Equities First Holdings Continues Australia Expansion

For the past decade, many traditional lenders have cut back on the level of debt that they will provide to consumers. While most banks do. Or offer personal loan anymore, consumers can still get a loan through a specialty finance company. One of the specialty today is Equities First Holdings.

Equities First Holdings provides a unique solution to consumers. Equities First Holdings provides consumer loans that are secured by a stock or equity portfolio. This means that if you happen to fall behind on payments on the loan, the company will be able to sell your stock to pay off the loan. This level of collateral will make it possible for the company to offer incredibly low rates and high leverage.

Taking out this type of loan from Equities First Holdings can provide you with a range of different benefits. For those that are looking to invest, it provides a great option that can help to return on investment. For those that need to raise personal liquidity, this can help to avoid having to sell stock, which will then have tax and investment management benefits.

Equities First Holdings was initially established about 10 years ago in the United States. While they are still a strong company in the US, the company has expanded internationally as well. One country that they have expanded a lot in is Australia. Equities First Holdings has also shown that they are looking to expand further in Australia by committing to a new lease in Melbourne. The new office space will provide the company with additional space used for sales, operations, and compliance.

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Solo Capital Limited is a company which was incorporated in 2011. The financial crisis which took place in 2007-2008, made Sanjay Shah lose his job. He therefore came up with the idea of starting his own company which provided brokerage services to clients in the United States. Sanjay Shah is currently a successful business man who is very influential in the financial services industry. He is also a philanthropist who has established an association which is known as Autism Rocks.


Solo Capital has its headquarters in England, United Kingdom. However, it has other companies in various areas, including Malta, Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands and Dubai. For Sanjay being a business man from the start was not a clear path. He was a medical student once. He started studying medicine at the King’s College in the United Kingdom. However, he realised that that was snot his passion and that he wanted to do accounting.


Sanjay Shah is a father to a son who is suffering from both autism and ADHD. He was frustrated when he had to go to the hospital to secure his son therapy sessions and he was told that he should wait for five years since the hospital in Dubai had a waiting list that long. The therapy sessions were also very expensive. It is after this experience that Sanjay decided to help those people who have children who suffer from these conditions. This is how Sanjay started the Autism Rocks Foundation.


Autism Rocks helps in the contribution of funds that all go to the enabling of research surrounding the condition of ADHD and that of autism. The funds are usually collected when guest performers are invited for concerts and the money paid for the tickets are gathered and used for research. The performers who have graced these events include Snoop Dogg, Prince and Michael Buble. This year, Flo Rida was set to perform in Dubai to create autism awareness thanks to Autism Rocks.

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