Spectacular Performance By Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes, born in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain, has been an eager follower and an impersonator of Michael Jackson his entire life. As a child, he loved the sound of the era and the music and performance of Michael Jackson. As Sergio grew and Michael evolved within him as a performer, he captured the thrill and mystic Jackson shared with his audience.

Sergio spent every waking moment practicing his impersonation of Michael Jackson. Although his performances of Michael are centered in South America, it is no doubt his career will extend to North America soon. He has captured not only the exact movements of Jackson but the vocal talent as well. Michael was always praised for his precise movement on stage and Sergio has captured the Jackson-Mystic. Sergio does not consider his performances work, but an act of love and enjoyment.

A few of the classic routines Sergio performs is Thriller, Billie Jean, Heal the World, Dangerous and many other well-known classics of Jackson. Sergio has spent the majority of his waking hours studying and perfecting Michael’s movement, gestures, and voice and niw ut is difficult to decipher Sergio from Michael. When he began performing it was evident his talent would be exceptional at impersonating Michael Jackson but no one realized he would be able to take it to the level it is today. When he started doing impromptu performances he was immediately surrounded by crowds. As he mastered his stage performance crowds continue to surround him whenever he appears in public. The media coverage has grown as his talents reached perfection and his popularity has reached performance excellence.
Critics are saying his performance is something that should not be missed. Anyone who enjoyed seeing Michael Jackson perform will not want to miss seeing Sergio Cortes perform on stage, and it is worth the trip to South America to catch one of his performances in person.

Excitement surrounds Sergio and his stage charisma with every performance. Sergio truly loves what he does and it shows in his stage appearance. Even off stage Sergio dresses and moves as Michael Jackson did, and on stage the heart and authenticism of Michael shine through. Performing as Michael has become a passion and respectful journey to keep his legacy alive.

Sergio Cortés Nails Michael Jackson Impression

When we are kids, we have big dreams. We see people larger than life and larger than ourselves, and we wish to somehow turn ourselves into them. Sometimes we want to be a fireman, or an airplane pilot, or a policeman. But in many cases, many of us leave those dreams by the wayside as we enter adulthood. Very few of us get the chance to pursue and live our childhood dreams.

However, once in a while, special individuals come along who carry their childhood dreams into adulthood, and along the way make something special and unique. Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortés has done just that. He has taken his lifelong obsession with Michael Jackson and nurtured that obsession into becoming one of the most prolific Michael Jackson impersonators in the world.

When Cortés was a child, he was obsessed with Michael Jackson and his group, The Jackson Five. He watched them whenever they were on television and in particularly, Michael Jackson. He became enamored with Jackson’s showmanship and singing ability. It was those early exposures to Jackson’s singing and stage presence that greatly influenced Cortés. Throughout his youth, he emulated Jackson and his various performances, both as a solo artist and as part of the Jackson Five.

Cortés didn’t know it yet, but his hobby of emulating Jackson would soon turn into much more. One day during an outing, Cortés was spotted by a photographer. The photographer was mesmerized by Cortés’ uncanny resemblance to Jackson. The photographer, who worked for a newspaper asked Cortés if he could take a photo of him to publish in the newspaper the next day. Cortes said yes, the picture was taken and published and the rest is history. Soon, Cortés was approached by a talent agent, and soon afterwards he was doing impression shows.

Even after years of performing as the King of Pop, Cortés still stuns individuals who see him on the street. His resemblance to Jackson is so uncanny, it takes many people a moment to understand what is happening. He has a Facebook page with thousands of followers that he updates daily with pictures of himself based on various times in Michael Jackson’s career. He particularly has fondness for Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album, for obvious reasons.

Cortés has done numerous television appearances on programs such as “Laura” and other programs. He still does concerts in various appearances for his thousands of fans. Currently, Cortés is managed by Destiny Project, an artist management company.