With Super Bowl 51; all bets are on, or so they should be?

There’s nothing new to sports-betting in Football; in fact, it’s a $3 Billion dollar industry which will not go away anytime soon. Many people wager, place bets, or gamble during football season that normally wouldn’t on any given day. Therefore, placing bets in the regular season of football is one thing, although come Super Bowl weekend, all bets are on!

One of the online betting websites such as www.Covers.com is recommended for placing such NFL bets this year. Other official websites for professional football fanatics simply can go online and place bets for the NFL odds which may either break families up, break friends up, or simply break you up. Otherwise, don’t put all your Super Bowl betting cash on the line until you read this, especially when it’s for profit. Most teams’ favorites will have their fans standing, sitting, watching and playing the bets online, at bars, or on their couch at home. This will be going on at heavy duty bar-b-ques, parties, team hater parties, NFL Super Bowl parties, parties amongst parties on February 5, 2017 for the most watched game in sports history, the Super Bowl.

Covering the spread
When football or sports bettors say covering the spread, it basically means that “betting” comes with the various wagers on the results of the event. In this case, it’s any of the ending result of the payoff that is based on accurate accounts of the wager, rather that “win or lose,” or fixed-odds. All in all, a spread is considered a major outcome with that of the bet being above or below the spread.

What are the odds?
It’s the odds that seem to get the best of us. For those who are considered the ‘sharp bettors’; it’s leaning more towards the Houston Texans with +15 and the Atlanta Falcons at -4. The 8 teams that are going to be offered for the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs kicking off this weekend is going to be a close call for four major teams. Which ones will that be?

On the ‘public bettors’ sides, it’s on the same side for those who are the Atlanta – Seattle “matchup.” Therefore, with Atlanta coming in at -4.5 and with New England at a ripe price of -15 including the Dallas Cowboys at -4, placing your bets with ease and much luck is on those who believe that there’s some chance for the ‘Boys and that of the Falcons. (Source: http://www.covers.com/)

NFL odds
The current Super Bowl 51 odds are the following according to USA Sports News online magazine looks like this:

– New England Patriots: 7/5
– Dallas Cowboys: 9/2
– Atlanta Falcons: 7/1
– Pittsburgh Steelers: 8/1
– Kansas City Chiefs: 8/1
– Green Bay Packers: 10/1
– Seattle Seahawks: 10/1

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Some helpful tips; putting your bets on NFL football
Suggested by Ted Servansky, aka Teddy Covers, one of sports betting gurus of all time, and who’s a sports commentator as well, you may want to pay attention to what he has to say. He’s known in the sports betting arena and when he speaks, bettors listen.

1. Don’t bet on the first set you see. This is one huge and biggest mistake that NFL bettors make.
2. Just because you love a team, doesn’t mean you have to bet on them or a fixed bet on them. “Bet with your heads, not your hearts” is what Mr. Covers suggests. Invest and don’t make a mess; know who and what you’re “betting into.” No investments on bets but simple wise calls are best.
3. “Don’t trust no one.” To many novice bettors and football gamblers are delusional and have that mindset as Mr. Covers says. With hitting 70% or 80% in the NFL season, your profits are investing in terms of winning more than 52.4% of their bets which end up turning greater profits.

Finally, if you’re like many betters online, you may have your own research going on but remember “don’t trust no one!” and stay away from the “psychopath” gambler when it comes down to it. (http://www.covers.com/sports/nfl)