Sergio Cortes explains more about the zika virus

Evidence of the zika virus first appeared 40 years ago in the African nations of Uganda, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania. But as Dr. Sergio Cortes writes on his official blog, Sergio Cortes, the virus has also made its way into Asia, in places like India and Thailand.

In 2015, the virus started to emanate in Latin America in places such as Brazil, Mexico, and Columbia. It was so severe that the World Health Organization was forced to issue a warning regarding the dangers and the side effects for the individuals previously infected.

Health experts in Brazil were on edge as the disease made its initial entrance in April 2015, and the number of vitiated continued to rise. Moreover, Dr. Cortes revealed what is worrying doctors in the country. It was previously a rumor that zika virus had a relationship with microcephaly, and possibly Guillain-Barre syndrome. At least one part has turned out to be authentic.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health discovered that in areas most affected by microcephaly, the number was precisely the same in areas most troubled by zika virus.

The zika virus is not transferable between humans. The only way to get infected is by receiving a bite from the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is known for spreading dengue fever, and chikungunya fever. Dr. Cortes also noted that it is possible for a human to spread the disease to a mosquito. When that happens, a chain reaction ensues, and it is tough to control.

The good news is that zika virus symptoms are not severe and last between three to seven days. The bad news is that there are no tests available to recognize the disease. The most frequent symptoms are fever, muscle pain, and skin rashes.

As of this moment, the best way to get a diagnosis is to visit a doctor.

According to Dr. Cortes, there are no specific treatments available to cure the disease, just ways to calm the symptoms.

People who are infected with the bite can purchase over-the-counter analgesic remedies and if the pain is severe enough, it would be wise to see a doctor, where anti-inflammatory drugs could be prescribed. Drugs containing the presence of acetylsalicylic acid, according to Cortes, should be avoided. Aspirin, for example, has an anticogulant effect, which could lead to bleeding and hemorrhages.

Pregnant women are some of the most vulnerable to the virus and need to be especially careful. In Brazil, it is recommended to avoid certain times of the day that attract more mosquitoes, and to wear clothes and repellents to keep bugs away. Moreover, at night, the use of mosquito nets is suggested.

Besides avoiding insect bites, it is important to understand the dangers of water. Mosquitoes lay and reproduce their eggs in water, which is an easy way to spread dengue and chikungunya fever if one is not paying attention, according to Cortes.


Avi Weisfogel Conquers Sleep Apnea

Although many consider America to the greatest country on the planet, many who live in this country face a lot of stress. There are many ways to combat this stress and relieve it, and many busy professionals elect to take a vacation in order to take a breather. Unfortunately, if you have the medical condition of sleep apnea it doesn’t matter how many vacations you take this condition goes with you. Although many individuals combat their sleep apnea with a CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) machine, travel causes a dilemma because of the logistics of handling the machine. The question remains for many: do I take this big, heavy and bulky machine with me on a trip or just try to struggle to sleep without it? Fortunately, there are solutions.

Travel CPAP Machine

One of the first alternatives that travelers can utilize would be a traveling version of the CPAP machine. This is a smaller, more compact version of the tradition CPAP and allows the user to sleep soundly by keeping the airways open. They are smaller than a traditional machine because it lacks a humidifier. Moreover, many portable CPAP machines on the market today are even able to record sleep data. Users should consult their respiratory therapist to determine the best portable CPAP machine for their needs.

Oral Appliance

Some sleep apnea sufferers might prefer utilizing an oral appliance because it eliminates the need for any wires, masks or other bothersome machinery. An oral appliance is worn in the mouth during sleep and fits much like an athletic mouth guard. In order to get an oral appliance, the patient must get a prescription from his or her physician and then must visit a dentist qualified in the procedure. Be careful about obtaining this piece of equipment, because insurance may not cover the cost of it if you already own a CPAP machine.

Nasal Valve Therapy

When most people see the word, “therapy”, they immediately think of a verb. Well, in this case a “therapy” is known as a noun. This is a nasal device type of machine that fits over the nostrils and is secured with hypoallergenic tape. The valve opens and closes as the user sleeps and keep pressure on the throat, keeping all airways open.


There are many dedicated professionals who will help you find for your sleep apnea condition. Avi Wiesfogel is one such individual. As a trained dentist, he understands how to help his patients who suffer from sleep apnea.
Dr. Weisfogel established the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient Clinic in 2012 and is able to give you expert advice on the best ways to combat your sleep apnea condition.

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Depressed People Make Themselves More Depressed

According to recent research findings, depression begets depression. In other words, even when the opportunity presents itself to a depressed person to feel better, they rarely take that opportunity. The depressed choose to remain depressed and increase their own despair as time goes by. It would seem that a person who suffers with depression would want to decrease their sadness, but their behavior reveals the opposite is true.

Research conducted at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel conducted tests on 61 females who had been diagnosed with clinical depression, Those tests included looking at various images of sad, happy and neutral photos and listening to music selections which included sad, happy and neutral songs. The majority of the depressed women choose to view the sad photos longer and listen to sad music longer than all other images and music combined.
When given choices to look at happy images and listen to happy upbeat music that would help lift their mood, those in depression chose not too. Those at Madison Street Capital found that pretty interesting. Researchers were surprised by the choices of the test subjects, especially since the already depressed test subjects were aware that sad images and sad music would make them feel even more depressed. Depressed people make themselves even more depressed on purpose.

Protecting Your Children During The Summer

Summer is soon approaching and many families will be traveling. With travel and children comes the potential for them getting lost. This is especially true when heading to local theme parks like Disneyland. One parent has come up with an ingenious idea to ensure your child is safe.

After having a lost child or two, a mother of 4 came up with the solution. Adam was surprised when he first heard about it. She takes an ink pen and writes the child’s name and her cell phone number on their wrist. Then she applies a layer of liquid Band-Aid over the top of it. The Band-Aid makes it waterproof and seals the information in. Ink would usually just dissolve as the day moves on, but being sealed is a benefit. There are other methods, like the kid leash, but this mom thinks this one is the best.

There is nothing more horrifying than losing a child in a busy place. Better still, there is nothing worse than being a lost child. When you cannot find your parents, it is a freaky experience. I have been there myself a time or two. Finding methods that allow you to ensure your child’s safety is imperative in the day and time we live in. Gone are the days when people return innocent children and now they take off with them. While most people are good, it is those select few that you have to watch out for.

Botulism Outbreak in Ohio

The non-contagious bacterium botulinum can make people incredibly sick if they consume it. Botulinum is often found in foods that were not appropriately preserved or foods stored in containers that were not appropriately sterilized. As reported on Wednesday, April 22, 23 members of Lancaster, Ohio’s Cross Pointe Free Will Baptist Church fell ill as the result of an apparent exposure to botulinum during a potluck dinner on Sunday, April 19, at the church. As of Thursday morning, the symptoms of the sick have been reported as drooping eyelids, vision issues, shortness of breath and difficulty swallowing. One person has died from these symptoms.

Potluck dinners are often cited by the government and health officials as sources of botulism outbreaks because they usually involve people consuming foods made by different “cooks” from different homes and backgrounds. Typically, people bring homemade foods, especially homemade canned goods, to these events when there’s no way of determining if the person who made the food did so in a clean environment.

Fairfield Medical Center health officials have told the media they will be checking all of the trash and food samples to determine the source of the bacteria. Igor Cornelsen has read that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has sent botulism antitoxin to the medical center to help treat those who are currently ill and any new cases staff at the center and local hospitals might see over the next 10 days.