Bernardo Chua’s Expertise In Growing International Companies

Bernardo Chua has a decade-long experience of managing and growing an enterprise in the health and wellness sector. He began his career under the apprenticeship of his mentor, Lew Soon Send, a couple of years before 1999. In July 1999, Bernardo and Leon set up Gano Excel Philippines.

His main accomplishment in the firm was opening regional branches in Hong Kong, the United States, and Canada, in a period of three years. In 2003, Bernado earned the position of the presidency for the United States Gano Excel.

According to PR News Wire, after five years of leading the Branch, Bernado Chua ventured into his solo business by launching Organo Gold. He used his expertise and experience to expand the company to 35 countries, spread across six continents.

Organo Gold started operating in Singapore in 2014, adding it to the five other nations in its network of operations.

Organo Gold has its headquarters in Vancouver, in British Columbia. It specializes in producing and distributing Ganoderma Lucidium packaged in a variety of products such as tea and coffee. The ingredient is also manufactured with personal amenities and nutraceuticals.

Bernardo Chua employs independent distributors to sell the products and also sells directly to consumers through the Connoisseur Club available in Canada and the United States. Ganoderma Lucidium is a mushroom that has potent antioxidant properties for internal and external ailments. The unique mushroom is part of century-long traditions by Chinese healers and medicine practitioners.

On January 27th of 2015, Bernado Chua attended an event at the capital of Philippines. He was thrilled to witness two of his team members at Organo Gold receive Dangal ng Bayan Awards at the Hemady Square. Organo Gold won two People’s Choice awards during the same event. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

According to a report published on the PR News that month, Bernado Chua received an award by Dangal Bayan for his outstanding performance as a chief executive officer and founder of Organo Gold.

The award recognized his brand as a fast growing company that has a presence in the central regions around the world. In 2013, under Bernado’s leadership, Organo Gold was position 55 among the 100 enlisted on the Direct Selling Network.