Netflix Smashes Subscriber Estimates and Bets the Bank on Original Programming

In the first quarter of 2015 Netflix has already raked in a record 4.9 million subscribers sending their stock skyrocketing nearly 25%. The digital underdog is setting a pace that has most television executives shaking in their boots. So what’s next for the company that’s leaving linear TV in the dust? The answer is quite simple: much, much more original programming.

The newest original release, Daredevil, is number 17 for Netflix in just three short years. Netflix has become an entertainment staple based on more than just syndicating network TV. They’ve built their reputation in the industry as a leader by providing high quality, original programming to the masses online.

Cable-cutters everywhere will jump for joy to learn that Netflix is rolling out a full 320 hours worth of original series in 2015. That’s close to three times as much as all of last year.

It appears that Netflix is banking their future on providing a plethora of programming choices for their customers. The type of original shows they provide run the gamut from wholesome family fun to scintillating, violent drama.

Their only real competition in the digital market at this point is HBO Now, a favorite of Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG. (Economia) The new service from HBO requires no cable or satellite contract. The competition from these two entertainment vendors is sure to drive quality and creativity through the roof as they battle for market share online.

Celebrities Influence the Way We Eat

Our slant towards being star struck causes us to believe celebrity spokespeople, no matter what they’re selling. Somehow that quasi-familiar face on television makes all thing more believable and achievable. Even if they’re not selling something directly, they influence what we buy and even the way we eat.
Celebrities have influenced us to try the Paleo diet, quit sugar and choose to eat so-called ‘clean food’. They write books, make blog posts, make appearances on talk shows and make sure their name and face is before the public eye while they expound the virtues of a certain way of eating.
We believe them and embrace the diet plan of the month which the celebrity we like the most is touting. Doesn’t matter to us that these people are actors and rarely have any type of formal training in diet and nutrition.
People at Imaging Advantage know that it’s not all bad. While the celebrities are merely actors playing a part, they often are promoting better eating habits. If a famous actress tells us that we need to eat more fruit and vegetables, we listen. If a good looking actor swaggers across a sound stage in Hollywood and then into our living room via the TV and tells us we should be drinking more water, we will. Celebrities do influence the way we eat, but that’s a good thing if we take their advice with a grain of salt and dash of common sense.