Joseph Bismark looks for a new and spiritual way to conduct business


I have heard the name Joseph Bismark a few times through the business grapevine, but knew little about him until I stumbled across the WordPress blog Bring on the Random. I was amazed to find the work of Joseph Bismark brings in various aspects is spirituality and social responsibility that makes me question why more of those at the highest levels of business are not willing to act in similar ways. The QI Group Joseph Bismark is managing director of is not suffering from a lack of success as the founder of the company seeks to improve the way his company does business.

Joseph Bismark has always looked at life a little differently to most people, I have now read much of the youth he spent studying with monks in the Philippines. After leaving the religious world at the age of 17 Bismark embarked on a period of adjustment in his life that led to his co-founding of the QI Group and a corporate life that did not seem to suit the temperament of the executive.

I was impressed by the fact that Bismark decided to not throw in the towel of his business life, but instead found a new way to work within the confines of the corporate life in a way that would assist him in the future. Bismark took the chance to become a motivational speaker and search for ways to conduct business in a new and more socially conscious way. I feel we can all learn from the work of Bismark in caring for his employees and knowing that when his business associates are happy the customers they serve are usually happy too.

Beyond Making Money as an Entrepreneur


Being and entrepreneur is often more about the process of the start up and the independence that comes with that, than the income generated. This doesn’t mean that income and profit isn’t necessary; it is to cover the costs of starting up and maintaining a business. It is just part of the satisfaction. If it was just about making money people would stick with working for someone else and the illusion of security that doing that provides. This is why entrepreneurs walk a fine line between business success and enjoying the experience of starting up their own companies. 

Not all new companies make it past the idea phase and of those that do, few ever know real success. According to an online article by Entrepreneur, there are 25 common characteristics of a successful entrepreneur ( In the article, number eight lists projecting a positive business image, as one of the traits. Entrepreneur Marc Sparks has become very successful at that while building a financially successful business, Timber Creek Capital.

marc sparks timber creek capital
Marc Sparks of Timber Creek Capital

On Marc Spark’s Wikipedia profile he has a quote from the Bible, “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.” Luke 12:48. Marc follows this scripture with actions and his company, Timber Creek Capital, reaps the benefits. The company is known to help other entrepreneurs with start up seed money and even management. Eric has become a very successful business owner that understands the responsibility to give back and the byproduct of that is a company that has a very positive image. 

The company’s image is elevated by the number of organizations Marc Sparks is active in and contributes to. Some of them include the following:

The Samaritan Inn
The North Texas Gateway Apartments
America Can! Academy
Sparky’s Kids 
Highland Park United Methodist Church
Carpenters for Christ
Habitat for Humanity

He didn’t stop with giving, he has written a book, “They Can’t Eat You” to help others learn from his entrepreneurial journey. It includes both the successes and the failures. He believes there is probably more to learn from the latter.

Eric realizes there is more to business and entrepreneurial success than just making money. Giving back has not only reflected positively on his company but has positively impacted the organizations that he donates to and supports.

Boraie Development Trying to Revive Pauline’s Prairie


A recent article by the Press of Atlantic City discusses Pauline’s Prairie and the many issues surrounding its development. In case you’re wondering, Pauline’s Prairie is huge patch of land sitting between Virginia and Connecticut Street in Atlantic City. It originally was meant for housing but has been barren for years. Many companies tried reviving it in the past, however, none of them have been unsuccessful thus far. Community members have grown used to seeing the empty lots of Pauline’s Prairie.

The most recent company to take on the challenge of development is Boraie Development LLC. Boraie Development purchased the land for a whopping 1 million dollars from the Atlantic City Housing Authority and Urban Redevelopment Agency. They plan to build an apartment complex on the now vacant plot of land. This could possibly bring more people to the area, which is always an excellent thing. They want to begin construction on this extensive project as soon as this year. 

You might be wondering about Boraie Development. They are a company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The business is run by VP Wasseem Boraie. They’re one of the most well respected development leaders in the entire state; they certainly appear to be qualified enough to handle the difficult task at hand.

History is repeating itself. The project seems to have taken a turn for the worst, yet again.

The economy in Atlantic City took a hit, losing a total of three casinos. Since then, Atlantic City has been nearly bankrupt. Because of this, conditions certainly don’t seem to be fiscally feasible for construction. This all will depend on a vote and whether or not Governor Christie decides that the funding money would best be put towards paying off the debt. The city has to make a decision by September 30th on whether they want to go ahead with the construction or halt it for now. 

Will Pauline’s Prairie thrive again? Even if it doesn’t this time, it certainly seems that a lot of people have taken an interest in it. The door will surely open again, just as it has the past almost half a century. Given enough time, Atlantic City residents just might find their home on Pauline’s Prairie.