The Antique Wine Company

The London based company known as the Antique Wine Company is generally regarded as a specialty wine merchant presenting some of the most finest and rarest wines to the the competitive wine market today. The company was founded and created by London native Stephen Williams in 1982. From its fledgling beginnings the company has now grown to more than over 20,000 clients in over 70 countries and territories. Since its origins Stephen Williams has grown the company to a significant market share in the exceptional fine wine market. By current accounts his holdings includes well over 10,000 corked bottles of this world’s finest wine vintages in its private cellars. The Antique Wine Company is also known for its record breaking and prestigious wine collections and high art styled fine wine events. The range of services the Antique Wine Company provides includes; cellar planning, sourcing very rare wines and organizing private wine tasting master classes.

In partnership with master cabinet maker, Viscount David Linley, Stephen William’s Company has unveiled what it touts as its “Grand Chateau Series.” These are fine handcrafted wine cabinets which also include various architectural models of each of the top nine chateaux located in Bordeaux with each containing 18 bottles from each of the corresponding estates as they were produced during the period of the 20th and 21st centuries. For example, the “Château d’Yquem” model includes a vertical replica of the Chateau d’Yquem which spans over 141 consecutive wine vintages as far back as 1868. Also included in this collection are several letters and other memorabilia certified from the private Château archives. In 2006 The Company also sold a unique 135 year vertical collection which contained all vintages from 1860 to 2003. The reported sale price was listed as $1.5 million which was one of the highest set prices paid for a single wine lot.

The Company, in July 2011, reportedly also broke the world record for the most valuable single bottle of white wine ever to be sold. The bottle, 1811 Chateau d’Yquem, was sold for £75,000.

Reports dispatched that The Antique Wine Company purchased in November 2011 the top lot of the Hospices de Beaune wine collection auction located in Beaune, France.