Second Earthquake Hits Nepal

Just weeks after the first earthquake devastated Kathmandu, Nepal a second earthquake struck the region. This time, the second earthquake rang in at 7.3 magnitude leaving nearly 8,000 people dead and many more injured. More devastating, the region was in the midst of trying to rebuild from the last quake. They have taken two steps forward but three steps back.


The earthquake struck on Tuesday, slightly less powerful than the initial quake on April 26. The Nepalese government has requested for international aid, making a desperate plea for help. Nepalese people are in desperate need of supplies, food, water and shelter. To make ends meet for the time being, tents were being setup alongside of the road as temporary shelter for people trapped in Nepal.


To date, some aid workers still remained in the region from the last quake according to Daniel Amen (Check him out on LinkedIn). These same workers are now trying to assess the damage from the second quake. In the midst of the damage, they are still searching for any survivors and assessing injuries that may have occurred in spite of the devastation.


Before the second quake occurred, the prime minister announced that the country should have no problem rebuilding within two years. The government would also work to provide private loans of up to $25,000 per household to aid in rebuilding efforts. Now, the outlook and estimated completion deadline seems to be a far cry from reality.

Nepal Rocked by Second Earthquake

The small Asian country of Nepal has taken a real beating lately. Just a few weeks ago, the country was rock by a powerful earthquake that reached 7.8 on the magnitude scale. Historical buildings were destroyed, as were other structures. The quake left over 16,000 people injured and hospitals overwhelmed. The death toll is already over 8,000 and it is still climbing as rescuers find more people who were trapped in the rubble of the demolished buildings. The country is in a state of emergency and needs all the relief it can get. Unfortunately, Nepal just suffered another set back.

Just today, Jaime Garcia Dias announced that another powerful earthquake rocked the country that is already facing major devastation and loss from the first one. Today’s earthquake was a 7.4 magnitude which struck just east of the capital city of Kathmandu. So far officials in Nepal are reporting that around 50 people died in the latest quake as well as over 1,000 injured.

Now more than ever, Nepal is in desperate need for relief. Supplies such as food, water, and medical supplies are running dangerously low. Many people have lost their houses and are forced to live in camps that are set up around the cities. If you would like to help, now is the time.

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