Executive of Banco BMG, Marcio Albana reviews automotive industry IPOs

The automotive industry has been attracting more and more investors in the stock market. Several scandals in the industry, however, have overshadowed the progress, damaging the stock performance as in the case of the car manufacturer, Volkswagen. In light of this, Banco BMG Executive, Marcio Albana, conveys the latest news in a brief overview of automakers in the stock market.

Albana states that one of the first companies to go public in the stock exchange was General Motors completing 100 years of its IPO, which currently has about a 53 billion dollar market value. Albana also recalls that Henry Ford took the initiative in 1956 to offer his first actions (IPO) as one of the greatest of his time, the equivalent of 600 million dollars.

IPO is an acronym for initial public offering in English, or first offer in free translation. This means that companies begin to trade public actions, usually to institutional investors and the general public (private investors and individuals). Through this process,a private company becomes a corporation.

The IPO is used to raise funds and investment capital for companies, enabling the monetization of investments. “So, today you see the investor looks for the IPOs of fitters and, as an example, one can cite the IPO of Ferrari, which took a 5% increase in their stocks. This increase led the Ferrari company to acquire 10 billion dollars in market value,” reports the Bank BMG Executive, Marcio Albana. Check out the performance data of the top IPOs of automakers, published by Exame Magazine, according to reports by Marcio Albana, Banco BMG. Read this original article at Exame.abril.com.

Marcio Alaor is part of the phenomenal executive team at Banco BMC, a bank in Sao Paulo, Brazil that has been open since 1939. Alaor operates one of the largest private banks in Brazil among a team of professionals who are committed to providing quality and exceptional financial services to the entire population of Brazil. Banco BMG has a history of providing support and sponsorship to many leagues and sports teams in and around the community.

Shaygan Kheradpir Taking Over for Coriant

For anyone who is looking to learn from one of the best and brightest CEOs currently in work today, they need to turn their eyes towards Shaygan Kheradpir. He is one of the top executives in the United States and sits right now as the CEO of Coriant. Of course, that was not his first step as a CEO and he has held several other high ranking positions in different industries. It shows that just about anyone is able to excel as an executive with the right drive and determination. It doesn’t matter what their degree focus is.

Originally from London, Shaygan Kheradpir went to Iran with his father who works as a rather prominent doctor in the region. He stayed there until he finished up primary school and then moved to the United States where he received everything from his bachelor’s degree to his doctoral degree in engineering from Cornell University. After receiving his Ph.D. in electrical engineering he went on to work at GTE Laboratories in the late 1980s. While this company is no longer around currently (by name at least) it is now better known as Verizon Communications, after its merger with Bell Atlantic. While working for the newly formed Verizon Communications, Shaygan Kheradpir headed the e-business division before taking over as the company’s CIO and CTO.

During the time with Verizon, Shaygan Kheradpir headed up some of the most important projects the company has released in recent years. This includes the FiOS fiber optics Internet service (which is available in select cities currently). He also worked on the development of the DVR service for Verizon. After working on these different projects he started to receive all sorts of attention from other companies and he went on to move onto other businesses including Barclays. As the financial giant, this proved to be a completely different step for Shaygan Kheradpir and he actually become the first individual with a tech/engineering degree to sit on the board of directors for one of the world’s largest financial companies.

While working with Barclays he eventually become the COO for the Global Retail and Business Bank department branch. From there he also took over as the CTO with the company as well. Throughout all of this time, Shaygan Kheradpir moved his way up to become the CEO of Coriant, which is a private equity firm that works with Marlin Equity Partners.

BMG And Its Success Trail And Reasons For Achievements

One of the most sensitive areas of business is safeguarding your idea so it can work. Many people come up with big ideas but lack of information and skills works down their zeal for success. This is a case that calls for professional intervention and has been highlighted in many ways. Businesses are now able to transact easily using technology, but this has also been a challenge as it requires one to adjust their behavior. For this reason, one needs to regularly seek information that can help to offer solutions to different issues in the market. The banking sector is among the most complicated areas of business as there are many things one is expected to handle successfully. BMG has however eliminated the belief that there cannot be success in banking as they have been highlighted among the most successful banks in Brazil.

Efficiency and the ability to cater for the needs of different clients has been seen as one of the things that have led to the attainment of stability within BMG. The bank has been working on strategies that are meant to enhance an improvement in the way they handle business and this has worked out successfully. They have managed to introduce the use of technology in the execution of different task. Accessing different services does not mean one is supposed to visit a branch of the bank, but through online means and mobile devices, it is possible to access your information from the bank.

Leadership is a vital element that any business needs so as to succeed. BMG has not taken this for granted as they have invested in having the most competent professionals in their crew. The company has been able to achieve most of its goals due to the guidance that people like Marcio Alaor have offered. Marcio Alaor is the director of BMG and his effort towards ensuring the company attains stability has been key. He has worked together with the president and other professionals to see that BMG gets more than 3000 outlets across Brazil. This has eased the delivery of customer support and has helped resolve many problems.

Marcio Alaor is also among persons who have been pushing for the protection of the welfare kitty that is meant to support projects like sponsoring sporting activities as well as other corporate responsibilities. Through this project, many young Brazilians have been able to nurture their talents.

Bruce Levenson’s Investment in Press and NBA Franchises

Bruce Levenson has owned various businesses in the media sector including TechTarget and United Communication Group- UCG. He started UCG in partnership with Ed Peskowitz, a company that saw a humble beginning but a bright future. UCG is now a leading publishing company that covers information concerning news, data, and analysis.

The company now serves different businesses within the telecommunications, energy, healthcare, technology, and mortgage banking sectors. UCG started in 1977 when Levenson and Ed Peskowitz met to discuss the possibility of having a joint partnership in a business.

Its first products were a newsletter bringing stories about oil industry development to the market. That newsletter was given the name Oil Express. UCG is an industry leader that is relied on up to offer insightful data and news information to businesses.

Apart from the investment in media and press sectors. Levenson has also been seen in the sports world. He has been a co-owner of a renowned NBA team, Atlanta Hawks. This is a team, which he and others owned since 2004. In this year, a company known as Atlanta Spirit LLC came into formation. This company later transformed and changed to Atlanta Hawks LLC.

The formation of Atlanta Spirit LLC was not one without an aim. The Atlanta Spirit LLC. was founded to provide a bridge, which would lead to the purchase of the Atlanta Hawks, Thrashers, and operation rights of Philips Arena. Levenson and Ed Peskowitz became the majority shareowners of Hawks.

In the deal involving the purchase of Hawks was another team called Thrashers, though it was sold back in 2011. The Hawks, Thrashers, and Philips Arena’s operating rights were bought from a media company known as Turner Broadcasting System, which today is referred to as the Time Warner.

In 2014, Levenson gave an announcement that left many people surprised. He said that he would no longer continue being part of the ownership deal of Hawks. Therefore, he would be willing to let go his shares in the team. This decision meant that he would offer the controlling shares he had for sale to interested parties.

It was not long after Forbes billionaire Levenson‘s decision that the other owners of Hawks too gave their own stance. They said that they would also sell their interest in the team. These other owners made their decision in January 2015. Different auction bidding groups were invited to take part in the sale process. However, a group that was being led by Tony Ressler was awarded the right to purchase the team. This group had bided for the ownership of the team by offering $730 million.

However, it ended up paying $850 million to own Atlanta Hawks. Deals involving the sale of NBA franchises have seen a transformation in recent times. The NBA franchises have witnessed a change in their valuations. They have attracted more value due to the rewarding TV deals they have been involved. In the past few years, the NBA franchises were not attracting good prices in their sale deals, but this seems to have changed.

A Modern Day Gold Rush Is Just Months Away

While gold is still much in play, it is still a solid hedge against inflation and deflation, as well as a perfect vehicle for monetary growth. One factor regarding growth is that most people who invest in precious metals understand the correct timing to do so. Without a proper understanding for timing the markets, any investment, including gold, will become devalued very quickly.

In many cases, people claim a substantial stake in gold or some other precious metal, only to lose substantially in the end. And the problem with their investment wasn’t in the purchasing of gold, it was in the timing. Many people purchase gold, and don’t understand the various nuances that make up rises and drops in the gold market. It goes well beyond the rudimentary understanding of the raising of stocks and bonds in relation to gold. There are many other factors that need to be considered and evaluated when purchasing gold for an investment purpose.

For instance, people are not aware that there will be a significant bear rally within the next 3 to 6 months. How is this important? Here is the simple answer in a nutshell: when this bear rally occurs, it will combine with a slowdown in the selling of gold on the general markets. Gold has been selling rapidly over the last year and a half, especially to foreign interests like China and Russia. When this heavy buying subsides, it will trigger the prices of gold to go up. During this time, over a 6 to 9 month period, the price of gold is expected to rise anywhere from 10% to 30%. Within the next year, it will not be uncommon to see gold at the price of $1100-$1300 per ounce.

So how does one get involved in becoming a part of the gold rush? One of the things that a individual must have is an expert in gold dealings. The people at US Money Reserve have an extensive amount of time with individuals looking to invest in gold. They have a number of different departments, with over 100 expert individuals giving advice in gold management, gold purchasing, appraisals and more.

The people at US Money Preserve have been in the gold acquisition business for years, and can tell a person firsthand the best options for them to continue on with their investing goals. Gold coins remain one of the best physical investments in gold that you can make, and the experts at US Money Reserve know what their customers want, and offer quality products that they can partake of.

Handyman in your Hands

For anyone whose ever had the “pleasure” of hiring a Handyman or Home Cleaning services, most will agree that convenience and customer service aren’t always at the top of the list. Even with the explosion of the Internet, you’ll still have to deal with figuring out who to trust, who to rely on, and who to pay. It can be a maddening experience that often becomes a job of its own. However, with the power of the Internet, Handy on twitter was born bringing a superior Handyman experience in the palm of your hands. Created in 2012 from the creative minds of Harvard Business School classmates Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, the founders also felt the same pain as many people do with home services and thus set out building a better way for all to benefit.

Peace of Mind

It starts and ends with “Peace of Mind” for both consumers and freelancers. For customers, Handy.com provides reliable workers and simple transactions. A user would simply type in their zip code, get a total price quote, and make a payment for their freelancer of choice. This can all be done in 60 seconds with an option for next day service. There is nothing on the market that even comes close to this level of home service convenience.

Freelancers also benefit immensely from this system as they have the comfort of knowing that they’ll get paid while still retaining their independence as an entrepreneur. With an average hourly rate of $18 for cleaning professionals, freelancers can be assured of competitive pay for their services. Also reporting their income is much easier thanks to the digital reporting tools made available helping to avoid the tax problems often associated with contracting work.

Quality without Compromise

Quality seems to always be a guessing game when you’re hiring home services regardless of how good of a “deal” your getting. Handy.com takes care of these headaches by applying a rigorous screening process. Potential service providers are run through extensive local and national background checks along with pre-screened interviews. Only 3% of the thousands of applicants have been accepted which is more demanding than some top IV League schools. Customers can feel confident that they’re getting quality service that they can trust.

Room for Growth

Within just a few years in business Handy.com shows no signs of slowing down. In 2014 alone, they’ve reached over $1 million in bookings per week with projected run rates over $52 million. And the demand isn’t just limited to consumers as the number of freelancers and jobs have grown to more than 200,000 applicants with more than 10,000 jobs per month. The company has established itself as a leader in the segment with more than 50 employees plus thousands of freelancers and expansion to more than 25 cities within the US, Canada, and UK with more locations in the works. Where there’s a home there’s Handy.com.

Boraie Development Trying to Revive Pauline’s Prairie


A recent article by the Press of Atlantic City discusses Pauline’s Prairie and the many issues surrounding its development. In case you’re wondering, Pauline’s Prairie is huge patch of land sitting between Virginia and Connecticut Street in Atlantic City. It originally was meant for housing but has been barren for years. Many companies tried reviving it in the past, however, none of them have been unsuccessful thus far. Community members have grown used to seeing the empty lots of Pauline’s Prairie.

The most recent company to take on the challenge of development is Boraie Development LLC. Boraie Development purchased the land for a whopping 1 million dollars from the Atlantic City Housing Authority and Urban Redevelopment Agency. They plan to build an apartment complex on the now vacant plot of land. This could possibly bring more people to the area, which is always an excellent thing. They want to begin construction on this extensive project as soon as this year. 

You might be wondering about Boraie Development. They are a company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The business is run by VP Wasseem Boraie. They’re one of the most well respected development leaders in the entire state; they certainly appear to be qualified enough to handle the difficult task at hand.

History is repeating itself. The project seems to have taken a turn for the worst, yet again.

The economy in Atlantic City took a hit, losing a total of three casinos. Since then, Atlantic City has been nearly bankrupt. Because of this, conditions certainly don’t seem to be fiscally feasible for construction. This all will depend on a vote and whether or not Governor Christie decides that the funding money would best be put towards paying off the debt. The city has to make a decision by September 30th on whether they want to go ahead with the construction or halt it for now. 

Will Pauline’s Prairie thrive again? Even if it doesn’t this time, it certainly seems that a lot of people have taken an interest in it. The door will surely open again, just as it has the past almost half a century. Given enough time, Atlantic City residents just might find their home on Pauline’s Prairie.

The Time Has Come

On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court votes 5-4 to allow legalization of same-sex marriage. This has been a very hard-faught, uphill battle that has taken place over the span of several decades. The impact of the ruling was felt all over the world by both those that agree and those that disagree with the verdict.

Prior to the ruling, only a handful of states allowed same-sex couples to marry. Mikal Watts thought the change was coming soon though. No wthat the Supreme Court has voted to allow it nationally, same-sex couples are allowed to marry regardless of what state they live in.

As of the 25h of June, there were 14 states that were still denying same-sex couples the right to marry. The 5-4 vote ensures that the final holdouts must now allow the marriages. According to Justice Kennedy, their ultimate decision was due to the fact that same-sex couples were being denied the “fundamental right” to achieve marriage equality that the Constitution affords every citizen.

Like the struggle of African American’s right to vote and also the right to be in an inter-racial marriage, the struggle for same-sex marriage has been an uphill battle. Many people in the country are still divided in their opinions of whether or not this change should take place. For the most part, religion is cited as their determining factor.

Whether the decision is agreed with or not, one thing is for certain: this is a historic moment in time. Progress is always challenging and some people adjust very slowly, if at all.

Mississippi Wants The Condfederate Flag Banned From Their State Flag

The debate over the use of the Confederate flag has now grown hotter, and even Mississippi lawmakers are stating their opinion. Mississippi has their own flag, but their flag also includes the Confederate flag in it. The Mississippi Flag. Many take offense from the Confederate flag, and it’s been a hot debate lately, especially since the senseless tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina. Many are complaining about the use of the Confederate flag, and a lot of people are saying the flag needs to be banned everywhere.

The Confederate flag is seen a particular way by different people. Some people see the flag as a mark of their heritage and Southern culture, and others see the flag as nothing more than racism. The Confederate flag was created back in the slavery days, and since racism was rampant then, it signifies racism for many people. Although some black people agree with keeping the Confederate flag, over 90% of people want to see the flag gone for good.

Mississippi lawmakers are asking that the Confederate flag be taken out of their state flag, and the flag needs to be remade. Crystal Hunt pretty much agrees with that. Ever since Obama made a recent speech, he stated that the only place a Confederate flag should be viewed again is in a museum. If the majority of people are protesting against the use of the Confederate flag, then why is it still around? Who knows if this debate will go far enough to get the flag banned for good.

Haidar Barbouti

Haidar Barbouti has become one of the most successful restaurateurs in the Houston area and he has gotten there by taking on an unconventional view of how a restaurant should be run. He claims that many restaurant owners are caught up in what they want out of their restaurant versus what the customers want out of a restaurant. This customer service oriented view has helped elevate Haidar Barbouti to a successful career.
Haidar Barbouti is the owner of the Highland Village Shopping Center and he recently decided to build a third story on his shopping center and decided that this third story would be a great place for a restaurant. This restaurant would be open air and offer spectacular view of the Galleria area.
Haidar stated that he had recently gone to Europe and was inspired by all of the wonderful open area restaurants that the continent had to offer. These restaurants offered a great atmosphere and were a pleasure to eat in. He wanted to create that atmosphere in Houston. When he started to build his open area restaurant area, he could not find a tenant for it.
Many restaurants pitched opening a tapas bar that would offer wine, there is a great deal of money to be made in this category, but Haidar did not want to open another tapas bar, because he felt that these were quite boring. Haidar is hoping to create a new and exciting restaurant that people would want to go to. After awhile he decided that he was going to have to open his own restaurant.
Haidar had no previous restaurant experience, but he was able to flourish because he had knowledge of what tasted good. He knew that back in the day everyone’s mother could cook a delicious meal that was better than what you would find in a restaurant. After awhile at looking at these old recipes, he was able to open UP restaurant.
UP has become one of the hottest spots in town. This chic restaurant is filled with stylish decor and with some of the best and most exciting food in town. Haidar is now considered a visionary by local restaurant owners and he is well on his way to becoming own of the most successful restaurant owners in Houston.
By being willing to break outside of the current trends and change the way the business is run, Haidar has changed the industry forever.