Sergio Cortes Is a Talented Michael Jackson Impersonator

There are many celebrity impersonators in the world today. This profession has turned into a very big business for the people who are good enough to get hired on a regular basis. Elvis is the most commonly impersonated celebrity. However, the number of Michael Jackson impersonators has risen dramatically since the singer passed away. Sergio Cortes is widely considered to be the best of the best as far as impersonating the king of pop is concerned. Cortes has come a long way since his very humble upbringing. He is now famous around the world for impersonating one of the world’s most beloved entertainers.

Contrary to popular belief, it was not the life ambition of Cortes to become a Michael Jackson impersonator. In fact, he has admitted that he did not even know people made a living impersonating celebrities until he was around 20 years old. Cortes has admitted to being a fan of Jackson’s music as a youth. However, he would never imagine in his wildest dreams that one day he and Jackson would be linked so closely. Cortes grew up in Spain. He learned English by listening to American pop music. As time went by, Cortes noticed that something very strange was happening. Cortes was slowly beginning to look like Jackson. This was as a result of the treatments Jackson was undergoing to lighten his skin. Eventually, people began to confuse Cortes for Jackson when he went out in public.

Cortes was surprised by all of the attention at first. He knew that he had been blessed with a very unique opportunity. It was now just a question of finding out the right way to take advantage of it. Cortes began to get requests to show up at various parties and public events dressed as Jackson. He did this part-time and made a very good living in the process. He eventually decided to take things to the next level and become a Michael Jackson impersonator full-time. However, he knew that simply dressing and looking like Jackson would not be enough to get people to pay top dollar to hire him. He then began to take singing and dancing lessons. He learned the complex choreography to all of Jackson’s most legendary videos. After many months of practice, Cortes began to perform concerts where he would sing and dance like Jackson. These concerts have been a huge hit and made him internationally famous.

Doe Deere: Not Your Average Makeup Mogul

When people think of fashion and cosmetics, they often think of trendsetting fashionistas who redefine what fierce and female empowerment means. When it comes to blurring the lines and thinking outside the box, however, there is a new executive in town by the name of Doe Deere.

Controversial at best, this soft-spoken Russian creator of the hit cosmetics line Lime Crime is a force to be reckoned with. Unapologetic at best, she is also totally accepting of what is considered normal and, well, what is not. Her line of cosmetics raise eyebrows and open minds not just because she features neon hues and glitter in nearly every one of her pieces (Lime Crime offers eyeliner, nail polish, and more), but because her fan base is made up of some of the most eclectic people on the planet.

Lime Crime by Doe Deere is specifically geared toward people who want to stand out in a crowd. People who follow Doe Deere and her success feel confident about themselves when they don her makeup and accessories, whether it’s neon purple eyeliner or turquoise glitter all over their face. People of many types of ‘fandom’ trends, from comic books to pony loving, can enjoy Lime Crime and be the individuals they are without feeling scorn from the rest of the world in doing so.

Doe Deere herself is quite the fashionista, and it’s hard to miss her in a crowd. She stands out simply because she is different- not daringly so, but individually so. She pays attention to her own fashionable desires, and while she respects the more normal trendsetters of the world, she doesn’t aspire to be just like anyone else. She doesn’t want her fans to be just like everyone else, either.

What makes Lime Crime so popular and controversial is that the entire line appears to be geared toward total defiance, until you get to know the creator, that is. Doe Deere isn’t about being different and unique simply to be so, she is about being true to oneself and encouraging self-esteem and confidence no matter how a person chooses to dress or act. Males and females alike enjoy Lime Crime because it allows them to be them without having to feel apologetic for their actions and style.

Fans of Lime Crime and Doe Deere will continue to see the brand rise in popularity. While the controversy will fade, which Doe Deere know doubt hopes it does, the line will continue to brand itself as totally individualistic and different- in all the right ways.

Joseph Bismark looks for a new and spiritual way to conduct business


I have heard the name Joseph Bismark a few times through the business grapevine, but knew little about him until I stumbled across the WordPress blog Bring on the Random. I was amazed to find the work of Joseph Bismark brings in various aspects is spirituality and social responsibility that makes me question why more of those at the highest levels of business are not willing to act in similar ways. The QI Group Joseph Bismark is managing director of is not suffering from a lack of success as the founder of the company seeks to improve the way his company does business.

Joseph Bismark has always looked at life a little differently to most people, I have now read much of the youth he spent studying with monks in the Philippines. After leaving the religious world at the age of 17 Bismark embarked on a period of adjustment in his life that led to his co-founding of the QI Group and a corporate life that did not seem to suit the temperament of the executive.

I was impressed by the fact that Bismark decided to not throw in the towel of his business life, but instead found a new way to work within the confines of the corporate life in a way that would assist him in the future. Bismark took the chance to become a motivational speaker and search for ways to conduct business in a new and more socially conscious way. I feel we can all learn from the work of Bismark in caring for his employees and knowing that when his business associates are happy the customers they serve are usually happy too.