Attorney Dan Newlin Launches New #Dan Hashtag Campaign

The injury and accident Attorney Dan Newlin has recently launched a new #Dan hashtag campaign in order to raise awareness for his many legal services in the Greater Chicago area as well as Southern and Central Florida. Newlin did this in order to have a better rapport with his many clients as well as reach other clients who he may otherwise miss using traditional media advertising campaigns.

As reported by PR Newswire Dan Newlin was referenced in a Small Business Trends article the use of hashtag advertising campaigns is growing and pretty much every major social media site from Facebook to Instagram is incorporating these campaigns into their typical user experience. Essential Dan Newlin is going after the social media generation as a demographic. It helps that many of Newlin’s clients span a wide geographic area from Florida to Chicago. This means that traditional tv or print ad campaigns will not satisfy both demographics with one campaign.

The new campaign has also been picked up by a number of major telecommunications firms which are putting the #Dan code to use by dialing or by text message. This will help to expose even more individuals to the campaign and allow them to seek the accident and injury services that Dan Newlin is so famous for. When he designed the ad campaign Dan Newlin cited scientific research that showed that between two and seven seconds is the best amount of time to imprint a message into someone’s memory. If you are able to make an impression during that time period you will have a much greater chance of remembering the message. The #Dan campaign is quick and easy for both newer and older generations.

Reporting was based on an article on PR Newswire release on Dan Newman that offers some more details of his #Dan campaign.