New York City Apartments Are Being Built Just For You

People that don’t currently live in New York City have a different idea of what an apartment might look like. Unfortunately, New York City is subject to a lot of rumors that are just not true. Rumors have been going around forever about the size of apartments in New York City, and although the rumors may be true at times, it’s not the case for every single apartment. When some people think of NYC apartments for rent, they imagined a place so small that you can barely turn around in it. People may also feel that they’ll have everything in one room, and they have to shower at the end of the hall in a bathroom that everyone shares.

It’s not impossible that some of the preconceived notions that a person has about New York City apartments is true, but in a lot of cases these rumors are not a reality. There are some very roomy apartments in New York City, and it’s possible to get a very luxurious apartment too. You may be able to get an apartment that has some incredible views of the city as well as some of the landmarks that New York City has to offer. New York City is filled with great sites to see, and many people would like to see these landmarks outside of their window when they go to sleep at night.

Why would someone want to live in a high-rise building, other than the fact that they can see most of the city from their window? Not only can the city be seen from someone’s window when they are in a high-rise, but it’s also possible to see a lot of things that someone in a low rise building couldn’t imagine seeing outside their window. Since high-rise buildings are popular for the view that they give those that live in them, then why not go for a high-rise apartment? Even if there are no high-rise apartments currently available, there are some currently being built, so you won’t be left out.

It may be worth the wait to talk with Town Real Estate about getting a new apartment in a high-rise building, especially since everything will be brand-new. You’ll be able to see some great sites out your window, you’ll be close to the hot spots, and you’ll be in a new home that no one has ever lived in before. Some people only wish that they could tell someone that they were the first person to live in their new luxury apartment. If you work with Town Real Estate they can possibly get you into a great apartment in New York City that you can be proud to live in.

State Trooper Gives 3 1/2 mph Escort to Elderly Woman

The scene which occurred near the United States and Canadian border last Tuesday was an eye-catching one. A older woman is riding a motorized scooter on the side of the road, going at a very slow speed of only a couple miles per hour. Behind her, with lights flashing, is the car of State Trooper Dave Hintz as he slowly drives behind her. Onlookers like Ricardo Tosto got a good video of the entire story.

While it may have seemed to some onlookers that he was attempting to pull her over, his actions were merely an attempt to keep the elderly lady safe until she made it home. “I wasn’t trying to stop her. I wasn’t trying to detain her. I was just trying to get her back to her home,” commented the Trooper.

The woman had gone into the nearby town of Lyden, Washington for coffee earlier that day. On the way back home she got turned around and ended up about four miles away from her house. When Hintz found her she was on a state highway where speed limits are around 45 miles an hour.

Calling an ambulance or other vehicle to transport the woman was a possibility, but one which would have made it difficult to ensure that the motorized scooter made it back with her. So instead, Trooper Hintz made a decision to stay with her until she found her way back. The drive took over an hour, but Hintz says that he “wouldn’t have done it any differently.”

Incorporating Olympic Valley Is A Bad Idea

It seems like the people of Olympic Valley would like to have their say when it comes to the idea of possibly incorporating their small town. As it turns out though, there may be more resistance to the idea than support for it. 

The Sacramento Business Journal reports that the problem for Olympic Valley is just how small it is. There are fewer than 1,000 people who are permanent residents of the area. That hurts the case for incorporation because it is unlikely that so few people could generate enough tax revenue to keep things up and running. 

Olympic Valley of course once hosted the Olympics and is a popular tourist spot, mostly because of Squaw Valley Ski and its CEO Andy Wirth. The bulk of the tax revenue that it currently makes are from taxes levied on hotels and entertainment for outsiders who are visiting. It is a cash cow for the little area, but likely would still not be enough to justify making this place a standalone city. 

Residents of Olympic Valley have been pushing for it to become incorporated for a number of years. Many of them feel that it is their right to have a city that they can call their own, and they do not like feeling as though they have to be dictated to as to what to do on various matters. 

The fact is that Olympic Valley residents are pushing for incorporation while people in the surrounding areas are saying it is probably not a good idea. The battle between the two is something that has risen to epic proportions in some cases. 

Many have the feeling that this area ought to remain a part of the larger surrounding Tahoe community. If it does, at least then it will have the support system that it requires to stay around and remain vibrant. 

For those hoping that Olympic Valley may one day be its own little incorporated city, they probably have to hold off on those dreams for a while longer. There is just no use in pretending that this place is going to sustain itself for the long run. There are too many ways in which the plan is not feasible

Haidar Barbouti

Haidar Barbouti has become one of the most successful restaurateurs in the Houston area and he has gotten there by taking on an unconventional view of how a restaurant should be run. He claims that many restaurant owners are caught up in what they want out of their restaurant versus what the customers want out of a restaurant. This customer service oriented view has helped elevate Haidar Barbouti to a successful career.
Haidar Barbouti is the owner of the Highland Village Shopping Center and he recently decided to build a third story on his shopping center and decided that this third story would be a great place for a restaurant. This restaurant would be open air and offer spectacular view of the Galleria area.
Haidar stated that he had recently gone to Europe and was inspired by all of the wonderful open area restaurants that the continent had to offer. These restaurants offered a great atmosphere and were a pleasure to eat in. He wanted to create that atmosphere in Houston. When he started to build his open area restaurant area, he could not find a tenant for it.
Many restaurants pitched opening a tapas bar that would offer wine, there is a great deal of money to be made in this category, but Haidar did not want to open another tapas bar, because he felt that these were quite boring. Haidar is hoping to create a new and exciting restaurant that people would want to go to. After awhile he decided that he was going to have to open his own restaurant.
Haidar had no previous restaurant experience, but he was able to flourish because he had knowledge of what tasted good. He knew that back in the day everyone’s mother could cook a delicious meal that was better than what you would find in a restaurant. After awhile at looking at these old recipes, he was able to open UP restaurant.
UP has become one of the hottest spots in town. This chic restaurant is filled with stylish decor and with some of the best and most exciting food in town. Haidar is now considered a visionary by local restaurant owners and he is well on his way to becoming own of the most successful restaurant owners in Houston.
By being willing to break outside of the current trends and change the way the business is run, Haidar has changed the industry forever.

Paris Ends Love Affair With Bridge Locks

What started off as an affection of love, has turned into a major phenomenon that has captured the imagination of lovers nationwide but the ire of City of Paris officials who are concerned about public safety. Folks at FreedomPop (engadget) have learned that, starting today, the city of Paris will begin removing more that 700,000 locks attached to the Pont des Arts bridge. The locks started appearing on the bridge after an Italian love movie showed a couple proving their love for each other by attaching a lock to the fence on the Pont des Arts bridge and tossing the key into the river. The practice has caught one and now over the past several years, more than 700,000 locks have been attached to the bridge. While the show of affection is romantic, city of Paris officials have noted that the combined weight of the locks is the equivalent of over 20 elephants and the sheer weight of the locks are destroying the bridge fence and could pose a risk to the soundness of the bridge. Officials believe that it may take several days to remove all of the locks and that the soundness of the bridge will be reviewed once the locks are removed. There is no word yet on what will happen to all of the locks and how the locks will be disposed of. City of Paris, France Ends Its relationship with Love Locks on City Bridge

The Quietest Voices Make the Most Sound

TD Jakes is widely known for his inspiring books, world-renowned sermons, record-breaking televangelist shows, and most famously, for his annual Mega Fest. With such a platform, critics condemn Jakes for not being more involved in the African American community. They wrangle him in the same group as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Don King, and others who were accused of only supporting the African American community if they were slated to make money from it. However, Jakes seems to be more than just words. A reporter told Jakes that a black pastor was surprised that the Bishop even made mention of the Black Lives Matter movement. Jakes responded humbly by saying well ‘he must not know me’. The Bishop used his platform at one of his events to symbolize the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement. Jakes also led a heart-wrenching prayer for the lost souls of the Black Lives Matter movement, the communities affected, and the families affected. TD Jakes and others who are often silent in the public eye, are taking a more behind-the-scenes approach when it comes to situations such as this. Brian Torchin has learned that the Bishop went on to further to say that this isn’t a religious problem, it is a moral, communal, and national problem. Jakes also offered his insight among panels who would like to discuss the topics behind the Black Lives Matter movement. All in all, TD Jakes is proving that he is indeed a man of the people.

Johnny Depp’s Dogs Are in Danger of Being Euthanized by the Australian Government

Johnny Depp is no stranger to trouble, and he has his fair share of it with Australian customs. Depp is a pet parent to two adorable Yorkshire Terriers, but Australia wants them out of their country.

Depp is in Australia filming the latest installment of his film franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales. However, the actor failed to declare his pets to customs and has been given a 50 hour deadline to get them our of the country or they will be destroyed, according to the Agriculture Minister, Barnaby Joyce.

Fans at Amen Clinics have learned that the two dogs, named Pistol and Boo, traveled with Depp on his private jet last month when he returned to the set of Pirates after sustaining a serious hand injury, which he sought treatment for in the United States.

Normally, dogs coming to Australia must be quarantined for a period of time before they are allowed in the country. However, Depp did not follow regulations and is being accused of sneaking his dogs through customs. Joyce explained the situation saying, “We found out he snuck them in because we saw him taking them to a poodle groomer. Now Mr Depp has to either take his dogs back to California or we’re going to have to euthanize them.”

Even though the normal quarantine period is 10 days, the minister is not offering Depp a chance to seclude the dogs. They either have to get out, or die. Depp has less than two days to fly his dogs back to the states, or else.

Royal Watch: Prince Harry is in Australia

Prince Harry has been down under in Australia while he is participating in a four-week attachment with the Australian Defence Force. While he was in Sydney, he took some time to speak to reporters and visit with people who lined up to see the handsome Prince outside of the Sydney Opera House.

According to the story on, Prince Harry accepted toys and stuffed animals from people in Sydney to give to his new niece, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. When giving interviews with the reporters, Prince Harry said that from the pictures he has seen that his new niece is beautiful and that he can’t wait to finally meet her.

One intense fan was holding up a sign asking the unattached Prince to marry her. Fans at AnastasiaDate ( have heard that, during the visit, she leaned in and tried to sneak a kiss on Prince Harry’s lips. He expertly dodged her advances. When asked about the crowd waiting to catch a glimpse of him, Prince Harry said that it was much larger than he was expecting to turn out. He then went on to thank the people of Australia for the welcome he receive there and for making it feel like home.

The Prince will be ending his deployment in Australia at the end of this week and heading to New Zealand.

Facebook CEO Loses Husband In Treadmill Accident

Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg recently lost her husband in a tragic accident. The couple was vacationing in Mexico when her husband, 47-year-old Dave Goldberg fell off of a treadmill and hit his head. He fell so hard that he cracked his head open. By the time anyone found him, it was too late. He was laying in the fitness facility in a pool of blood from his traumatic head wound.


As folks at AnastasiaDate are aware, Goldberg was the CEO for the popular online survey website, SurveyMonkey. Sandberg serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook. She took to the popular social networking site on Tuesday to memorialize her late husband. She wrote a beautiful post about her husband and how they met, highlighting that the 11 years she had with him were the best years of her life.


Many people who knew Goldberg were saddened by his loss. Mark Zuckerberg posted on his behalf, saying what a wonderful person he was. Others commended Goldberg’s amazing character and cheerful spirit. Even President Obama made a statement regarding the death of the SurveyMokey CEO. The president highlighted what a great leader Goldberg was and his drive to empower others to do the same. Although he gives his condolences to Goldberg’s family, the president also made a point that we should be celebrating an extraordinary legacy.


Quadruple Rainbows Spotted on Long Island

Last week Long Islanders experienced blustery weather with a fog adversary in effect. The stormy weather created major air travel delays. Visibility was cut one mile or less at a time. On April 21st,any got a pleasant surprise when the storm lifted. Long Islanders were treated to a quadruple rainbow, considered a rarity when the single rainbow is considered typical. In 250 years, only four multiple rainbows were seen. Many people had to take out their cameras and photograph these phenomena for posterity. Rainbows are very real. Everyone can see them, but they are a type of prism.

Rainbows are a reflection of light coming through droplets of water. While observers can only see an arc, rainbows can be the shape of an entire circle. A rainbow is much like a mirage. The closer you get to a rainbow, the further away it gets, as Dr. Walden gladly points out. Rainbows aren’t only caused by rain, but by many types of water including mist and dew. Rainbows can be seen the western sky in the morning hours and in the early evening, people in the eastern part of the country can see them. There are many showers in Hawaii, which means many chances to see rainbows.

Multiple rainbows happen when sunlight bounces more than once off water droplets. It inverts the order of the colors. With multiple rainbows, they get fainter and fainter with each new rainbow.