Fabletics – Highly Reputed Athleisure Brand Loved by Millions

The fashion world is ever evolving, and many trends come and go, but the trend of wearing athleisure apparel is here to stay, or so it seems. People have got fitness conscious, and are looking for a brand that offers quality athleisure products at affordable price, and here is where Fabletics comes in. It is one of the brands that are giving tough competition to Amazon in the category of athleisure clothes and active wear. The company offers a huge selection of athleisure gear and clothing to choose from for women and is regularly updated.


There are many limited edition collections also launched by Fabletics daily, and has recently also tied up with Demi Lovato to start a collection inspired by her choices, style, and preferences. Fabletics has been able to achieve huge success even after being a relatively young company is because the company offers quality products at low price. One of the co-founders of Fabletics, Kate Hudson, said in an interview that most of the brands in the market offer athleisure products at a very high price, which is not affordable for the masses. It is why Fabletics has ensured that its products are not only quality oriented but affordable as well. Fabletics has been able to keep its momentum of success alive by recently implementing the reverse showroom technique.


Shoppers mostly go through the products at the mall and prefer to buy online as there are many discounts available online. However, Fabletics has been able to attract a lot of customers towards it from the very beginning and has been able to create a place for itself in the athleisure market. It ensures that when customers enter the showroom of Fabletics, they do not only look and go but get interested in the product and buy.


As per the reports, over thirty percent of the customers dropping in at Fabletics showrooms convert to its VIP member. It helps the company to expand its customer base and gain more members. The data from its 18 stores across the nation is taken each day to analyze the market movements and clients’ requirements. As per the founders of Fabletics, technology has played a vital role in the success of the company. If you are looking to become Fabletics’ VIP member or buy at its site, taking the Lifestyle Quiz offered at its site is highly essential. It would help you enjoy the personalized shopping experience Fabletics is known for.


Fan Fashion in Pittsburgh with Susan McGalla as Quarterback of the Fashion Team

There is a new effort underway in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to increase sales of the Steelers brand of sports fashion. The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a fan favorite, powerful football team and a very successful franchise for decades. The team is able to draw fan support from cities and towns situated in this densely populated area of the Northeast. Without a doubt successful sports teams help the merchandising of that team’s logo on sports clothes. The introduction of Susan McGalla as the new Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization coupled with her experience as president of American Eagle Outfitters and CEO of Wet Seal bodes well for the further success of this logo. McGalla from next door, in Ohio, hails from the kind of small town whose citizens are either Cleveland Browns or Pittsburgh Steelers fans. The Browns have struggled as a franchise while the Steelers have succeded. The Steelers are always a threat to win the Super Bowl or at least finish well into the playoffs while the Browns linger in the realms of the cellar. McGalla’s goal is to supplement the existing line of Steeler brand sportswear and make it more popular with mainstream buyers. McGalla’s plan of making fan clothes more popular for ordinary wear seems difficult at first. Everyone who attends any game anywhere tries to support their team with a hat and other clothing items. It helps to identify the loyalty of the individual but wearing a Steelers brand cold weather parka when you are doing business in any cosmopolitan area would be difficult at best. Consider the golfer or tennis player in her plan. They usually select attire made popular by prominent players on about.me in their respective sports. A golfer might look out of place wearing a Steelers logo on their shirts in place of the popular logos of Nike and Puma. But a yellow Steelers logo enhanced golf towel attached to the golf bag and Steelers head covers protecting their clubs would be a good use of the logo and brand,. It is only a matter of time before McGalla with her background in fashion, makes the black and yellow Steeler logo, even, more popular.