Susan McGalla: the evolution of women in business

The ancient belief that only men can be involved in the business world is changing a lot. Women entrepreneurship has developed a lot from the ancient times when women were supposed not to work and stay in a house.Today, more and more companies invest in women entrepreneurship, since they are aware of the women’s importance to economic growth in many parts of the world.

Based on people’s experience, women perception of the world and business differs a lot from that of men. Women are as well owner of many businesses, such as hotels, mill houses, fashion companies etc. However, many women are in the dark about what steps they must take in order to be successful. Despite this, many of them proved that they can be successful business leaders, and businesswomen like Susan McGalla on wikinvest are making their way into this field.

As one of the most successful businesswomen on in her country, Susan McGalla had to meet many challenges in order to become what she is today. She is a self-confident woman who knows how much effort is needed in order to work one’s way to the top. She is well aware that it is up to women to identify their potential, and she is encouraging many women to be bold enough to do what they want.

Susan McGalla represents the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Steelers, as well as the founder of P3 Executive Consulting in Pittsburgh. She is experienced in clothing and retail sectors that have attracted many important people in the sector of finance who need advice on matters such as talent management, branding etc. Her career began at Joseph Horne Company, and she later joined American Eagle Outfitters. Thanks to hard work and patience, she was appointed the Chief Merchandise Officer and the President of this company. She then left the company to become a private consultant for Wet Seal, and she eventually became the company’s CEO.

Susan McGalla has talked about her views on women entrepreneurship and how to succeed in the business world as a woman to many audiences, such as The Women and Girl’s Foundation, and at the University of the Carnegie Mellon. She states that many important businesswomen have marked a significant revolution in the business field, which is very encouraging for those women who are planning to be involved in this industry. As she grew up in a male dominated family, her father did not treat her differently from her brothers. As a result, she had no problems working and dealing with men, and this confidence was very important for her success.

Furthermore, American Eagle was a company with males when she joined it, and she managed to excel there with many different positions. Since then, she has become a major consultant for one of the most important people whenever they needed advice on the retail world.

To conclude, the control Susan now has over her life and career was afforded through many years of hard work and dedication, so she is now trying to encourage other women to follow the similar path and not to be afraid to come across many obstacles