ClassDojo Benefits And its Journey towards Monetization

Dianne Rhodes, a third-grade teacher at Bel Aire School in California, has been using ClassDojo for two years now. Mrs Rhodes is fascinated by the progress she has made so far thanks to the little app on her phone. She attributes the positive change in the way she teaches her classes, and the manner in which she communicates with parents to ClassDojo.


About ClassDojo

It is a communication app that creates a connection between teachers, students, and parents. It is built on the need to build a happier and simple classroom community. Through this app, teachers find another platform of encouraging their students for any skill or value. It also gives students a voice as they share and showcase their learning experiences by uploading videos and photos to their portfolios. On the other hand, parents are given an opportunity to track, and hopefully participate in the classroom experiences of their children.


The company is among the fastest growing education technology firms of all time. It is loved and used by millions of teachers, students and parents in 90 percent of K-8 schools in the United States, and 180 other countries. It was co-founded by two bright minds – Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The entire team comprises individuals from a pool of talents ranging from engineers to designers, educators from all over the world, and experts from Facebook, Dropbox, Google, Y Combinator, Amazon and Airbnb among many others.


Monetization Journey

After successfully connecting teachers, students and educators for five years, ClassDojo is now considering moving to the next phase of its journey; making money. There are no intentions of selling ads. In its bid to maintain its initial focus on matters classroom, ClassDojo intends to start selling educational content. The basic materials will still be available for free, but premium content will also be incorporated.


According to Hemant Taneja, a board member, and MD of General Catalyst, the company enjoys a bigger market share than Coke in the United States. It, therefore, intends to leverage its capacity to distribute educational materials to teachers and students on a whole new level.


However, ClassDojo is not in a hurry to start the monetization journey. Currently, its primary focus is to expand its user base and also improve the products. Until that time comes, ClassDojo is riding on the patience of the investors.

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