Bernardo Chua Sets Out To Establish A Global Multi Level Marketing Brand

The Canada based entrepreneur Bernardo Chua has been making a major impact on the global economy of the world by establishing a series of high quality companies that are among the best known in the world of direct sales.

Chua himself has been a well known executive in the direct sales industry for a number of years in his home nation of the Philippines before taking the chance to expand this popular Asian industry into various parts of North America and Europe; in recent years the establishment and success of the Organo Gold brand of Bernardo has ensured he remains one of the best respected executives in the world.

One of the most impressive aspects of the work of Bernardo Chua has been his determination to make sure the products he creates and markets have a positive impact on those who purchase these items.

In terms of good health, Chua works to make sure the range of Organo Gold coffee products are infused with the ganoderma extract Bernardo believes help provide a healthier immune system for all those who regularly drink Organo Gold gourmet coffee products.

Bernardo also believes in assisting his customers with the highest quality information available that will allow them the opportunity to build a more successful financial future for themselves. Chua’s company also works with the Napoleon Hill Foundation to market its popular works that provide information and tips on becoming financially independent.

According to PR News Wire, outside the business world Bernardo Chua is a well known philanthropist who runs the OG Cares Foundation that provides funding for programs designed to inspire young people to become important members of society.

According to Zoom Info, Bernardo Chua also shows his playful side and willingness to get involved in popular charitable campaigns through his social media posts, which include footage of the Organo Gold founder taking part in the ice bucket challenge.