Re/Max Vying For New York Prestige

New York is a tough market to master no matter what type of business you run. When your business is real estate it can prove to be an almost impossible task. ReMax has been slowly growing its base and its strength around the country. The founder of the company now has his sights set on the New York market.

There have been many buy backs of franchises in recent years. He has then translated these franchises into market producers that have taken over their regions. These acts have slowly gained momentum and have brought ReMax real estate to the forefront of their sector in market shares.

Real Estate weekly reports that Dave Liniger, the founder of ReMax, intends to do the same thing in New York. He first goal is to strengthen the company’s presence in the city, and then continue on to become the market leader in the upstate regions. They have realized success in both the New Jersey and Pennsylvania markets and have high hopes that this will be the same in New York.

The largest hurdle that ReMax will face in the New York market will be the top five heavy hitters that have already realized success there. These companies include Williams, Rutenberg, Bond and Town Residential. Each of these firms have cornered a level of the market and seem to be growing momentum. For ReMax to have a competitive edge, they will need to tackle some or all of these firms head on.

Town Residential deals mostly with NYC real estate. They have agents that are well versed and trained dealing with the listings that are 1 million or more. They have inside access to new listings and have a proven marketing plan that can get the real estate sold and quickly.

Town Residential also has their ears to the construction of new listings as well. They are able to find not only the clientele, but also the right listing for each client. They are strongest in the Manhattan region, but are also branching out to the Brooklyn and Queens regions.

ReMax understands that one of their best bets to start with will be Brooklyn. Town Residential has the luxury listings pretty much cornered in Manhattan so competing with them will be tough. Brooklyn offers the same type of listings but are not quite as expensive as what Town Residential deals with.