The Greyhound Diaries: Documenting America’s Lesser-Known Side Through Songs, Stories, and Images

Doug Levitt has been travelling for 13 years and has covered over 120,000 miles. This artist and former journalist started working on the presidential campaign of 2004 registering voters. While traveling the country by bus he discovered an often-unseen segment of America. This inspired him to keep going. This exploration has since evolved into a documentary art project, The Greyhound Diaries, and what Levitt now calls a way of life.

In America, long-distance travel by bus tends to be a last resort. Most riders only do this by necessity. Levitt has observed that the bus transports an under-acknowledged segment of American society including the poor, people who live in very rural areas with no other forms of transport, and ex-convicts who are given a bus ticket to return to where they were initially convicted. Many of the cross-country journeys are long, and chatting with your neighbor is the best option for entertainment. Levitt has learned a lot about his bus mates through conversation on long journeys.

Doug Levitt grew up in a middle-class family in Washington DC. Like many Americans, he never saw the segment of society that he encounters on the long-distance Greyhound journeys while growing up in DC. He has found his conversations with the people he meets on the bus to be revelatory of underlying themes that go unnoticed in American media and larger culture.

His experiences documenting and traveling on the Greyhound bus have exposed him to a lesser-known pocket of American society and have helped him process his own life experiences through conversations with strangers. His journey has helped him come to terms with the trauma of his father’s suicide that occurred when Levitt was 16 years old. He compares it to affordable therapy. His perspective as an artist and singer-songwriter helped him to capture the images and feeling of his experiences on the bus, leading to the creation of an EP, a book, and a website documenting this.

Natural Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire engagement rings are quickly gaining popularity over the traditional diamond engagement ring. Royals have known the beauty and elegance of the Sapphire for generations. The Queen Mother gave Princess Diana a sapphire brooch when she wed Prince Charles. Some of the royal families chose to wear tiaras that contain sapphires. Some of these royals include the Grand Duchess Marie Adélaïde of Nassau, Queen Maxina from the Dutch royal family, and Princess Charlotte from Monaco.

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The popularity of sapphire engagement rings has increased and they are likely to maintain their value. These alluring sought-after gemstones come in a wide range of colors including purple, blue, pink, green, orange, black, yellow, and colorless.

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It is best to buy a natural sapphire over a synthetic one. Synthetic sapphires are grown in a lab over short periods of time. Since synthetic sapphires are not as popular as natural ones, the choices on cuts can be limited. Natural sapphires are formed by nature, that’s why they will retain value better than synthetic gems. Natural sapphires form underneath the Earth’s crust and are mined out. This makes natural sapphires an extraordinary find and a one-of-a-kind stone. Every stone that is found, is unique. A lab cannot create such fantastic forces of nature.

Wengie’s YouTube Smoky Bold Eye Makeup Tutorial

Asian beauty and YouTube viral personality Wengie gives us an in-depth tutorial on how to create a smoky, sexy look for the eyes. Wengie is the digital ambassador for the New Shu Uemura in collaboration with KYE cosmetics collection. Mainly, this tutorial appeals to those with Hooded eyelids. Hooded eyelids also known as Hooded eyes, are a specific eye type that refers to how the upper eyelids are hidden and the natural crease of the eyelid is very hard to see. Many well-known celebrities with Hooded eyelids include Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton, Blake Lively, and Renee Zellweger just to name a few.


Wengie walks you step by step showing you to create the perfect face. But today we are focusing on Wengie demonstrating her smouldering, smoky eye look for us. On the eyebrows, Wengie uses the Hard Formula Brow Pencil in order to finely shape and clean the arch of the brow. Wengie goes on to transform and darken the eyebrows by adding a punch of burgundy pearl color by using Limited Edition Rose & Cappuccino Brow Pallette and Limited Edition Rose Brow Manicure Mascara. Wengie suggests nothing but a matte application featuring the Shu Eyeshadow Pallette to enhance the crease of the eyelids and contour the nose bridge. Applying beautiful earth tones such as medium brown and dark matte colors bring out more of the burgundy tones in the eyebrows. Making sure you are blending in the colors is imperative.


Wengie applies The Black Calligraph Ink Eyeliner in a bold thick manner of a wing shape which creates an almost nostalgic look. She then layers with Limited Edition KYE Black Drawing Pencil along her lower lash line for a thicker look that will not smudge. Lastly, to further bring out her eyes, Wengie enhances her smoky look with a Limited Edition KYE Navy Drawing Pencil by tracing on top of the thick black wing shape making it much darker. Wengie by far has done a phenomenal job in making a face an illustrious canvas.