Migrants Adrift at Sea may have a New Home Soon

For the past several weeks, nearly 7,000 migrants have been stranded at sea on boats that are considered to be not seaworthy at best. The migrants have been stranded in the Malacca Strait which is off the coast of Indonesia and Malaysia. The migrants are coming from countries such as Bangladesh and Myanmar. They are fleeing their homes to escape poverty and fear of religious persecution.

For weeks, the governments of Malaysia and Indonesia have refused to take in the refugees. The Naval boats belonging to Malaysia have given the migrants food and water, but have been continuously pushing them back to sea. Finally, according to the story on BuzzFeed.com, the migrants may be getting some relief from the cramped, unstable boats that they have been trapped on for weeks.

Malaysia and Indonesia have changed their policies about the stranded migrants. They have agreed to house the migrants, temporarily. Alexei Beltyukov (slideshare.net) has learned that the governments will shelter them as long as they are rehoused by the international community within a year. The Philippines have also stepped up to say that they are willing to help those migrants in need. They have said that they are willing to offer a place for thousands of the migrants in need. The migrant boats are still far from the Philippines however, it is still not clear how they will make the journey there.