The Innovation 50 and Darius Fisher’s Success

In the business world, everything used to be done in person. However, this is no longer true. Thanks to the internet, businesses not only have to worry about their physical image. They also have to worry about their online presence. However, who should one call if they find themselves in some sort of digital reputation crisis? Status Labs is one of the many companies that helps these businesses deal with online management reputation, public relations, and digital marketing. They have worked hard to build a trust among all of their clients and future clients, and they have succeeded on various levels thanks to their leadership.

Darius Fisher is not only the president of Status Labs, but he is also one of the co-founders of the company. As a new company, Fisher has worked hard over the past four years to grow the company. Currently, they are headquartered out of Austin, Texas, but recently, he has pushed to open offices in New York and Sao Paulo. Over the past couple of years, Status Labs has worked alongside a few different politicians, public figures, and even high end executives providing them with second chances. However, they have also served over 1.500 clients throughout a total of 35 different countries with services.

They have become experts in helping to now only grow their clients’ sales but also developing effective PR strategies and digital marketing solutions. For those who knew Fisher before he co-founded Status Labs, some might have questioned his success in the PR business. He once has a very controversial past in the PR world. His past company had to deal with a huge PR fiasco that involved the editing of Wikipedia pages. Then again, it isn’t as hard to imagine for those who know anything about Fisher. He is a native New Yorker, and in the past before co-founding Status Labs, he worked as both a political consultant and a copywriter. One thing that came as a surprise to the company and the world was when Fisher had a hand in firing his co-partner, Jordan French.