Rona Borre Wants To Change Chicago’s Tech Industry

                  Rona Borre, CEO of Instant Alliance

The Booming Tech Sector Of Chicago

The tech industry of Chicago is booming. There are many jobs to be found and those jobs so happen to be high paying. For this reason there is a need for greater diversity in the tech industry. Rona Borre, CEO of Instant Alliance, is centered around making that a reality. She helps tech companies find the right employees for the jobs they need filled and she makes sure to set them up with the most qualified tech and finance experts.   Read more on



The Difference Instant Alliance Makes In The Process

Instant Alliance isn’t simply looking through resumes and finding just a couple of people who might be needed somewhere. They are looking at each applicant and trying to find where that person is best suited. Some people may have the technical skills necessary, but they will not work well in a team. Understanding these differences is exactly how Instant Alliance is able to make a difference.


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About Rona Borre

Borre is a human resources consultant and the CEO of Instant Alliance. Over the course of her career she has personally dealt with a number of challenges present in finding quality technically skilled staffing. Her experience makes it easy for her to find the appropriate staffing needed by many major tech companies. Instant Alliance has used this to obtain one of the greatest reputations around in the Chicago area among companies in both the finance and the technology job sectors.

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