Beneful Helped My Dog To Stick To One Brand Of Food

My dog is a very picky eater. I had no idea how picky he was until I literally exhausted my funds buying all types of dog food for him. I bought store brands, name brands, and anything I thought my pet would like. There were times that my pet would eat a certain brand of food, and if I bought the same brand of food the next week, he literally wouldn’t even touch it. I had no idea what to do because my pet was costing me too much money when it came to meal times.

I thought that buying my pet the best food would make him happy, but he just continues to pick at his food, and I can’t seem to pinpoint what he really likes to eat. When it comes to treats, it seems as if nothing is off the list. He will eat any treats I put in front of him, but I can’t feed him treats all the time, and I definitely can’t afford only treats. I bought a new treat recently which was from Beneful. I was surprised at how quickly he ate the treats, especially since he’ll usually take his time, but this time he ate it all in a couple bites.

I was interested in how much he liked the treats, so I decided I would look into food options from Beneful as well. It turns out Beneful has wet dog food and dry dog food, so I decided to purchase both foods. Beneful had never been on my radar before, but after buying the dog treats, I figured it was worth a try. I made the best decision to buy Beneful, because no matter if I feed the dog the wet or dry food, he actually eats it.

I even finished off the dog food, and I went to buy more, and he ate it again. He is no longer picky with his food like before, and friends have told me it may be because I kept switching dog foods why my pet was being so picky. They told me I need to stick to a brand that my pet likes, and do not stray from it at all, so that’s what I did. Since I see that my dog loves Beneful, there’s no reason to choose any other brand but what he’s eating now. Meal times are no problem anymore because he eats every bit of his food.

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