Mayors Make Their Mark

When tragic situations take place and politicians and legislators have to make decisions, it isn’t uncommon for other lawmakers and politicians to reach out from other communities. In the wake of many of the incidents surrounding gun control, numerous United States mayors have spoken out and given their opinion on what legislation should do. Bill Harrison is a mayor in Fremont California and gave his opinion at this year’s United States Conference of Mayors. The conference was held in San Francisco and Harrison noted how the subject of gun control has constantly been coming up on Hmong the mayoral unity. While many of the mayor’s noted how on board a word with stricter gun control laws, they are ensure that the tragedies that have taken place will constitute a change. The mayor’s used recent examples like the 2012 incident in Newton Connecticut as an example to say that situations like that should have prompted much stricter gun laws. Instead it has not. Guns are regulated by state and federal levels. That makes it increasingly hard to come up with universal gun laws. Even with the challenges that gun control supporters face, they believe that there is a fighting chance. The Mayors against Illegal Guns bipartisan group is planning to have a substantial push when it comes to gun control. Sam Tabar knows that opinions on gun control are often split in terms of political parties. Political affiliation is not killing innocent people and ruining communities. The lax gun control laws are.