Launch of Innovative Products

The launch of Talk Fusion’s new and innovative product, Video Chat, has gotten an excellent reception in many markets around the world. In fact, so popular is the product that it has catapulted to become Indonesia’s number one most used communication application. In Japan it is currently ranked number 5 while Switzerland it hold the 20th position. The product is clear, fast and is supported by many devices including tablets, phones, Mac and PCs.

Many clients who use Talk Fusion’s products claim that it is uniquely different in a good way. It offers high definition video communication that is fast and smart. In addition, it can be used to communicate with people from different parts of the world. Other satisfied clients like Steve Baran have confidently claimed that they are eagerly waiting for new products will be launched by the firm. Video chat is currently available on iTunes market as well as Google Play Store.

Launch of a Month-Long Free Trial Period

Talk Fusion announced that it will soon launch a one month period where all its products will be offered to the market for free. This is in a bid to attract more customers and raise awareness towards the firm’s top notch products. The excellent marketing campaign has surely left many in anticipation.

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a company that produces high-end video technology products that help to connect people around the world. It also allows users to share moments through video. It has successfully implemented total quality management in all its products and operations allowing it to grow within the highly competitive video communications industry. It currently offers an array of products including video email, video newsletters, live conferencing and meeting solutions, video chat, marketing solutions as well as reporting and analytic enhancements.

The firm was launched in the year 2007. Its main product then was video email. The product had been in development since 2004 when Bob Reina and a friend began working on how to send video through email. Today, the company has a dedicated and professional team of tech wizards, graphic designers, dream builders, wordsmiths and video gurus. It is charged with connecting the whole world using talk fusion products.

Originally reported on Business for Home: https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/03/talk-fusion-video-chat-now-1-communication-program-in-global-market/

From A Humble Beginning To The Very Top

Despite being 3years old, Handy recorded more than $50 million this week only. This company may not be so old, but it is estimated at a net worth of $500 million. The founder of Handy, Oisin Hanrahan has great plans for the company and mentions that New York has had a leading hand at the success of his business.

While at the Web Summit, Hanrahan had some time to catch up with one of his colleagues that he had gone to college with in Dublin. As a couple, they had started two organizations together before they finally decided to go into their solo businesses. The two had MiCandidate whereby they provided media companies with a lot of political content. Additionally, they also started a non-profit organization, the Undergraduate Award, which has developed to become one of the biggest of its institutions.

As you may have realized that moving from providing demanding political content to cleaning services was a significant step that Hanharan had taken. The idea came up while he was staying at a hostel in Boston with two roommates. One was tidy while the other was incredibly messy. In this case, the two tried to come up with a concept, and once it was out, the pair decided to quit school and make the business a reality.

During the summer, they came up with $50,000 in seed and incubator money and chose New York for Handy’s location. They ensured that there was no competition within their radius and set it up. This strategy also gave them the benefit of hiring various workers who could work to get money whenever they were free and were not fully employed by the company. This level of flexibility made it easier for them to get some of their businesses from cleaner bookings. Besides that, Handy has the manpower to perform other tasks.

Handy Is Luxury Service At Low Cost

Handy offers a new solution to cleaning and handy work that is making consumers’ lives easier. It was once a luxury, but thanks to Handy we can all have the chance to experience home cleaning and handy work done by professionals. This post will give more information about Handy, and we’ll discuss what The Next Web had to say about this new sensation in their recent interview with one of Handy’s founders, Oisin Hanrahan.

Learn About Handy’s New Solution To Cleaning And Handy Work

Are you tired of having to deal with a messy house or apartment? Do things go unfixed at your home? Maybe you just don’t have the time or energy to take care of them yourself. You have thought about hiring a person to come take care of these problems, but it is so expensive to find good help these days. Plus, you want to know that the person you are letting into your home is safe to trust around your property. Handy has the solution you have been looking for in their product.

Handy offers a way for consumers to find home cleaning services and handyman services. They typically match thousands of happy customers with the desired service they need every week. The professionals that offer their services through Handy’s portal are already screened, and they are independent workers. The workers are also top quality individuals.

Interview With Co-Founder Of Handy

The Next Web sat down with one of the founders of Handy at Web Summit in Ireland. The co-founder, Oisin Hanrahan, is turning the small start up into a leading company in their industry. In 2015, it was revealed that the company is worth $500 million. To read more about how Oisin is building the company, look at The Next Web.

Bob Reina Founds Company Talk Fusion By Sending Friends One Of World’s First Viral Videos

Way back in the day, when the world was still hearing that awful phone internet screech while logging into AOL, Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina wanted to embed a 10-second video into his email. He had a hilarious tid bit for all of his friends and he really wanted to make an impact on them. AOL said it couldn’t be done. With the help of a few techie friends, Bob pulled it off. Eventually, he mastered the art of embedding videos into email. Little did he know, it would become a powerful business.

Talk Fusion is now the 8th largest online content company in the world, mainly due to the company’s ability to let you embed videos into an email for email marketing. The positive effect of an email video on an email marketing campaign are staggering. People open emails more often if they know there is a video inside of it, and most email servers let the user know there is a video in their email before they open it. Open rates increase 20%.

Click through rates, the amount of users that click through to your site after opening the email, multiply. Click through rates are positively affected by 2 to 3 times. All of this means that you can expect a 40% bump in revenue from your email marketing campaign. There’s a simple reason why.

According to hard research by the Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, a video is worth 1.8 million words. You have probably heard a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, that pales in comparison. But the real reason why video email marketing really works is attention spans.

Attention spans are narrowing, especially with the younger generation. They are the generation of instant gratification and they expect big things from any marketing campaign. A video will capture their attention. You cannot rely on a written email to catch their eye. If you want to capture people, especially the all-important younger demograph, you need to start embedding videos into you marketing emails, and Talk Fusion makes is easy with over a thousand templates an user-friendly interface.

Get Professional Work Done By Handy Professionals

Imagine having a home that is so out of order that the person considers taking a day off work, simply to clean their home. Some have a home that’s messy or out of whack because of the fact that they just moved into their home, and they haven’t been able to clean up their place the way they wanted to. Some may even be in the process of moving, and that’s why their home is a mess. There is help that a person can get if they need their home to be more organized and cleaned, and this help can come from Handy.

For those who’ve never heard of Handy before, Handy is an all in one company that has many services that are provided by professional workers, who are also trained and work directly with Handy. These workers are able to clean a home, do plumbing services, assemble furniture, help a person move, do electrician work and more. Imagine going to a store that has every service a person could ever need for a home in one place, and that’s what Handy is. Instead of shopping around to look for services, Handy has all the services for a home in one location.

Handy has had many happy customers that have worked directly with them, and many of the customers have praised the work that Handy professionals have done. When it comes to home cleaning, many have gotten their homes cleaned exactly how they wanted it, and this is very important to those who have a certain way that they want their home to look. Another plus about Handy is the fact that it doesn’t take long to get a worker out to the home, compared to some other cleaning services. If a cleaning service is full, it may take days to get a person out to the home.

Handy is different in the fact that they are connected with many cleaners and other workers, so there’s never a long wait for a cleaner or any type of service person coming from Handy. It’s possible that a service person from Handy will come out the very next day, and this means fast and reliable service can be provided to the customer. Those who are interested in Handy’s services can sign up for an account on the website, create an appointment, and a service person will be sent out as soon as possible.

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Handy Has Some Of The Most Professional Workers

Many people out there have not heard of Handy before, but it’s time that everyone gets acquainted with the company, especially because of the fact that Handy is becoming more of a household name than ever before. Handy is considered a cleaning company, but those who are uninformed about Handy may not know that the company does more than just cleaning homes. Any type of service that can be done in a home is something that Handy has workers for, and these are not typical workers but professionals who are certified and trained in the jobs that they do.

Those who need a mover for their things that can get movers from Handy. Anyone who needs a painter to paint their house or inside their bedrooms can contact Handy. It’s also possible to get home cleaners who can clean a home from top to bottom through Handy services. Those who even want furniture or anything assembled in the home or even plumbing services can also go through Handy as well. Handy is trying to be a one-stop service for anything that needs to be done in a home or to a home, and this makes Handy very convenient for customers.

Similar to the biggest retailer in the United States, Handy wants to be the one place where everyone goes when they are looking for any type of home services, especially since it can be frustrating to search from one company to another for different services. It can cost a lot more money as well for a person to find a moving service, a painting service, an assembly service, and a plumbing service as opposed to getting all the services completed by Handy workers. It’s possible to go to the Handy app to check out all the services that are available as well as to book an appointment.

The great thing about making an appointment with Handy is the fact that the appointment can be the very next day, but it’s possible to wait for several days or even a week or more with other companies. The Handy company is only around to handle the customer’s needs, and having professional workers is one of the best ways that they can do that as well as professionals who are also on time. Many have had a lot of good things to say about those who work for Handy, which is understandable because Handy workers are all well trained.

Image Recognition Is Defining The Future

When you think of the future, you may think of flying cars and artificial intelligence, but image recognition and visual search is the next monumental change to come and rearrange the way you live your life it seems. There are literally thousands of instances where this new technology will be used throughout your day to life’s activities. So many that you will most likely not even realize how integrated it has become as a certain point. There are now innovators of the industry influencing how to make the process of using image recognition a smoother and more efficient process around the clock.

Just about anyone can remember an item they passed along their way that they wished they knew more about for the purpose of eventually purchasing it. Image recognition makes this possibility a reality by detecting three-dimensional aspects of a two-dimensional image that has been taken with your phone’s camera and running it through the internet for matches. The whole process is incredibly cutting-edge, for it is the first of its kind to do so with visual information.

A few years back, a application called Shazam made it possible to detect and identify a song that was played on various devices and in real-world environments. It was a revolutionary change for how music enthusiasts found music that they wanted to eventually purchase. The very same idea is at play here with image recognition, only that you can now point and click your camera phone at just about anything and have it identified within the database.

Not only are you able to find out who makes a particular item, but you can find out what it is used for in some cases. You can also use image recognition to take part of special offers that are being held and just learn about the item in general. Eventually, the technology will be utilized to teach users of the world that they live in on a less consumer-type level as well. Just imagine seeing a painting hung on the wall at a certain establishment, but the signature is too messy to make any sense of. Snapping a picture of it and running it through the system could let you know who made it and other key details.

The main contender in image recognition technology is Slyce. They have worked out a carefully-crafted system that allows you to locate and purchase just about anything you can think of or come across in life. If you find a coupon in the paper for a discounted item, running an image of it or a QR code may actually turn up even cheaper results. Although many are trying their best to become the main innovators of this new technology, Slyce will not be giving up their place at the top any time soon.

Skout Offers Excellent Buzz Tips

Skout is a place for meeting new people. A lot of people wrongly characterize Skout as a dating website but it’s a lot of other things apart from just that. Skout is there to help people cultivate meaningful relationships, one of which is romantic. Various people have made friends and best friends on the website and swear by it. However, the things that sets Skout apart from millions of similar websites is its blog. Here are some amazing buzz tips offered by the Skout Blog –

Post Unique Pictures – A buzz has an 85% chance of receiving a comment if a photo accompanies it. But why go with a boring selfie when there are unique pictures out there? The Skout Blog recommends choosing great things to buzz with – like a new dish you tried out and loved, an exotic place you visited, and so much more.

Ask Questions and Be Curious – The logic behind this advice by the Skout Blog is simple – when you ask a question, you get an answer. This doesn’t mean asking for someone’s phone number but simple chit chat. Since Skouters love to share their world of knowledge, great questions could be related to restaurant tips, travel advice, book recommendations, workout ideas, and similar topics.

Try To Be Friends – Not every Skouter is on the website to hook up and improve their dating life. Some are just there to find someone who is likeminded and be friends with them. So, the Skout Blog reminds every Skouter to be friends first and move towards dating later. This would not only make the buzz worthwhile but it would cement the foundations of a relationship well.

Always Proofread Your Buzz – Nothing is more off-putting for people than reading comments that are full of typos and grammatical mistakes. This is why the Skout Blog advises Skouters to proofread everything before posting it.

Be Positive – Unless a Skouter has a close knit group of friends on the website, it is never recommended to start off with a negative or sad post. There are better chances of getting a response from strangers when the posts are positive and inquisitive in nature. “Leave it to the diary”, is the recommendation of the Skout Blog regarding negative buzz.

The Skout Blog is a haven of knowledge where Skouters are offered valuable tips and advice on a variety of issues.