There’s More To Eric Pulier

When it comes to the entrepreneurial spirit, a few factors remain mandatory in order to become successful. To expound further, being an entrepreneur requires a person to become fearless. Moreover, an entrepreneur has to remain able to withstand pressure. Furthermore, an entrepreneur must remain able to articulate their plans and goals. Doing so would ensure their reliability in the world of business. Moreover, an entrepreneur has to remain able to maintain their composure at all times. To expound further, an entrepreneur must remain able to accept the criticism of other people. Therefore, this only leaves a small percentage of people eligible at becoming an entrepreneur.

With that being said, Eric Pulier remains a primary example. For those unaware, Pulier remains a prominent figure in the investment industry. To expound further, Eric Pulier transcends business. In addition, Eric Pulier also remains an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and an author. As a resident of Los Angeles, Pulier has expanded his empire. As a native of New Jersey, Pulier grew up in a modest household. To expound further, Eric Pulier has remained actively involved in programming computers and things of that nature. After graduating high school, Eric attended Harvard University in 1984.

For those unaware, Harvard University remains one of the most prestigious schools in the world. While there, Eric pursued a degree in English. Furthermore, Eric wrote for the Harvard Crimson while taking classes. By 1988, Eric graduated magna cum laude. In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles, California. Then, he founded a company called People Doing Things. For those unaware, the company aimed at addressing health care, education, and other issues by using technology. Aside from this company, Eric created several other companies. In addition, Eric Pulier remains the recipient of numerous awards.

Moreover, Eric Pulier remains an avid philanthropist. On numerous occasions, Pulier donated graciously to the Painted Turtle. For those unaware, the Painted Turtle aims at curing kids with chronic illnesses and so forth. Aside from his philanthropic efforts, Eric also remains a public speaker. On numerous occasions, Eric has given several speeches around the country. In closing, Eric remains legendary.

José AuriemoNeto and JHSF Bring Opportunity to Sao Paulo

There are many different development companies that are in Sao Paulo but only one of them is able to boast being the most luxurious company that is available to help people with the opportunities that they have. It is something that has made things better for the people who are in different situations and it is something that has made it easier for people to be able to get what they need out of the developments. José AuriemoNeto has worked to develop both residential and commercial spaces so that people are able to get what they want. Whether people who live in Sao Paulo are living, working or entertaining themselves, they are able to get what they need from the developments that José AuriemoNeto created for people who are in different areas. This has helped José AuriemoNeto to build up the JHSF name and has allowed him the chance to make the company even better.

The residential aspect of the company is committed to providing residents of Brazil with the most luxurious living options available. They boast things like premium finishes, extreme convenience and added extras. There are many things that José AuriemoNeto includes in his residential buildings that have made them luxurious for the people who live there. It has given him the chance to make things better and give people a better chance at doing what they can with the experiences that they have in their own living and residential situations.

Commercial spaces are also important to José AuriemoNeto. He wants to make sure that things are going to work out for JHSF and the options that people have when they are in the area of Sao Paulo. He has worked to develop offices, retail locations and even manufacturing locations. While he has done everything that he can to add luxury to the buildings, it is something that most companies do not do. He wants to make sure that he is working with the right type of company and, for that reason, has recently signed exclusive agreements with big name luxury designers like Jimmy Choo.

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Adam Goldenberg Appreciates His Customers

Everything that Adam Goldenberg does is for the people who he serves with the different options that he has on his websites. He wants to make sure that everyone has access to the TechStyle brands and he works hard to make sure that they are accessible for each person who visits the different sites that they are listed on. According to, Adam Goldenberg does what he can to promote TechStyle and to offer more for the customers who he works with. Whether that means he is updating style quizzes, creating more choices for people in fashion or even showing people the way that they can buy from different platforms, he has done what he can to promote the brands.

The idea behind the sites is that people sign up, take a quiz, get a stylist and then get the clothing or accessory items that they want delivered right to their door. This is convenience at its finest and something that Adam Goldenberg has been pushing for since the company first opened up. He knows what it takes to make people want items. He also knows that the style quizzes need to be updated regularly to reflect changing trends. This is something that he can do to make sure that things are going the right way.

When it comes to the fashion part of the business on, he uses celebrities and people who can help him figure out what he needs to do to make things better for himself. He also needs to make sure that things are going the right way for the business so that he can be sure that it will work out for customers no matter what walk of life they are in. He even does things to update sizes and to offer more to people who need the extended sizes.

Adam Goldenberg wants to make sure that he is doing everything that he can to get everyone on board with the TechStyle idea. Because of this, he has done things that go against what he originally wanted. For example, he no longer just sells his stuff on his own site but he offers it on Amazon too. This is a big change but is right in line with the Amazon boom that is going on right now. He helps people to get the options that they need and even has the capability of being able to offer clothes in brick and mortar stores.


Online Companies

Do you want to start a business online? Many people today do because it offers a lot of flexibility and lower start up costs than other forms of business. You need to have a plan before you get started in order to ensure that you reach your goals.

Some people wrongly assume that running a business online is easy to do. The problem is that you have to continually work at your business in order for it to succeed. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people fail in business. If you will learn to plan out the future, you can have great success.

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Jason Hope

When Jason Hope started his company, he had to endure a lot of challenges. He has a strong background in business, and he understands how to help others in a variety of ways. He believes that business is a great way to make your mark on others. Not only that, but he is also ready to start making things more of a priority in his life. If you are ready to start building wealth in a variety of ways, starting a company is a great way to go that.

Future Plans

If you are ready to plan for your future, you need to work with people who are going to add value to your life. Jason Hope is one of those people, and he is excited about all of the changes that are occurring in the economy. Now is the time to start planning for the future.

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George Soros: A Man With An Agenda For The World

If you are a person who checks out the Forbes list from time to time, then George Soros is a name that you are bound to come across. As of 2016, Soros was ranked 19th in the Forbes 400. His immense wealth is something that he has used to his advantage on George has played a very significant role in shaping the political terrain of several countries all over the world. In the United States, George Soros arguably influences American culture and politics in a way very few people can. A well-known supporter of refugees, Soros pledged that his firm would invest half a billion dollars in companies started by migrants and refugees, most of whom were arriving in Europe. This statement in September 2016 was not the first of its kind by Soros. In the past, he’s made donations to many organizations that help immigrants in different parts of the world.

George Soros’ affiliation with refugees runs deeper than just being a helping hand. He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. After the Nazi invasion of Budapest in the 1940s, George’s father split up his family to increase their chances of survival. George relocated to England in 1947 where he had to work as a part-time waiter and railway porter while studying at the London School of Economics on Investopedia. Soros would graduate from the LSE in 1952 after which he joined Singer and Friedlander, a brokerage firm in London. Here George became conversant with international arbitrage. George Soros later migrated to New York where he worked as a stock trader on Wall Street.

George’s original plan was to save some money before returning to Europe. However, this changed when he became the portfolio manager at an investment bank on, Arnhold, and S. Bleichroeder Inc. It is while working at this bank that George’s career grew immensely. In 1969, Soros created the “Double Eagle Fund” for the bank with four million dollars as capital. With the aid of his assistant, Soros set up a private entity which he named the Soros Fund Management. They later renamed the Double Eagle Fund- The Soros fund before eventually settling for The Quantum Fund. By 1985, the fund was worth more than one billion dollars. Today, it is estimated to be worth more than 30 billion dollars.

Soros is known for his philanthropic works under the name Open Society Foundations which are operational in more than 70 countries globally. His organization advocates for democracy, freedom, social justice, the rule of law and human rights universally. George Soros has set out to make the world a better place, and for a man with his wealth and influence, it just might not be out of reach.

Jason Hope Wants To Takeover Tech In Arizona

The Scottsdale Tech Oracle
The tech industry of Scottsdale, Arizona is taking off and creating something never before seen. With likes of entrepreneurs like Jason Hope it seems as if the future is brighter than ever for the Southwest.

Hope, a long time entrepreneur and advocate of the Internet of Things, is doing an exceptional job of promoting this growth in Arizona. He wants to create an Arizona with an eye towards where tech is going without looking back or hesitating to embrace the latest and greatest.

His Vision For Tech
Jason Hope’s vision for the tech industry focuses on finding ways to engage people with technology while creating a new establishment. A major focus of Jason Hope is on the Internet of Things and the ways it will change our lives. The idea of a future filled with smart homes and self driving vehicles was once considered science fiction, but it is quickly becoming reality thanks to IoT. devices gather and share the information they collect in order to make our lives much more convenient. Soon, everything from our refrigerators to our lights will have some sort of functionality involving the internet.

The Fight Against Aging
Another major focus of Jason Hope is the fight against aging. He is a major contributor to the SENS Institute, an organization devoted to finding ways to combat aging. Aging is often considered a natural part of life, but Hope believes it is simply another disease. By finding ways to extend our lives and fight aging we would no longer need to worry about death with the exception of accidents and similar events. It would create a radically different society and alter the way we live for decades to come as people are freed from the restraints of time.

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Mike Baur Proceeds To Offer Support To Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Many individuals have come up with initiatives that support creativity and the ability to come up with products that can cause a revolution in the market, but none has done it better than Mike Baur. Mike Baur is a professional who worked in a senior position as a banker for about 20 years before he moved out of banking to start his journey as an entrepreneur. In his new journey that began in 2014, Mike Baur has been working to support entrepreneurs who have good ideas but lack either skills or the funds needed to push the project forward.


When he joined entrepreneurship, he did not have an idea how big the project would grow to become the best incubation facility in Switzerland. The Swiss Startup Factory works with entrepreneurs in various categories by supporting their quest for growth and attainment of their goals. It is a company that is focused on delivering ways through which young entrepreneurs can navigate the complex world of business.


Accounting and legal support

At the early stages of a business, there are legal requirements that have to be fulfilled before the business is fully chartered to operate. Even then, it has to make sure it operates within the required legal framework and no contravention of the agreement laid earlier is made. Understanding the legal requirements the business has to comply with may not be in the domain of the entrepreneur at the beginning but after some legal education they can get ideas about how things work. Same thing applies to accounting processes. The Swiss Startup Factory makes sure the entrepreneur understands all the requirements that the business has to fulfill to proceed well.


Post accelerator support

Going through the incubation process to completion is not enough to mean the entrepreneur cannot make mistakes. After the three months of incubation, the Swiss Startup Factory offers three months incubation that ensures the business follows all the ideas shared during incubation. Mistakes may also happen and in the absence of a professional the entrepreneur may find it challenging to learn about the market.


More about Mike Baur

As a successful entrepreneur, Mike Baur is looking forward to supporting more entrepreneurs through the Swiss Startup Factory. He started in 2014 but the progress he has recorded is massive. Mike Baur attended the University of Rochester, where he earned an MBA before he later joined Bern University to graduate with an Executive MBA.



Adam Milstein’s Life and Devotion to Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is an Israel-American philanthropist. He is the co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation alongside his wife, Gila Elgrably. They formed the foundation in 2000 to provide charitable and philanthropic services to various organizations. Based in Los Angeles, USA, the organization focuses on strengthening ties between the State of Israel with that of the United States of America. The primary services offered include consultations, partnership developments, and fundraising. These efforts are designed to maintain programs encompassing Pro-Israel advocacy, Jewish education, and Jewish continuity.

Milstein takes heart in the interests of others and finding a means of helping the society is his way of interacting with others. His philanthropic philosophy of operation consists of three distinct principles:
1. Active Philanthropy – He and his staff at the Milstein Family Foundation invest not only their time but also their expertise in the programs they undertake to support the community.
2. Life Path Impact – Milstein develops organizations that maintain a steady deep connection with their target population by engaging them through the stages of life. He creates programs shaped for the different phases of life namely childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.
3. Philanthropic Synergy – Milstein develops programmatic partnerships with other stakeholders working towards assisting charitable organizations.

Milstein is also the co-founder and Chairman of the Israeli-American Council (IAC). The IAC aims at building a united Israeli-American community that ensures the Jewish and Israeli identity of the future generations. He also sits on the board of several other organizations such as Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC National Council, StandWithUs, and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel.

Born in Haifa, Israel, Milstein served in the Israel Defense Forces during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. In 1978, he graduated from the Technion with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics. Milstein joined his father and began his career in commercial real estate. He is the Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a private real estate investment firm. He lives in California with his wife and their three children.

John Goullet Helps IT Companies Connect with Skilled Workers

John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur, leading the development of several IT ventures. He started out working as an IT consultant, then switching to a staffing consultant in 1994. He started as Info Technologies, an IT staffing company, helping Fortune 500 companies fins the employees they need throughout the country. He served as the company’s CEO. Within five years of opening their doors, Info Technologies grew into a $30 million company, reaching number 8 on Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest growing privately held companies in the US.

In 2010, Info Technologies merged with DIVERSANT Inc., forming DIVERSANT LLC. John continues his passion for developing new ways to meet the challenges of the technology industry, serving as a principal for new firm. He also serves as the Chairman of DIVERSANT LLC.

John decided to get into the IT staffing business, because it was a low-barrier-to-entry business. He claims that the success of others ahead of him, gave him the faith to jump in. He says that he gets his ideas by reading and simply paying attention to what is going on in the labor markets. He continues that IT professionals are always in demand, because there are just not enough students, graduating with IT skills. He looks for the technologies that appear to be in the highest demand and builds a list of skill sets required and a list of people who have the skills

Goullet sees the trend in technology demand continuing. Changes happen fairly rapidly in the industry, requiring skilled workers who can learn new techniques quickly. The thing that keeps him going in the business, is that his competition is biting at his heels all the time. He has learned a lot about the business, by replicating the best practices of his closest competitors. John plans to continue serving IT companies by connecting skill workers to the open positions around the US.

A Look Into The Contribution Of Mike Baur Towards Nurturing Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs in Switzerland have been looking for a platform on which they can launch their ideas and execute processes that are aimed at promoting the growth of businesses and this is exactly what Mike Baur has come up with. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur is offering entrepreneurs a chance to enjoy nurturing their ideas into strong businesses.


Established in 2014, the Swiss Startup Factory has come out as a great avenue through which talented startups can push their ideas further to the achievement of success. The platform offers a three months incubation program that aims to support upcoming entrepreneurs to manage their ideas and push for growth. It currently stands out as the best accelerator program in the country and since inception it has supported over 50 startups that are now competing well.


Market research

Before getting into any market, it is advisable to first research to understand the barriers and benefits that one can get. This is one of the things the Swiss Startup Factory offers to the upcoming startups to help them grown and attain international status.


The research team that is put in place to handle the market evaluation role offers guidelines that help the startups to prepare to face the market because different variables can limit the performance of a business if not taken care of. The Swiss Startup Factory has advanced tools that make the research work easy and the team that executes this role is trained and skilled on matters entrepreneurship.

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Product development

Developing a product to match with the expectation of the market goes beyond having the concept. This is a stage that requires a lot of creativity and research to reveal what others in the market are doing to earn the attention of customers. When designing a product, it is vital to factor in the psychological aspect as well as how useful it will be to a section of the audience. Most startups fail at this point despite having strong ideas, so the Swiss Startup Factory is offering support that will ensure no such losses are incurred.


About Mike Baur

Born in Fribourg, Mike is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who holds passion for business. He has managed to launch several ideas and one of the most outstanding accomplishments he made is launching the Swiss Startup Factory. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, he is supporting talented startups to locate their way around entrepreneurship. To serve his passion, he left banking to embrace venture capitalism in 2014.