Thor Halvorssen is Making Waves

Thor Halvorssen works hard becasue he has a cause that is worth believing in. The 39 year old half Norwegian, half Venezuelan leader and founder of the Human Rights Foundation believes in the cause that his foundation supports. He has good reason to do so as he has first hand experience in the kind of injustices that his foundation supports.

Thor Halvorssen, who is half Norwigian and and half Venezulan spent much of his formative years in Venezula, where he watched as his father was taken prisoner for his politcal beliefs and his mother was shot during a protest against his life. While his life is much more stable now than it was during those early tumultous days, the memory of what it was like to live under such terrible conditions has never left him.

He works tirelessly and is known for staying up late to keep working, despite waking up early to get to meet with people and do interviews. His approach has gained him quite a bit of notoriety, and has landed him interviews on popular talk shows on large netwoks like Fox News. He has also been called the new face of Human Rights advocacy by Buzzfeed.

But Halvorssen is more proud of the work he has done and what he has accomplished that these kinds of accolades. He also is always focused on the next task. Right now, Halvorssen is focused on ending the decades long tyranny that in North Korea, and ending the reign of Kim Sung Il. He and his orangizaion have alredy worked with groups of North Korean defectors to help them get their stories out so that real progress can be made. Click here to know more.

His tirelessness and his dedication to the cause are what make Thor Halvorssen a force to be reckoned with. Unlike many human rights crusaders, he has proven that he has what it takes and is not afraid of retaliation. He has been arrested and beaten while working in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City documenting the story of a banned church there, but he still soldiers on working to fight the good fight.

Numerous Celebrities Attend Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre

Many Hollywood celebrities have found that the ancient spiritual mysticism called Kabbalah is becoming a solution for them in their hectic, chaotic lifestyles that they have. Sandra Bernard says that she can release 80 percent of the stress in her life by going to the L.A. Kabbalah Centre on a regular basis. The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles is one of the oldest, established in the 1990s by Rav and Karen Berg, and today it is the central Centre for Kabbalah.

So Hollywood is very close for the stars who have want to study Kabbalah. Madonna has been a follower for over a decade and has established several Kabbalah Centres, and she still goes into the L.A. Center. Sandra, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton also have accepted Kabbalah, and the late Elizabeth Taylor and Sammy Davis were early followers.

The first Kabbalah Centre was founded in Israel by Rav Ashtag. In 1922, he opened the doors for any person who was interested in studying Kabbalah to come to the Centre and study under experienced Kabbalists. Before opening this Centre, Kabbalah was only studied between high religious priests and rabbis, though Kabbalah is not a religion.

Today, less than a century later, Kabbalah Centres are open in 40 cities around the world, and anyone who is interested is welcome. Classes are held daily for students to study under the older Kabbalists; dinners are help to provide fellowship; days of volunteering are also held, so students can learn the amazing principle of helping others.

The Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre participates in all of these activities as well as streams the online Kabbalah Centre, which includes meditations, online classes and more. The L.A. Centre is the largest in the world, and as more celebrities learn the benefits and principles of Kabbalah, more will attend the L.A. Kabbalah Centre.

Socialism Governments – Do They Work For The People?

The 2016 Presidential Primary Election has awakened the sleeping giants in the Democratic and Republican Parties. Thor Halvorssen, Founder and President of the Human Rights Foundation appeared on Fox News with Trish Regan to weigh-in on the difference between the democratic socialist agenda views presented by Bernie Sanders and the results of socialist authoritarianism in Venezuela.


Trish Regan asked Halvorssen to provide the audience with a definition of Socialism, and what it means to the people. Halvorssen explains that people can take the historical definition of socialism, or they can take an academic definition of socialism. Arguably, many democratic countries have socialist policies. Thor continues to define the difference between a socialist policy and having a socialist government. Many people believe that socialism, communism, and Marxism are one in the same. Take a country like Venezuela where the government decides the pricing on goods and materials, then because of their pricing a massive shortage is created and the result is a humanitarian crisis. It is for this reason that Thor says he donated the maximum contribution allowable to the Bernie Sanders campaign. Trish Regan is taken back by his contribution to Bernie Sanders and asks him why?


Thor Halvorssen replied with a quick response saying “the Democrat front runner right now is, unfortunately, someone who has taken millions and millions of dollars from many dictatorships.” Countries such as Algeria, Barian, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and other dictatorships that execute people for being gay, and disagreeing with their decisions. Countries that restrict freedoms and in some cases ban Christmas. Trish replies to Thor’s dictatorship remarks with the statement, “You have experience with this in Venezuela, don’t you?” I sure do, my father was a political prisoner, my mother was shot by the Chavez regime, and my first cousin is currently in prison in Venezuela.


Venezuela for decades had labor governments, governments that nodded to democratic socialism. Democratic socialism governments can exist, but it dissolves when the government decides to take control of everything. The redistribution of wealth does not work to end poverty. To end poverty, you must create wealth.


As Winston Churchill once said, “I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.

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Freedom For All: The Misssion of the HRF

In August of 2006, the Human Rights Foundation opened its office in New York, and has since been hard at work in promoting individual liberty and freedom around the world. The Foundation is without bias or political affiliation, and bases its work on the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The document represents the ideals of the human rights movement, including (but not limited to) freedom of speech, worship, property, and equal treatment under the law.
The founder of the Human Rights Foundation is Thor Halvorssen. Having worked in human rights since 1989, some of Halvorssen’s motivation stems from personal experience in injustice. His diplomat father was falsely imprisoned and tortured in Venezuela. After human rights organizations secured his release, his mother was gunned down by members of the Venezuelan government. Then, his cousin was taken a as a political prisoner in Venezuela as well. Instead of seeking retribution, Halvorssen’s foundation is committed to a non-violent approach to diplomacy.
Thor Halvorssen’s graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in political science and history. In addition to his work in human rights, he is also an accomplished filmmaker. After college, Thor Halvorssen went on to work for human rights organizations, and founded the Oslo Freedom Forum and a children’s peace movement, On Own Feet. He has been a contributor to the New York Time, TIME, and many other publications, as well as appearing on television programs such as Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC.
HRF works on many fronts to spread liberty around the world. It participates in campaigns to free prisoners and produces films about the subject. However, it also moves to educate the global community on the issues at hand. They bring education to closed societies, set up informative events and releases educational materials. The HRF does not aim to simple get the attention of politicians: they believe in informing the general public of the problem of human rights and encourage everyone to take a stand for freedom around the world.