Sanjay Shah’s New Moves With Autism Rocks Foundation

Sanjay Shah, a retired director of Solo Capital, has decided to add new trustees in the team of Autism Rocks board members. The trustees named Pete Best and Willy Best are brothers and Sanjay has known them since back in the university. Sanjay sees them as the best thing happening to autism rocks because they will bring new insights and ideas to the board membership team especially in pursuing both long term and short term goals of autism rocks foundation. Pete is experienced in financial investment and has been in the field for 21 years; Will has been in the music career since university days and makes a great events and concerts and organizer.

Shah says the two will be involved in major decisions of the board, especially in matters relating to finance decisions like the Autism Rocks Trust Fund and the major research centers to fund all over the world. From a release through PR News Wire, Sanjay is happy to have the two brothers in Autism Rocks Foundation. Sanjay retired from Solo Capital Limited to focus more on Autism Rocks Foundation. His reason for retiring is that solo capital has achieved stability, and he is also not a fun of full-time office work. Sanjay founded Solo Capital as his first company in 2009 after being laid off his job due to the then European economic crises. He also owns three dozen companies in the United Kingdom, Dubai, The British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands.

Solo Capital is a boutique of financial investment located in the United Kingdom but withholding in Dubai. It has been in operation for five years and was incorporated as a private limited company in 2011. Solo Capital has three directors in operation and works in a team of 18 partners who share profits through dividends. Solo capital services are majorly financial assistance to investors; they include consultancy services, proprietary trading, financial advice and foreign exchange investment assistance. Solo Capital employees are in particular experts in betting with the European foreign exchange market. They never go wrong with the stock market trading; Sanjay founded Solo Capital with the assistance of a couple of university graduates, but it has grown to employ 20-49 employees.