State Trooper Gives 3 1/2 mph Escort to Elderly Woman

The scene which occurred near the United States and Canadian border last Tuesday was an eye-catching one. A older woman is riding a motorized scooter on the side of the road, going at a very slow speed of only a couple miles per hour. Behind her, with lights flashing, is the car of State Trooper Dave Hintz as he slowly drives behind her. Onlookers like Ricardo Tosto got a good video of the entire story.

While it may have seemed to some onlookers that he was attempting to pull her over, his actions were merely an attempt to keep the elderly lady safe until she made it home. “I wasn’t trying to stop her. I wasn’t trying to detain her. I was just trying to get her back to her home,” commented the Trooper.

The woman had gone into the nearby town of Lyden, Washington for coffee earlier that day. On the way back home she got turned around and ended up about four miles away from her house. When Hintz found her she was on a state highway where speed limits are around 45 miles an hour.

Calling an ambulance or other vehicle to transport the woman was a possibility, but one which would have made it difficult to ensure that the motorized scooter made it back with her. So instead, Trooper Hintz made a decision to stay with her until she found her way back. The drive took over an hour, but Hintz says that he “wouldn’t have done it any differently.”

Vijay Eswaran: Inspiring the World

Vijay Eswaran is many things to the world. Vijay Eswaran is a determined, gifted and driven entrepreneur. Vijay Eswaran is a skilled and thoughtful business man and author. Above all, Vijay Eswaran is a man who has given hope to thousands of individuals across the globe looking for financial freedom and gainful employment in a well established and renowned international marketing company.

Born in October of 1960, Viay Eswaran came from humble beginnings in Panang and Malaysia and, using his inspiring inner fortitude and expert knowledge, built his empire. Vijay Eswaran founded the Hong Kong based QIGroup in 1998, forming QNet Itd, QuestNet, GoldQuest and QI Limited in his path to success. He currently serves as the Executive Chairman of the QI Group of companies.Viay Eswaran has given employment opportunities to thousands of people all around the world in countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa through his multilevel marketing and direct selling company QNet. Operations are run on a binary MLM manner, a trusted and well established manner that he was introduced to and gained years of experience with during his time spent residing in London, England.

As an author, Vijay Eswaran has written in many different styles, from inspirational and motivational life management in his 2005 hit “In the Sphere of Silence,” to a collection of retrospective thoughts on his life in “In the Thinking Zone.” Vijay Eswaran has even most recently in 2011 launched a compilation book of his beautiful photography entitled “On the Wings of Thought.”

All in all, Vijay Eswaran is many things to this world, and is an asset to the business industry and to all individuals whom he has helped to successfully fulfill their life’s goals.

Qnet – International e-commerce

QNet ltd is a direct selling company owned by the QI Group which is based in Hong Kong. It was formerly known as QuestNet, QI Limited and GoldQuest. The company markets a variety of products for personal and home use such as weight management, nutrition, home care, fashion and luxury accessories. QNet was founded by Vijay Eswaran in 1998.

The company uses the direct selling and a multi-level marketing concept. Depending on how much the independent representatives market their products to customers will depend on how much they receive in compensation as well as the volume of sales of the independent representatives in their down-line teams. They also use marketing campaigns using newspaper ads.Qnet has offices in some Asian countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam with franchise companies in Turkey and India. Qnet also operates or has operated in other countries such as Egypt, Côte d’Ivoire, Saudi Arabia and Rwanda.

QNet is the main subsidiary of the QI Group. Qnet, first known as GoldQuest, who once made custom-Commemorative coins. Qnet first diversified in 2002, with travel and vacation packages, partnering with QVI Club brand holidays. The QI Group acquired QI Comm, a British telecommunications co. in 2005.

In 2006, it expanded to marketing health and nutritional products, and high-end watches by Bernhard H. Mayer. The same year, the QI Group acquired the Prana Resorts and Spa, which is a holiday resort for vegetarians in Koh Samui. The QI Group acquired Down To Earth in 2007, an organic vegetarian health store chain in Hawaii.

Direct sales of the QI Group increased by 70% between 2007 and 2012. As of 2013, Qnet announced it was moving its manufacturing operations to India and opening an office in Russia.

The Qnet group is a proven business by structure and product quality having multiple opportunities for the entrepreneur. Qnet is also a sponsors of many sporting events around the world.

Biotech Pharmaceutical Industry Leader and Veteran Dr. Mark Ahn Inspires

Mark Ahn is an author, businessman and pioneer in the biotech industry. His professional consulting services has guided many of today’s successful biotech startups. In his 20-year-old career as a consultant and entrepreneur, Mark Ahn has  also helped several of the industry’s top fortune companies.

As a published author, Mark Ahn has penned over fifty peer-reviewed books and journal-style articles. His latest breakthrough research entails an investigative journal with a focus on entrepreneurial success in modern biotechnology. This study explores successful business strategies used in the industry by investors and entrepreneurs alike. He has put emphasis on educating readers about identifying opportunities and cultivating practices to help foster industry success. With Mark Ahn’s guidance on how to avoid failed concepts and the application of strategic planning; entrepreneurs get an opportunity to increase their chance of success. Among Dr. Ahn’s team are respected industry pioneers who share his vision.

Mark Ahn holds a Chaminade University MBA and BA degree. He received an MA  degree after completing his studies at the respected Australia-based Victoria University. He’s also an Essex University graduate who studied Economics during his residency. Mark Ahn has participated in the renowned Aspen Institute endorsed Henry-Crown Fellowship Program. With this esteemed honor, he has become a distinguished entrepreneurial leader. He also holds a UniSA (University-of-South-Australia) Ph.D.

Today, Mark Ahn has his own life-science consulting firm named Pukana Partners, Ltd. He’s the company’s sole proprietor who serves life science organizations as an advisory. He gives consultation and engages in strategic planning to help entrepreneurs cultivate a competitive edge. His market influence encompasses university circles and small-scale to multinational corporations that specialize in biopharmaceutics. Besides this primary function, Dr. Ahn serves Carnegie Mellon and Portland State University as a lecturer.

He has chaired New Zealand-based Victoria University in Wellington and served as Science/Technology Oversight earlier in his career. He’s also a former Genentech, Inc.corporate officer and Hematology VP (Vice President). Mark Ahn has superior expertise in managing biopharmaceutical companies.  He founded Hana Biosciences and served as CEO and president. He’s an esteemed U.S. Army veteran and former key player of top-fortune biotech pharmaceutical industry Amgen Inc./Bristol-Myers Squibb.

A Doctor That Is In A Class Of His Own


Dr Rod Rohrich stands in class of his own when it comes to expertise in cosmetic surgery. Dr Rod Rohrich was interested in plastic surgery from the beginning of his professional medical career. Dr Rod Rohrich studied and did fellowships at many famous colleges like: The University of Michican, Oxford and Harvard. He graduated with honors, because he had a dedication to his studies and wanted to start his career as a plastic surgeon off right. Ever since he began his career as a plastic surgeon safety was always his focus. Doctor Rohrich believes that it is very important for each patient to find a plastic surgeon that they have researched, and to be sure to only work with a professionals that has much experience. He states that the most important factor in all of his plastic surgery is safety and because of that he stresses what he calls the three E’s,: Expertise, Experience, and Exceptional results.

Because of his dedication to his practice and also to his patients he has received praise from both patients and his peers alike. This year Dr Rod Rohrich was selected as the best plastic surgeon in Dallas by D Magazine. D magazine is a medical magazine that recognizes amazing physicians in the Dallas metro area. Apart from that doctor Rohrich was selected to be one of America’s best doctors by his peers. Two times Dr Rod Rohrich received the Plastic Surgery Education Foundation Distinguished Service Award. This award recognizes doctors for their contributions to education and plastic surgery.

It is easy to see that doctor Rohrich not only is a doctor that has much medical expertise, but that he is also a doctor that has proven to his peers and his patients that he is exceptional. At the present time Dr Rod Rohrich is serving as a professor that specializes in plastic surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Dr Rod Rohrich is truly a doctor in a class of his own, not only because of his expertise in the field of cosmetic surgery, but also for all of the steps that he has taken to advance the study of plastic surgery, and also to maintain safety as the highest priority.

FreedomPop Gave Me Internet, While I Was On The Go

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I was doing work one day, and I was angry when the internet cut off, so I waited until it returned, and I searched for another internet company. I came across the company FreedomPop, and I was curious about their prices. I found out that FreedomPop offers free internet, which is reliable, and I can even set up my own network within my home. I finally found a great company that can help me to have reliable internet.

I was not only interested in a home network, I also wanted internet to use, while I was on the road. I traveled to different places around town, and unless I could find a Wi-Fi connection, I was not able to go online, or visit my social media website. I decided to get the hotspot that was available from FreedomPop, so that I would have internet anywhere that I went. I felt that I had the good luck to find such a great company, which allowed me to have internet at home, and also while I was on the road.

To complete everything, I decided to add telephone service to my account, by purchasing a phone through FreedomPop. After I purchased the phone, I activated it, and I’m getting an amazing rate for texts, data and phone calls. I not only save money each month, but I also have internet at all times, and I’m taking full advantage of it. I’m constantly on the internet now, even if I’m stopping somewhere on the road for dinner. I never knew such a great company like FreedomPop existed, and I am excited to share them on Facebook so all my friends can try them too.