Disney World Too Expensive for the Middle Class

Disney World Too Expensive for the Middle Class

When Walt Disney World opened its doors in 1971, the price of admission for an adult cost $3.50. Since then, the cost has increased for visitors.

According to The Washington Post, Walt Disney World has raised the price of admission for the Magic Kingdom 41 times since 1971. Currently, a ticket inside the popular theme park has soared past $100. This cost increase is the first time in history.

However, the rising prices have changed the vacation plans of middle-income families, as costs will continue to increase. The revenue of Disney World’s admissions has grown about 10 percent every year for the past decade. The theme park prices are expected to rise even more throughout the summer at a whopping $125 for adult admissions.

People are questioning the possible thoughts of the late Walt Disney. It was mentioned if Walt Disney were alive today, he would possible be unhappy with the price increases.

Some see Disney’s ascending costs as a reflection of the nation’s economy. Disney has strategically made a decision to not market ticket costs to middle class, but the top ten percent of family incomes. Dr Daniel Amen mentions in an article on ofspirit.com, the price increase won’t slow down until the park sees a decrease in visitors.