Lime Crime Offers New Ways To Shine

It was a mystery when Lime Crime announced a new sparkly product on November 5th without much explanation, leaving the eager fans to wonder just what kind of makeup it could be.

The name Diamond Dew caught some people’s attention and some speculated if it was a liquid highlighter as they only had a dry powder version, that Lime Crime calls Hi-Lite which is available in four shades for $38 each.

Other fans were instead hoping it could be a liquid eyeliner or some kind of eye glitter.

Some had guess it was nail polish by the dropper-like design of the product container. Others quested if it was hair glitter, setting spray or even another lip gloss.

But since Diamond Dew has been released by Lime Crime, it has been revealed to be revealed at last to be a liquid eyeshadow which was inspired by one of their other fabulous products Diamond Crusher Lip Topper which become so popular which has 15 colors to choose from for $18 each.

This can be placed over other eyeshadow or put on directly over the skin of your eyelids. Like many Lime Crime products. There are no restrictions as to how you can put it on so feel free to apply it to your checks, body, or anywhere you wish and who doesn’t want to shine like glitter?

Diamond Dew comes in 10 colors so those who love variety can enjoy a mixture of different combinations for the regular cost of $20 for each or if you are planning on buying them all anyway, you can save $30 by getting the whole bundle for just $170.

The colors include, Tearful, Pixie, Paris, Aurora, Rose Goals, Chocolate Diamond, Dragon, Vision, Starlight, and Chameleon and because they don’t dry, crease, smudge or mess up your makeup, you can enjoy their sparkling effects for hours.

All Lime Crime Products are vegan and cruelty-free, which means that they do not contain ingredients derived from animals, so you can enjoy your new look with zero guilt.

To add even more glitter and glow, you can even coronadite your Diamond Dew colors with other Lime Crime cosmetics.