Life Line Screening Recap Interview with Chief Medical Officer

Life Line Screening is a company in the U.S. which leads in the screening of vascular as well as the vascular-related diseases. Dr. Andrew Manganaro is the chief medical officer of the company. The company offers screening services to the asymptomatic individuals, having the risk of the cardiovascular disease since they apply the risk algorithm in their screening. Considering the number of persons using the screening service, it is evident that the patients and doctors embrace the preventive screening.

Dr. Manganaro explains that the idea of life line screening was conceived with an attempt to prevent medical catastrophic cases, through making the patients aware of the asymptomatic diseases. When asked about the trend to which mostly motivates him, Manganaro states the identification of the asymptomatic diseases. The identification of the asymptomatic diseases earlier helps in the alleviation of the catastrophic diseases.

Dr. Andrew Manganero’s schedule constitutes the provision of the company quality assurance, looking into the efforts made by the company research as well as overseeing the board readings. He greatly appreciates his team for their cooperation and contribution towards the firm’s success. Manganaro identifies himself as a persistent and a hardworking person, which are the major contributors to his production as an entrepreneur. The strategy which has helped him expand his business includes research and keeping-up-to-date on scientific literature.

The Life Line Screening Company also provides the screening events at the community level. The screening events are conducted in the community centers, senior centers, neighborhoods as well as the corporations. The screening fields include atrial fibrillation screening, peripheral arterial disease screening, cholesterol screening, heart disease screening, carotid artery screening, abdominal aortic aneurysm screening and diabetes screening.

The screening done by the Life Line Company is always categorized as, quick, painless and safe on a human. The screenings are carried out by highly qualified personnel. After screening, it is advisable that the results are shared with the personal doctors and physicians. This ensures earlier precautions on one’s life. The Life Line Screening also provides other resources other than screening, such as the “Line Screening Health E-Newsletter.” The newsletter provides further information on wellness.

InnovaCare Health’s New Leaders – Gearing Up for the Future

InnovaCare, Inc. is one of the leading providers of managed healthcare services in Puerto Rico. It operates two of the leading health plans in the country: PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. and MMC Healthcare, Inc. it also manages two Medicaid plans that are under Puerto Rico’s Government Health Plan.

The healthcare provider recently announced three new additions to its leadership team. Penelope Kokkinides and Mike Sortino are now among the organization’s new executives.

About Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides was appointed the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare. Kokkinides boasts of over two decades of healthcare experience, and most of her career has been spent working with the managed care industry and government programs. She is especially good at improving organizational structure and efficiencies.

According to BizJournals, She has served in several executive capacities in the past including as Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice. She also served as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for Centerlight Healthcare. During her time in AmeriChoice, Kokkinides was instrumental in developing the company’s health model and boosting its appeal on clients.

About Mike Sortino

Mike Sortino also boasts of over two decades of experience in the insurance industry. However, unlike Penelope Kokkinides, his career has scoped several industries including electronics and fire-related risks. He was previously the controller of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co. before moving to InnovaCare, Inc. He also served as the Chief Financial Officer for HCC Specialty for over five years. He also doubles up as a public accountant with over five years of experience in public accounting.

Mike Sortino has been appointed the Chief Accounting Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. He was considered the suitable candidate for the position considering his knowledge and experience in accounting and financial management.

New Energy

Mike Sortino’s and Penelope Kokkinides’ appointment to InnovaCare’s leadership team has been met with a lot of optimism by the organization. Their vast experience and expertise in accountancy and insurance are expected to boost the organization’s competitive edge according to CEO Richard Shinto. Their rich background working in different companies and industries also equips them to cope with the dynamic health insurance market especially now that government policies are uncertain.

The Real Value Of Living At The Manse On Marsh

Senior citizens are becoming open minded when it comes to shelter. More and more people in their golden years are seeking better living conditions through facilities that are designed for their lifestyles. The Manse on Marsh is one such assisted living facilities in San Luis Obispo which has catered to the needs of senior citizens from all over the country.

SeniorHousingNet reported originally that The Manse on Marsh is located in the heart of this town and is in close proximity to a wide range of amenities including restaurants, parks, recreational area, malls and beaches this town is famous for. This facility provides everything from meals and bedding to cleaning service, laundry service, help with chores, transportation, medical care, classes and programs designed for residents’ well-being and so on. There are teams that will oversee the senior citizens living at this facility as well. These teams have maintenance staff, physicians, nurses and caretakers well-trained to do their jobs. Many organizations, hospitals, clinics and care centers are also affiliated with Manse on Marsh. describes how this center provides comprehensive care services that seniors citizens seek during their stay.

The Manse on Marsh is tied up with serving the needs of seniors in a way that they are satisfied and happy with what they are receiving. After all, everyone wants a bigger, better place to spend the rest of their lives where they can be safe and secure without compromising quality of life. Other nursing homes do not offer such services and most of them are flawed with inflated sense of self and desire to make money as much as possible. They are more than happy to exploit the weaknesses of seniors. The Manse on Marsh, on the other hand, offers the right opportunity with the right option that is both flexible and reliable.

Testimonials from residents indicate the type of service also plays a factor in the personal enrichment of senior citizens. Losing the ability to work or perform daily chores due to illness or old age or even just having trouble living on a daily basis due to mental conditions can feel soul crushing for many people. This facility speaks to just how much the residents enjoy living here. They get to enjoy the features provided as well as share their thoughts with other residents in similar situations. This is where senior citizens don’t feel failed, rootless and devastated from the challenges of life. Over several decades, the Manse on Marsh has become incredibly popular in San Luis Obispo, thanks to the impeccable services provided by its team. There is remarkable satisfaction in living at this facility for seniors and they are seeing positive outcome as a result. In essence, the Manse on Marsh is designed with seniors in mind.  Contact them on the Manse website to set up a meeting and explore the grounds.